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Late Cambrian (Furongian) to mid-Ordovician euconodont events on Baltica: Invasions and immigrations In corso di stampa Stouge, SVEND JOSEPH HØEGH SANDBERGH; Bagnoli, Gabriella; Rasmussen, Jan A.
Reconsidering the Variscan Basement of Southern Tuscany (Inner Northern Apennines) 1-gen-2021 Capezzuoli, Enrico; Spina, Amalia; Brogi, Andrea; Liotta, Domenico; Bagnoli, Gabriella; Zucchi, Martina; Molli, Giancarlo; Regoli, Renzo
Correlating the global Cambrian- Ordovician boundary: Precise comparison of the Xiaoyangqiao section, Dayangcha, North China with the Green Point GSSP section, Newfoundland, Canada. 1-gen-2019 Wang, X.; Stouge, S.; Maletz, J.; Bagnoli, G.; Qi, Y.; Raevskaya, E.; Wang, Xiao-Feng.; Boyan, C.
Carbon-Isotope Excursions Recorded in the Cambrian System, South China: Implications for Mass Extinctions and Sea-Level Fluctuations 1-gen-2018 Zuo, Jingxun; Peng, Shanchi; Qi, Yuping; Zhu, Xuejian; Bagnoli, Gabriella; Fang, Huaibin
Advances in research on the GSSP candidate section for Cambrian Stage 10 (Furongian Series) at Wa'ergang, Hunan, South China. 1-gen-2017 Peng, Shanchi; Babcock, Loren E.; Zhu, Xuejian; Bagnoli, Gabriella; Li, Dandan; Zhang, Xiaolin; Yanan Shen, And
Baltoscandian conodont diversity (upper Tremadoc and Middle Ordovician) compared to GOBE 1-gen-2017 Stouge, S.; Bagnoli, G.; X., Jing; R., Wu; J. A., Rasmussen
Cambrian-Middle Ordovician Platform-Slope Stratigraphy, Palaeontology and Geochemistry of Western Newfoundland 1-gen-2017 Stouge, SVEND JOSEPH HØEGH SANDBERGH; Bagnoli, Gabriella; Mcilroy, Duncan
Conodonts from the Wa'ergang section, China, a potential GSSP for the uppermost stage of the Cambrian 1-gen-2017 Bagnoli, Gabriella; Peng, S.; Qi, Y.; Wang, C.
Early and Middle Ordovician events of Baltoscandia 1-gen-2017 Stouge, SVEND JOSEPH HØEGH SANDBERGH; Bagnoli, G.
Taxonomic problems across the Cambrian-Ordovician boundary 1-gen-2017 Bagnoli, Gabriella
Upper Ordovician conodonts in the Valbertad section 1-gen-2017 Bagnoli, Gabriella; Ferretti, Annalisa; Simonetto, Luca; Corradini, Carlo
Candidate section for the base of Cambrian Stage 10 at Wa'ergang, Hunan, China. 1-gen-2016 Peng, S.; Babcock, L.; Zhu, X.; Bagnoli, Gabriella; Wang, C.
The Cambrian HERB excursion (Furongian) from the Martin Point Formation of the Cow Head Gropu, western Newfoundland, Canada. 1-gen-2016 Stouge, S.; Bagnoli, Gabriella; Azmi, K.
The first record of Cambrian conodonts from the Huqf-Haushi outcrops, Oman, Arabian Peninsula. 1-gen-2016 Bagnoli, Gabriella; Machado, G.; Salmeen, M.
The firstrecord of Cambrian conodonts from the Huqf-Haushi outcrops, Sultanate of Oman, Arabian Peninsula. 1-gen-2016 Bagnoli, Gabriella; Machado, G.; Marjibi, S.
Upper Middle Ordovician - (?)lower Upper Ordovician conodonts from offshore Kaarehamn wind park, north-east Öland, Sweden. 1-gen-2016 Ficini, F.; Bagnoli, Gabriella; Stouge, S.
Stenodontus Chen & Gong, 1986: an invalid name for Cambrian-Ordovician conodonts 1-gen-2015 Bagnoli, Gabriella
Darriwilian-Sandbian (Ordovician) conodonts from the top Kuniutan, Datianba and Miaopo formations, central and South China. 1-gen-2014 Stouge, S.; Bagnoli, Gabriella; Qi, Y.; Wu, R.; Li, Z.
High resolution Carbon-isotope stratigraphy of the Cambrian-Ordovician GSSP: An Enhanced International Correlation Tool. 1-gen-2014 Azmy, Karem; Bagnoli, Gabriella; Stouge, Svend; Brand, Uwe
High-resolution chemostratigraphy of the Cambrian-Ordovician GSSP: Enhanced global correlation tool 1-gen-2014 Azmi, K.; Stouge, S.; Bagnoli, Gabriella; Uwe, B.; Ripperdan, R.