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IEEE 802.22 Passive Coherent Location: Multistatic Detection and Velocity Profiler In corso di stampa Stinco, Pietro; Greco, Maria; Gini, Fulvio; Himed, B.
Distributed MIMO Passive Radar Target Detection: Holy Trinity, Durbin and Gradient Tests 1-gen-2024 Zaimbashi, A.; Greco, Maria; Gini, F.
Erratum: Semiparametric CRB and Slepian-Bangs Formulas for Complex Elliptically Symmetric Distributions (IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing (2019) 67:20 (5352-5364) DOI: 10.1109/TSP.2019.2939084) 1-gen-2024 Fortunati, Stefano; Gini, Fulvio; Greco, Maria S.; Zoubir, Abdelhak M.; Rangaswamy, Muralidhar
Range Resolution Enhancement for Miniature Dechirped MMW MIMO-SAR 1-gen-2024 Xue, B.; Zhang, G.; Gini, F.; Greco, Maria; Leung, H.
Automotive Imaging and Super-Resolution Radar Systems 1-gen-2023 Bilik, I.; Tabrikian, J.; Gini, F.
CNN based Sparse IRS Design for Channel Estimation in Assisted Uplink Communications 1-gen-2023 Zhai, Weitong; Wang, Xiangrong; Greco, Maria S.; Gini, Fulvio
Estimation of Dynamical Noise Power in Unknown Systems 1-gen-2023 Scarciglia, A.; Gini, F.; Catrambone, V.; Bonanno, C.; Valenza, G.
Multi-headed deep learning-based estimator for correlated-SIRV Pareto type II distributed clutter 1-gen-2023 Mezache, A.; Hocine Kerbaa, Taha; Gini, Fulvio; Greco, Maria
Off-grid DOA estimation using improved root sparse Bayesian learning for non-uniform linear arrays 1-gen-2023 Shen, Jj; Gini, F; Greco, Maria; Zhou, T
Real-Valued MUSIC for Efficient Direction of Arrival Estimation With Arbitrary Arrays: Mirror Suppression and Resolution Improvement 1-gen-2023 Meng, Xt; Cao, Bx; Yan, Fg; Greco, M; Gini, F; Zhang, Y
Reinforcement Learning Based Dual-Functional Massive MIMO Systems for Multi-Target Detection and Communications 1-gen-2023 Zhai, Wt; Wang, Xr; Cao, Xb; Greco, Maria; Gini, F
Reinforcement Learning based Integrated Sensing and Communication for Automotive MIMO Radar 1-gen-2023 Zhai, W.; Wang, X.; Greco, Maria; Gini, Fulvio
Ziv-Zakai Bound for Compressive Time Delay Estimation from Zero-Mean Gaussian Signal 1-gen-2023 Zhang, Z.; Shi, Zhiguo; Gu, Y.; Gini, Fulvio; Greco, Maria
Cognitive Sparse Beamformer Design in Dynamic Environment via Regularized Switching Network 1-gen-2022 Wang, Xiangrong; Zhai, Weitong; Greco, Maria; Gini, Fulvio
CRLBs for Location and Velocity Estimation for MIMO Radars in CES-Distributed Clutter 1-gen-2022 Rojhani, Neda; Greco, Maria; Gini, Fulvio
Enhancement of a State-of-the-Art RL-Based Detection Algorithm for Massive MIMO Radars 1-gen-2022 Lisi, Francesco; Fortunati, Stefano; Greco, Maria; Gini, Fulvio
Half-Dimension Subspace Decomposition for Fast Direction Finding With Arbitrary Linear Arrays 1-gen-2022 Yan, Fg; Meng, Xt; Greco, Maria; Gini, Fulvio; Zhang, Y
Joint Optimization of Sparse FDAs for Time Invariant Transmit Beampattern Synthesis 1-gen-2022 Wang, X.; Long, Q.; Greco, M. S.; Gini, F.
Phase synchronization sensitivity for widely separated MIMO radar in CES disturbance 1-gen-2022 Rojhani, Neda; Greco, Maria; Gini, Fulvio
Statistical Analyses of Measured Forward-Looking Sonar Echo Data in a Shallow Water Environment 1-gen-2022 Shen, J.; Gini, Fulvio; Greco, Maria; Zhou, T.