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Mobility decisions, economic dynamics and epidemic 1-gen-2023 Fabbri, Giorgio; Federico, Salvatore; Fiaschi, Davide; Gozzi, Fausto
Occupational mobility: theory and estimation for Italy 1-gen-2023 Brunetti, I.; Fiaschi, D.
The attachment of adult women to the Italian labour market in the shadow of COVID-19 1-gen-2023 Fiaschi, D.; Tealdi, C.
Which norms do CSR help to respect? 1-gen-2023 Nieri, Federica; Giuliani, Elisa; Fiaschi, Davide
Young people between education and the labour market during the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy 1-gen-2022 Fiaschi, Davide; Tealdi, Cristina
Introduction to macroeconomic dynamic special issue on new tools for global analysis of economic dynamics 1-gen-2021 Gori, L.; Antoci, A.; Fiaschi, D.; Sodini, M.
Deep and proximate determinants of the world income distribution 1-gen-2020 Fiaschi, Davide; Mario Lavezzi, Andrea; Parenti, Angela
How bad is your company? Measuring corporate wrongdoing beyond the magic of ESG metrics 1-gen-2020 Fiaschi, D.; Giuliani, E.; Nieri, F.; Salvati, N.
Transition to modern growth in Great Britain: The role of technological progress, adult mortality and factor accumulation 1-gen-2019 Fiaschi, Davide; Fioroni, Tamara
Does EU cohesion policy work? Theory and evidence 1-gen-2018 Fiaschi, Davide; Lavezzi, ANDREA MARIO; Parenti, Angela
Some Stylized Facts on Italian Interregional Migration. 1-gen-2018 Fiaschi, Davide; Cristina, Tealdi
Adult Mortality and Modern Growth 1-gen-2017 Fiaschi, Davide; Tamara, Fioroni
Asymmetric macroeconomic volatility in European regions 1-gen-2017 Fiaschi, Davide; Gianmoena, Lisa; Parenti, Angela
Overcoming the liability of origin by doing no harm. Emerging country firms’ social irresponsibility as they go global 1-gen-2017 Fiaschi, Davide; Giuliani, Elisa; Nieri, Federica
Spatial club dynamics in European regions 1-gen-2017 Fiaschi, Davide; Gianmoena, Lisa; Parenti, Angela
Volatility in European regions 1-gen-2017 Brunetti, Irene; Fiaschi, Davide; Gianmoena, Lisa; Parenti, Angela
The Challenge of Measuring Corporate Social Irresponsibility 1-gen-2016 Fiaschi, Davide; Giuliani, Elisa; Salvati, Nicola
BRIC Companies Seeking Legitimacy Through Corporate Social Responsibility 1-gen-2015 Fiaschi, D.; Giuliani, E.; Nieri, F.
Colonies 1-gen-2015 Fiaschi, Davide; Signorino, Rodolfo
Intragenerational Mobility in Italy: a Non-parametric Estimates 1-gen-2015 Brunetti, Irene; Fiaschi, Davide