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Ecofriendly Preparation of Rosmarinic Acid-poly(vinyl alcohol) Biofilms Using NADES/DES, Ultrasounds and Optimization via a Mixture-Process Design Strategy 1-gen-2024 Campanella, Beatrice; Simoncini, Mattia; Passaglia, Elisa; Cicogna, Francesca; Ciancaleoni, Gianluca; González-Rivera, José; Bernazzani, Luca; Bramanti, Emilia
Coating of Polypropylene Non‐Woven Fabric with Layered Double Hydroxides Bearing Antioxidant and Antibacterial Natural Compounds 1-gen-2023 Cicogna, Francesca; Passaglia, Elisa; Elainaoui, Elyazid; Bramanti, Emilia; Oberhauser, Werner; Casini, Beatrice; Tuvo, Benedetta; Coltelli, Maria‐beatrice; Panariello, Luca; Coiai, Serena
New Functional Bionanocomposites by Combining Hybrid Host-Guest Systems with a Fully Biobased Poly(lactic acid)/Poly(butylene succinate-co-adipate) (PLA/PBSA) Binary Blend 1-gen-2023 Cicogna, Francesca; Passaglia, Elisa; Telleschi, Alice; Oberhauser, Werner; Coltelli, Maria-Beatrice; Panariello, Luca; Gigante, Vito; Coiai, Serena
Antibacterial LDPE-based nanocomposites with salicylic and rosmarinic acid-modified layered double hydroxides 1-gen-2021 Coiai, S.; Cicogna, F.; Pinna, Simone; Spiniello, Roberto; Onor, Massimo; Oberhauser, Werner; Coltelli, M. B.; Passaglia, Elisa
Rosmarinic acid and Ulvan from terrestrial and marine sources in anti-microbial bionanosystems and biomaterials 1-gen-2021 Coiai, S.; Campanella, B.; Paulert, R.; Cicogna, F.; Bramanti, E.; Lazzeri, Andrea; Pistelli, L.; Coltelli, M. B.
The shining brightness of daylight fluorescent pigments: Raman and SERS study of a modern class of painting materials 1-gen-2020 Campanella, B.; Botti, J.; Cavaleri, T.; Cicogna, F.; Legnaioli, S.; Pagnotta, S.; Poggialini, F.; Poli, T.; Scalarone, D.; Palleschi, V.
An insight into the interaction between functionalized thermoplastic elastomer and layered double hydroxides through rheological investigations 1-gen-2018 Arrigo, Rossella; Dintcheva, Nadka Tzankova; Tarantino, Giuseppe; Passaglia, Elisa; Coiai, Serena; Cicogna, Francesca; Filippi, Sara; Nasillo, Giorgio; Martino, Delia Chillura
Poly(lactic acid) plasticized with low-molecular-weight polyesters: structural, thermal and biodegradability features 1-gen-2017 Cicogna, Francesca; Coiai, Serena; De Monte, Cristina; Spiniello, Roberto; Fiori, Stefano; Franceschi, Massimiliano; Braca, Francesca; Cinelli, Patrizia; Fehri, Seyed Mohammad Kazem; Lazzeri, Andrea; Oberhauser, Werner; Passaglia, Elisa
Azo-aromatic functionalized polyethylene by nitroxide radical coupling (NRC) reaction: Preparation and photo-physical properties 1-gen-2016 Cicogna, Francesca; Domenichelli, Ilaria; Coiai, Serena; Bellina, Fabio; Lessi, Marco; Spiniello, Roberto; Passaglia, Elisa
Co-agent mediated functionalization of LDPE/iPP mixtures for compatibilization of WEEE-recovered polyvinylchloride 1-gen-2016 Cicogna, Francesca; Coiai, Serena; Moliterni, Dora; Ruggeri, Giacomo; Coltelli, MARIA BEATRICE; Lazzeri, Andrea; Passaglia, Elisa
Electronic properties of new homobimetallic anthracene-bridged η5-cyclopentadienyl derivatives of iridium(I) and of the corresponding cation radicals [L2Ir(C5H4CH2(9,10-anthrylene)CH2C5H4)IrL2]+ 1-gen-2006 F., Bertini; L., Calucci; Cicogna, Francesca; B., Gaddi; Ingrosso, Giovanni; M., Marcaccio; Marchetti, Fabio; D., Paolucci; F., Paolucci; C., Pinzino
9-Anthroylacetone and its photodimer 1-gen-2004 Cicogna, Francesca; Ingrosso, Giovanni; Lodato, F; Marchetti, Fabio; Zandomeneghi, Maurizio
Homobimetallic anthracene-bridged eta-5-cyclopentadienyl derivatives of rhodium(I) and iridium(I): large molecules or supramolecular species? 1-gen-2004 Cicogna, Francesca; B., Gaddi; Ingrosso, Giovanni; M., Marcaccio; Marchetti, Fabio; D., Paolucci; F., Paolucci; C., Pinzino; R., Viglione
A [4π+4π] intramolecular photocyclomer of 9-anthroic anhydride: 5,6,11,12-tetrahydro-5,12;6,11-di-o-benzenodibenzo[a,e]cyclooctene-5, 6-dicarboxylic anhydride 1-gen-2002 Cicogna, Francesca; Ingrosso, Giovanni; Marchetti, Fabio
Synthesis of Heteroleptic Anthryl-Substituted beta-Ketoenolates of Rhodium(III) and Iridium(III): Photophysical, Electrochemical, and EPR Study of the Fluorophore-Metal Interaction 1-gen-2002 Carano, M.; Cicogna, Francesca; Houben, J. L.; Ingrosso, Giovanni; Marchetti, Fabio; Mottier, L.; Paolucci, F.; Pinzino, C.; Roffia, S.
Synthesis of 9-Anthrylmethyl-Functionalised Cyclopentadienyl Derivatives of Rhodium(I) and Iridium(I) and Study of their Luminescence Properties 1-gen-2000 Cicogna, Francesca; Colonna, M.; Houben, L.; Ingrosso, Giovanni; Marchetti, Fabio