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A 2D localization technique for UHF-RFID smart bookshelves 1-gen-2016 Buffi, Alice; Nepa, Paolo
A 3D LTE antenna for vehicular applications 1-gen-2017 Franchina, V.; Michel, A.; Nepa, P.; Parolari, R.; Moro, I.; Filisan, A. Polo; Zamberlan, D.
A Circularly-Polarized Near-Field Focused Planar Array for 2.4GHz RFID Reader Antennas 1-gen-2009 Buffi, Alice; SERRA A., A; Nepa, Paolo; Manara, Giuliano; Chou, H. T.
A compact 3D antenna for automotive LTE MIMO applications 1-gen-2017 Franchina, V.; Michel, A.; Nepa, P.; Gallo, M.; Parolari, R.; Filisan, A. Polo; Zamberlan, D.
A Compact and Wideband Dashboard Antenna for Vehicular LTE/5G Wireless Communications 1-gen-2022 Michel, A; Singh, Rk; Nepa, P
A Compact and Wideband Vehicular Antenna for LTE/5G Applications 1-gen-2021 Singh, R. K.; Michel, A.; Nepa, P.
A Compact Dual-Band PIFA for DVB-T and WLAN Applications 1-gen-2012 R., Caso; A., Dalessandro; A., Serra; Nepa, Paolo; Manara, Giuliano
A compact UHF RFID ceramic tag for higherature applications 1-gen-2019 Franchina, V.; Ria, A.; Michel, A.; Bruschi, P.; Nepa, P.; Salvatore, A.
A DFT Based UTD Ray Analysis of the EM Radiation from Electrically Large Antenna Arrays with Tapered Distributions 1-gen-1999 Nepa, Paolo; PATHAK P., H; Civi, O. A.; Chou, H. T.
A Dual Circularly Polarized Patch Antenna with High Isolation for MIMO WLAN Applications 1-gen-2020 Zhang, E.; Michel, A.; Pino, M. R.; Nepa, P.; Qiu, J.
A Dual-Band Antenna for Wireless Communication Terminals 1-gen-2004 Nepa, Paolo; A. A., Serra; S., Marsico; Manara, Giuliano
A dual-band antenna for wireless communication terminals 1-gen-2004 Nepa, Paolo; Serra, ANDREA ANTONIO IGNAZIO; Marsico, S; Manara, Giuliano
A fast analysis of the radiation and scattering from a large microstrip antenna array 1-gen-2003 PATHAK P., H; Janpugdee, P; Mahachoklertwattana, P; Nepa, Paolo
A fast DFT planar array synthesis tool for generating contoured beams 1-gen-2004 Chou, H. T.; Hsaio, Y.; Pathak, P. H.; Nepa, Paolo; Yanpugdee, P.
A fast hybrid DFT-MoM for the analysis of large finite periodic antenna arrays in grounded layered media 1-gen-2003 Janpugdee, P; PATHAK P., H; Mahachoklertwattana, P; Nepa, Paolo
A Fast Hybrid DFT-MoM for the Analysis of Large Finite Periodic Antenna Arrays on Grounded Substrates 1-gen-2002 Janpugdee, P; PATHAK P., H; Nepa, Paolo; Chou, H. T.
A Focused Planar Microstrip Array for 2.4 GHz RFID Readers 1-gen-2010 Buffi, Alice; SERRA A., A; Nepa, Paolo; CHOU H., T; Manara, Giuliano
A general multisegment artificial neural network architecture for the efficient evaluation of electromagnetic plane-wave wedge diffraction 1-gen-2007 Manara, Giuliano; Nepa, Paolo; G., Pelosi; A., Pinto; S., Selleri
A Hybrid Discrete Fourier Transform – Moment Method for the Fast Analysis of Large Rectangular Phased Arrays 1-gen-2001 CHOU H., T; Hsienkwei, Ho; PATHAK P., H; Nepa, Paolo; Civi, O. A.
A hybrid uniform geometrical theory of diffraction – moment method for efficient analysis of electromagnetic radiation/scattering from large finite planar arrays 1-gen-2000 Ozlem, Civi; PATHAK P., H; CHOU H., T; Nepa, Paolo