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"Endogenous Coalition Formation with Identical Agents 1-gen-1998 Pacini, PIER MARIO; Fiaschi, Davide
A Genetic Algorithms Approach: Social Aggregation and Learning with Heterogeneous Agents 1-gen-2005 Fiaschi, Davide; Pacini, PIER MARIO
Adult Mortality and Modern Growth 1-gen-2017 Fiaschi, Davide; Tamara, Fioroni
An Estimate of the Degree of Interconnectedness between European Regions: A Bayesian Model Averaging Approach. 1-gen-2013 Fiaschi, Davide; Parenti, Angela
Appropriate Technology in a Solovian Nonlinear Growth Model 1-gen-2007 Fiaschi, Davide; Lavezzi, A. M.
Asymmetric macroeconomic volatility in European regions 1-gen-2017 Fiaschi, Davide; Gianmoena, Lisa; Parenti, Angela
BRIC Companies Seeking Legitimacy Through Corporate Social Responsibility 1-gen-2015 Fiaschi, D.; Giuliani, E.; Nieri, F.
Coalition Formation with Boundedly Rational Agents 1-gen-2004 Fiaschi, Davide; Pacini, PIER MARIO
Coalition Formation with Heterogeneous Agents 1-gen-2001 Fiaschi, Davide; Pacini, PIER MARIO
Colonies 1-gen-2015 Fiaschi, Davide; Signorino, Rodolfo
Consumption Patterns, Development, and Growth: Adam Smith, David Ricardo, and Thomas Robert Malthus 1-gen-2003 Fiaschi, Davide; Signorino, R.
Corporate Social Irresponsibility in International Business 1-gen-2014 Giuliani, Elisa; Macchi, C.; Fiaschi, Davide
Corporate Social Irresponsibility in International Business 1-gen-2013 Giuliani, Elisa; Macchi, Chiara; Fiaschi, Davide
Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights Abuses. A comparison of the Strategies adopted by Advanced Country and BRIC Multinationals 1-gen-2012 Fiaschi, Davide; Giuliani, Elisa; Chiara, Macchi; Oriana, Perrone
Counterfactual Distribution Dynamics across European Regions 1-gen-2009 Fiaschi, Davide; LAVEZZI A., M; Parenti, A.
DEEP AND PROXIMATE DETERMINANTS OF THE WORLD INCOME DISTRIBUTION 1-gen-2020 Fiaschi, Davide; Mario Lavezzi, Andrea; Parenti, Angela
Distribution Dynamics and Nonlinear Growth 1-gen-2003 Fiaschi, Davide; Lavezzi, ANDREA MARIO
Distribution of Wealth and Incomplete Markets: Theory and Empirical Evidence 1-gen-2012 Fiaschi, Davide; M., Marsili
Does EU cohesion policy work? Theory and evidence 1-gen-2018 Fiaschi, Davide; Lavezzi, ANDREA MARIO; Parenti, Angela
Economic Growth and Growth Volatility: a Markov Chain Approach 1-gen-2005 Fiaschi, Davide; Lavezzi, A. M.