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cellular in vitro testing: Methods and protocols In corso di stampa Haycock, J.; Wilkinson, M.; Ahluwalia, ARTI DEVI
Electrical and Mechanical Characterisation of single wall carbon nanotubes based composites for tissue engineering applications In corso di stampa Whulanza, Y; Battini, E; Vannozzi, L; Vomero, M; Ahluwalia, ARTI DEVI; Vozzi, Giovanni
Biomedical engineering for sustainable development 1-gen-2022 Ahluwalia, Arti; DE MARIA, Carmelo; Pecchia, Leandro; Severi, Stefano
Biomedical engineering in low- and middle-income settings: analysis of current state, challenges and best practices 1-gen-2022 De Maria, Carmelo; Díaz Lantada, Andrés; Jämsä, Timo; Pecchia, Leandro; Ahluwalia, Arti
Engineering Open-Source Medical Devices 1-gen-2022 Ahluwalia, ARTI DEVI; DE MARIA, Carmelo; Díaz Lantada, Andrés
Open-Source Medical Devices as Tools for Teaching Design, Standards and Regulations of Medical Technologies 1-gen-2022 DI PIETRO, Licia; Fortunato, GABRIELE MARIA; Botte, Ermes; Ahluwalia, ARTI DEVI; DE MARIA, Carmelo
POLYVINYL ALCOHOL/GELATIN SPONGES FOR AURICULAR CARTILAGE ENGINEERING 1-gen-2022 Azimi, B; Feula, M; Milazzo, M; Ahluwalia, A; Berrettini, S; Danti, S
A Bioinspired in vitro Lung Model to Study Particokinetics of Nano-/Microparticles Under Cyclic Stretch and Air-Liquid Interface Conditions 1-gen-2021 Doryab, A.; Taskin, M. B.; Stahlhut, P.; Schroppel, A.; Orak, S.; Voss, C.; Ahluwalia, A.; Rehberg, M.; Hilgendorff, A.; Stoger, T.; Groll, J.; Schmid, O.
Breathing in vitro: Designs and applications of engineered lung models 1-gen-2021 Nossa, R.; Costa, J.; Cacopardo, L.; Ahluwalia, A.
Characterizing and Engineering Biomimetic Materials for Viscoelastic Mechanotransduction Studies 1-gen-2021 Cacopardo, Ludovica; Guazzelli, Nicole; Ahluwalia, Arti
Development of a dynamic in vitro stretch model of the alveolar interface with aerosol delivery 1-gen-2021 Cei, D.; Doryab, A.; Lenz, A. -G.; Schroppel, A.; Mayer, P.; Burgstaller, G.; Nossa, R.; Ahluwalia, A.; Schmid, O.
Engineering and monitoring 3d cell constructs with time‐evolving viscoelasticity for the study of liver fibrosis in vitro 1-gen-2021 Cacopardo, L.; Ahluwalia, A.
On-Line Project-Based Learning on Healthcare Technologies Against Epidemic Diseases: A COVID-19 Case Study 1-gen-2021 De Maria, C; Ahluwalia, A; Di Pietro, L; Magliaro, C; Nossa, R; Aranda, I; Rojas, C; Agarwal, N; Lantada, Ad; Munoz-Guijosa, Jm; Ballesteros-Sanchez, L; Rodriguez-Rivero, R; Candorcio-Simon, R; Johansen, E; Cosimati, A; Kiat, Jly; Madete, J; Musembi, S; Assefa, D; Buenrostro, Cm; Sarroukh, Be; Murage, B; William, W; Nuriat, N; Dzwairo, Rb; Khundi, E; Nwaneri, Sc; Popoola, Op; Mikeka, C; Etim, Naa; Etim, Nn; Gobin, A; Mama, P; Montero, L; Konde, V
Scaling of joint mass and metabolism fluctuations in in silico cell-laden spheroids 1-gen-2021 Botte, E.; Biagini, F.; Magliaro, C.; Rinaldo, A.; Maritan, A.; Ahluwalia, A.
The role of the 3rs for understanding and modeling the human placenta 1-gen-2021 Costa, J.; Mackay, R.; de Aguiar Greca, S. -C.; Corti, A.; Silva, E.; Karteris, E.; Ahluwalia, A.
Tools and approaches for analyzing the role of mitochondria in health, development and disease using human cerebral organoids 1-gen-2021 Liput, M.; Magliaro, C.; Kuczynska, Z.; Zayat, V.; Ahluwalia, A.; Buzanska, L.
2nd Centro3R annual meeting: 3Rs in Italian universities 1-gen-2020 Bassi, A. M.; Ahluwalia, A.; Penco, S.; Chiono, V.; Fiore, G. B.; Visai, L.
A Framework for Assessing Healthcare Facilities in Low-Resource Settings: Field Studies in Benin and Uganda 1-gen-2020 Di Pietro, Licia; Piaggio, Davide; Oronti, Iyabosola; Maccaro, Alessia; Houessouvo, Roland C.; Medenou, Daton; De Maria, Carmelo; Pecchia, Leandro; Ahluwalia, Arti
A new load-controlled testing method for viscoelastic characterisation through stress-rate measurements 1-gen-2020 Cacopardo, L.; Mattei, G.; Ahluwalia, A.
A Smart Region-Growing Algorithm for Single-Neuron Segmentation From Confocal and 2-Photon Datasets 1-gen-2020 Callara, A. L.; Magliaro, C.; Ahluwalia, A.; Vanello, N.