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Antioxidant activity of a nitro derivative of aspirin against ischemia reperfusion in hamster cheek pouch microcirculation 1-gen-2004 Bertuglia, Silvia; Giusti, A.; DEL SOLDATO, P.
Arteriolar Reactivity To Ouabain And Antidigoxin-antibodies In Hamster Microcirculation 1-gen-1993 Colantuoni, A; Balzan, S; Ghione, S; Bertuglia, Silvia
Arteriolar vasomotion and laser Doppler flowmotion patterns in hamster Microcirculation 1-gen-1993 Colantuoni, A; Bertuglia, Silvia
Biological zero of laser Doppler fluxmetry during ischemia: microcirculatory correlates in the hamster cheek pouch 1-gen-1993 Colantuoni, A; Bertuglia, Silvia; Intaglietta, M.
Blockade of P-selectin does not affect reperfusion injury in hamsters subjected to GSH inhibition 1-gen-2002 Bertuglia, Silvia; Giusti, A.
Capillary density and leukocyte adhesion in hamsters with hereditary cardiomyopaty 1-gen-1998 Colantuoni, A; Coppini, G; Bertuglia, Silvia
Comparative effects of chronic ethanol and acethaldehyde exposure on myocardial function in rats 1-gen-1978 Weishaar, R; Bertuglia, Silvia; Ashikawa, K; Sarma, Js; Bing, Rj
Correlation between laser Doppler perfusion monitoring and hematocrit in hamster cheek pouch microcirculation 1-gen-1997 Colantuoni, A; Bertuglia, Silvia
Dynamic coherence analysis of vasomotion and flowmotion in skeletal muscle microcirculation 1-gen-1996 Bertuglia, Silvia; Colantuoni, A; Arnold, M; Witte, H.
Early recovery of microvascular perfusion induced by t-PA in combination with abciximab or eptifibatide during postischemic reperfusion 1-gen-2002 Bertuglia, Silvia; Giusti, A.
Effect of leukocyte adhesion and microvascular permeability on capillary perfusion during ischemia-reperfusion injury in hamster cheek pouch 1-gen-1993 Colantuoni, A; Bertuglia, Silvia; Intaglietta, M.
Effects of ACTH-(1-24) and plasma hypeviscosity on free radicals production and capillary perfusion after hemorrhagic shock 1-gen-2004 Bertuglia, Silvia; Giusti, A.
Effects of a natural flavonoid delphinidin on diabetic microangiopathy 1-gen-1995 Bertuglia, Silvia; Colantuoni, A; Intaglietta, M.
Effects of diagnostic cardiac ultrasound on oxygen free radical production and microvascular perfusion during ischemia reperfusion 1-gen-2004 Bertuglia, Silvia; Giusti, A; Picano, E.
Effects of L-NMMA and Indomethacin on arteriolar vasomotion in skeletal muscle microcirculation of conscious and anesthetized hamsters 1-gen-1994 Bertuglia, Silvia; Colantuoni, A; Intaglietta, M.
Effects of Vaccinium Myrtillus anthocyanosides in ischemia reperfusion injury in cheek pouch microvasculature 1-gen-1995 Bertuglia, Silvia; Malandrino, S; Colantuoni, A.
Effects of Vaccinium Myrtillus Anthocyanosides on arterial vasomotion 1-gen-1991 Colantuoni, A; Bertuglia, Silvia; Magistretti, Mj; Donato, L.
Evaluation of enhanced high resolution laser Doppler imager (EHR-LDI)in an in vitro model with the aim of assessing blood flow in separate microvessels 1-gen-1998 Lindén, M; Golster, H; Bertuglia, Silvia; Colantuoni, A; Sjöberg, F. AND NILSSON G.
Evaluation of flowmotion patterns in patients with Raynaud's phenomenon 1-gen-1999 Bertuglia, Silvia; Leger, P; Colantuoni, A; Coppini, G; Bendayan, P; Boccalon, H.
Flow motion waves with high and low frequency after postocclusive reactive hyperemia in peripheral arterial occlusive disease 1-gen-2002 Bertuglia, Silvia; Varanini, M; Rossi, M.