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On The asymptotic behaviour of a sequences of random variables of interest in the classical occupancy problem In corso di stampa Giuliano, Rita; Macci, C.
Almost sure local limit theorem for the Dickman distribution 1-gen-2017 Giuliano, Rita; Szewczak, Zbigniew S.; Weber, Michel J. G.
Approximate local limit theorems with effective rate and application to random walks in random scenery 1-gen-2017 Giuliano, Rita
Convergence results for Oppenheim expansions 1-gen-2017 Giuliano, Rita
Asymptotic results for runs and empirical cumulative entropies. 1-gen-2015 Giuliano, Rita; Macci, Claudio; Barbara, Pacchiarotti
Asymptotic results for weighted means of random variables which con- verge to a Dickman distribution, and some number theory applications 1-gen-2015 Giuliano, Rita; Macci, Claudio
A general correlation inequality and the Almost Sure Local Limit Theorem for random sequences in the domain of attraction of a stable law 1-gen-2014 Giuliano, Rita; Zbigniew S., Szewczak
On large deviations for some sequences of weighted means of Gaussian processes 1-gen-2014 Giuliano, Rita; Macci, C.; Pacchiarotti, B.
An almost sure local limit theorem for Markov chains 1-gen-2013 Giuliano, Rita; Szewczak, Z. S.
An application of φ-subgaussian technique to Fourier analysis 1-gen-2013 Giuliano, Rita; Hu, T. C.; Kozachenkoy, ; Volodin, A.
On the asymptotic behavior of the sequence and series of running maxima from a real random sequence 1-gen-2013 Giuliano, Rita; Ngamkham, T.; Volodin, A.
On the complete convergence for arrays of rowwise extended negatively dependent random variables 1-gen-2013 Qiu, D.; Chen, P.; Giuliano, Rita; Volodin, A.
Large deviation principles for sequences of maxima and minima. 1-gen-2012 Giuliano, Rita; Macci, C.
Large deviations for some normalized sums of exponentially distributed random variables 1-gen-2012 Giuliano, Rita; Macci, C.
Almost Sure Local Limit Theorems with Rate 1-gen-2011 Giuliano, Rita; MICHEL WEBER, M.
Large deviation principles for sequences of logarithmically weighted means 1-gen-2011 Giuliano, Rita; Macci, C.
On the Strong Rates of Convergence for Arrays of Rowwise Negatively Dependent Random Variables 1-gen-2011 Qiu, Dehua; KUANG CHAO, Chang; Giuliano, Rita; Volodin, A.
Limiting behaviour of moving average processes under rho-mixing assumption 1-gen-2010 Pingyan, Chen; Giuliano, Rita; TIEN CHUNG, Hu; Andrei, Volodin
Open Problems on Densities II 1-gen-2010 Giuliano, Rita; Grekos, G; Mišík, L.