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Two-dimensional electrophoresis of thylakoid protein patterns in two wheat cultivars with different sensitivity to sulfur dioxide, file e0d6c925-e878-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 1
H2O2 accumulation in sunflower leaves as a consequence of iron deprivation, file e0d6c925-ed6d-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 1
Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum M.) T3238FER and T3238fer genotypes. Influence of different iron concentrations on thylakoid pigment and protein composition, file e0d6c925-eec2-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 1
Early production and scavenging of hydrogen peroxide in the apoplast of sunflower plants exposed to ozone, file e0d6c925-ef51-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 1
Iron deficiency induces variations in oxidative stress bioindicators in sunflower plants, file e0d6c926-1368-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 1
Alterations in thylakoid membrane composition induced by iron starvation in sunflower plants, file e0d6c926-13e1-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 1
The impact of ozone stress on herbaceous semi-natural ecosystems: analysis of physiological and biochemical markers related to plant sensitivity to ozone, file e0d6c926-19bf-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 1
Changes in thylakoid protein patterns and antioxidant levels in two wheat cultivars with different sensitivity to sulfur dioxide, file e0d6c926-1e74-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 1
Ozone exposure affects photosynthesis of pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo) plants, file e0d6c926-207b-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 1
Redox state and peroxidase system in sunflower plants exposed to ozone, file e0d6c926-24bd-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 1
SO2-induced decrease in photosynthetic activity in two barley cultivars. Evidence against specific damage at the protein-pigment complex level, file e0d6c926-2cb8-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 1
Differential stimulation of ascorbate peroxidase isoforms by ozone exposure in sunflower plants, file e0d6c926-3c3b-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 1
The decay of O3 through direct reaction with cell wall ascorbate is not sufficient to explain the different degrees of O3-sensitivity in two poplar clones, file e0d6c926-3e66-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 1
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