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Adaptation of the Winged Disk in the Old Syrian Glyptic: A Study of Cultural Interaction in the Eastern Mediterranean 1-gen-2018 Pizzimenti, Sara
The Astral Family in Kassite Kudurru Reliefs. Iconographical and Iconological Study of Sîn, Šamaš and Ištar Astral Representations 1-gen-2014 Pizzimenti, Sara
Colours in Late Bronze Mesopotamia. Some Hints on Wall Paintings from Dur Kurigalzu, Nuzi and Kar-Tukulti-Ninurta 1-gen-2012 Pizzimenti, Sara
Ebla in the Iron Age. New Evidence from the Acropolis: Remarks from a Work in Progress 1-gen-2018 Pizzimenti, Sara
Excavation at Karkemish II. The Inner West Gate in Area N 1-gen-2021 Mantellini, Simone; Pizzimenti, Sara
Fertility from the Sky: The Role of the Scorpion in the Ploughing Scenes on Akkadian Glyptic 1-gen-2019 Pizzimenti, Sara
From Earth to Heaven. The Symbol of the Scorpion and its Astronomical Association in Mesopotamia 1-gen-2021 Pizzimenti, Sara; Polcaro, Andrea
From the 3rd to the 2nd Millennium BC: An Assessment on Area A Pottery Assemblage from Trench 1 1-gen-2020 Pizzimenti, Sara
From the 4th to the 3rd Millennium BC: An Assessment on Area A Pottery Assemblage from Trench 2 1-gen-2020 Pizzimenti, Sara
From Uruk to Jemdet Nasr in Southern Mesopotamia: New Data from the 2015 Excavations in Area A at Tell Zurghul/Nigin within a Regional Perspective In corso di stampa Pizzimenti, Sara
A Hare in the Land of Lions. Analysis and Interpretation of the Leporid Symbol in the Old Syrian Glyptic 1-gen-2015 Pizzimenti, Sara
Il regno cassita 1-gen-2015 Pizzimenti, Sara
The Iron Age at Karkemish between Tradition and Innovation. The Case Study of the Pottery Assemblage from Area C 1-gen-2016 Pizzimenti, Sara; Zaina, Federico
The Iron Age II-III Pottery sequence at Tell Mardikh Ebla within the Framework of the Iron Age Inner Syria. Remarks from a Work in Progress 1-gen-2015 Pizzimenti, Sara
The Kassite ‘Naked Goddess’: Analysis and Interpretation 1-gen-2014 Pizzimenti, Sara
The Kudurrus and the Sky. Analysis and Interpretation of the Dog-Scorpion-Lamp Astral Pattern as Represented in Kassite Kudurrus Reliefs 1-gen-2016 Pizzimenti, Sara
The Late Bronze I Period [Recent archaeological discoveries at Karkemish] 1-gen-2020 Giacosa, Gabriele; Mantellini, Simone; Pizzimenti, Sara
A Light in the Darkness. Some Hints on Fire Perception and Rituality as Represented in 2nd Millennium BC Mesopotamian Glyptic 1-gen-2014 Pizzimenti, Sara
The Middle and the Late Bronze Age 1-gen-2018 Pizzimenti, Sara
The Middle Bronze Period [Recent archaeological discoveries at Karkemish] 1-gen-2020 Marchetti, Nicolò; Gianni, Marchesi; Pizzimenti, Sara