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A Low-profile Cellular Antenna Module for Vehicular Applications 1-gen-2023 Michel, A.; Singh, R. K.; Nepa, P.
A Low-Profile Cellular Antenna Module for Vehicular Applications 1-gen-2023 Michel, Andrea; Singh, Rajesh Kumar; Nepa, Paolo
Indoor Multipath channel modeling effects on UHF-RFID Localization with Synthetic Arrays 1-gen-2023 Motroni, Andrea; Cecchi, Glauco; Buffi, Alice; Nepa, Paolo
Synthesis of Near-Field Arrays Based on Electromagnetic Inner Products 1-gen-2023 Lisi, Francesco; Michel, Andrea; Nepa, Paolo
A Compact and Wideband Dashboard Antenna for Vehicular LTE/5G Wireless Communications 1-gen-2022 Michel, A; Singh, Rk; Nepa, P
A Compact Printed Antenna with Switchable Broadside and Conical Radiation Patterns for V2X Applications integrated into Vehicle Lateral Mirrors 1-gen-2022 Michel, A.; Singh, R. K.; Nepa, P.
A Synthetic Aperture UHF RFID Localization Method by Phase Unwrapping and Hyperbolic Intersection 1-gen-2022 Tripicchio, P.; Unetti, M.; D'Avella, S.; Buffi, A.; Motroni, A.; Bernardini, F.; Nepa, P.
A UHF-RFID Multi-Antenna Sensor Fusion Enables Item and Robot Localization 1-gen-2022 Motroni, A.; Bernardini, F.; Buffi, A.; Nepa, P.; Tellini, B.
An innovative smart system for the safety of workplaces with mobile machines with remote command 1-gen-2022 Catarinucci, Luca; Ferraro, Alessandra; Gabbrielli, Roberto; Landi, Luca; Monarca, Danilo; Motroni, Andrea; Nepa, Paolo; Patrono, Luigi; Pirozzi, Marco
An IoT-Aware Smart System Exploiting the Electromagnetic Behavior of UHF-RFID Tags to Improve Worker Safety in Outdoor Environments 1-gen-2022 Montanaro, T.; Sergi, I.; Motroni, A.; Buffi, A.; Nepa, P.; Pirozzi, M.; Catarinucci, L.; Colella, R.; Chietera, F. P.; Patrono, L.
Artificial Intelligence enhances Smart RFID Portal for retail 1-gen-2022 Motroni, Andrea; RODRIGUEZ PINO, Marcos; Buffi, Alice; Nepa, Paolo
Autonomous Vehicles Management in Agriculture with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for Obstacle Avoidance 1-gen-2022 Monarca, D.; Rossi, P.; Alemanno, R.; Cossio, F.; Nepa, P.; Motroni, A.; Gabbrielli, R.; Pirozzi, M.; Console, C.; Cecchini, M.
Design Considerations on a UHF RFID Smart Gate Antenna for the Detection of Tags Embedded into Boots 1-gen-2022 Michel, A.; Lisi, F.; Manara, G.; Nepa, P.
Experimental Assessment of Passive UHF-RFID Sensor Tags for Environment and Kinematic Data 1-gen-2022 Motroni, A.; Ria, A.; Strambini, L.; Nepa, P.
Mobile-robots indoor tracking and navigation: perspectives for RFID technology 1-gen-2022 Motroni, A.; Buffi, A.; Nepa, P.
Multifeed tri-band circularly polarized antenna for UHF/MW-RFID application 1-gen-2022 Zhang, E.; Michel, A.; Nepa, P.; Qiu, J.
On the detection of UHF RFID tag embedded into boots 1-gen-2022 Michel, A.; Nepa, P.; Manara, G.
Performance Assessment of a UHF-RFID Robotic Inventory System for Industry 4.0 1-gen-2022 Motroni, A.; Bernardini, F.; Vaiani, S.; Buffi, A.; Nepa, P.
Retail Robots with UHF-RFID Moving Antennas enabling 3D Localization 1-gen-2022 Bernardini, F.; Motroni, A.; Buffi, A.; Nepa, P.; Tripicchio, P.; D'Avella, S.; Col, L. D.; Salvatore, A.
RFID-based robot localisation: an unconstrained optimisation problem by exploiting RSSI 1-gen-2022 Shamsfakhr, Farhad; Macii, David; Fontanelli, Daniele; Motroni, Andrea; Nepa, Paolo; Palopoli, Luigi; Buffi, Alice