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The Aguilar pluton (23°12′ S–65°40′ W; NW Argentina): Petrological implications on the origin of the Late Jurassic intraplate magmatism in the Central Andes 1-gen-2013 Omarini, R; Gioncada, Anna; Vezzoli, L; Mazzuoli, Roberto; Cristiani, C; Sureda, R.
Aligned extrusive andesitic domes in the southern sector of the Late Miocene Diego de Almagro volcanic complex, Salta, Argentina: evidences for transtensional tectonics in the Eastern Cordillera 1-gen-2005 Hauser, N; Matteini, M; Omarini, R; Mazzuoli, Roberto; Vezzoli, L; Acocella, V; Uttini, A; Dini, A; Gioncada, Anna
L'attivita' esplosiva del centro di Pollara (Salina, Isole Eolie) 1-gen-1987 Calanchi, N; DE ROSA, R; Mazzuoli, Roberto; ROSSI P., L; Santacroce, Roberto
Chaotic advection, fractals and diffusion during mixing of magmas:evidence from lava flows 1-gen-2003 Perugini, D; Poli, G; Mazzuoli, Roberto
"The geochemical variations of the upper cenozoic volcanism along the Calama Olacapato El Toro transversal fault system in central Andes (~24 S): petrogenetic and geodynamic implications" 1-gen-2002 Matteini, M.; Mazzuoli, Roberto; Omarini, R.; Cas, R.; Maas, R.
Geodynamical evolution of Central Andes at 24°S as inferred by magma composition along the Calama Olacapato el Toro transversal volcanic belt 1-gen-2002 Matteini, M; Mazzuoli, Roberto; Omarini, R; Cas, R; Maas, R.
Geologia del Complejo volcanico Isla de Pascua 1-gen-2004 Gonzalez, Ferran; Mazzuoli, Roberto; R., Lahsen
Geological Map of the Lake Ziway-Asela region (Main Ethiopian Rift). 1:50,000 scale 1-gen-1998 Abebe, B.; Boccaletti, M.; Mazzuoli, Roberto; R., Bonini; M., Tortorici; L., AND TRUA
Geology and petrology of the Antillas miocene volcanism (Salta, NW Argentina) 1-gen-2008 Omarini, R; Vezzoli, L; Gioncada, Anna; Mazzuoli, Roberto; Acocella, V; Guillou, H; Nonnotte, P.
Geology and petrology of the Las Burras-Almagro magmatic complex, Salta, Argentina 1-gen-2005 Matteini, M; Acocella, V; Vezzoli, L; Dini, A; Gioncada, Anna; Guillou, H; Mazzuoli, Roberto; Omarini, R; Uttini, A; Hauser, N.
Kinematic variations across Eastern Cordillera at 24°S (Central Andes): Tectonic and magmatic implications — Reply 1-gen-2008 V., Acocella; L., Vezzoli; R., Omarini; Mazzuoli, Roberto
Kinematic variations across Eastern Cordillera at 24°S (Central Andes): tectonic and magmatic implications, 1-gen-2007 V., Acocella; L., Vezzoli; R., Omarini; Mazzuoli, Roberto
The Late Miocene Chivinar volcanic complex (24º14’S – 67º27’W, Central Andes): calcalkaline and intraplate magma sources at the intersection of the Calama-Olacapato-El Toro volcanic belt and the arc 1-gen-2014 Hector, Omarini Ricardo; Gioncada, Anna; Luigina, Vezzoli; Mazzuoli, Roberto; Vanina, Lopez Azarevich; Ricardo, Sureda; Miguel, Azarevich; Valerio, Acocella; Joel, Ruch
Lithospheric versus crustal contamination in a bimodal basalt-rhyolite association in the central sector of Main Ethiopian Rift (MER): Sr, Nd, Pb isotopes and trace element evidence 1-gen-1999 Trua, T; Deniell, C; Mazzuoli, Roberto
Magma mixing at Lipari (Aeolian Islands, Italy): Insights from textural and compositional features of phenocrysts 1-gen-2005 Gioncada, Anna; Mazzuoli, Roberto; Milton, A. J.
Magmatic Sulfides from the Rincón-Portezuelo de las Ánimas Volcanic Complex, Northwest Argentina: Insights on Magma Fertility and Comparison with Mineralized Volcanic Systems 1-gen-2021 Gioncada, A.; Fulignati, P.; Vezzoli, L.; Omarini, R.; Bosh, D.; Bruguier, O.; Mazzuoli, R.; Lopez-Azarevich, V.
Magmatism along a transverse structure in the Central Andes: the Miocene Tastil-Las Burras Magmatic Complex (NW Argentina) 1-gen-2004 Matteini, M.; Acocella, V.; Dini, A.; Mazzuoli, Roberto; Omarini, R.; Uttini, R.; Vezzosi, L.; Gioncada, Anna; Guillou, H.
Magmatism and tectonics in the Easternmost sector of a transversal fault system in Central Andes: a contribution for Miocene geodynamical evolution of the Andean margin at 24S 1-gen-2007 Mazzuoli, Roberto; Luigina, Vezzoli; Ricardo, Omarini; Valerio, Acocella; Gioncada, Anna; Massimo, Matteini; Herv, Guillou; Hauser, Natalia
Metalogenia subvolcánica miocénica de metales nobles en la Puna y la Cordillera Oriental del NOA 1-gen-2009 Sureda, R; Omarini, R; Mazzuoli, Roberto; Vezzoli, L; Gioncada, Anna
Mingling and mixing features in basaltic andesites of the Eastern Cordillera (Central Andes, 24°S): a petrographic and microanalytical study 1-gen-2006 Gioncada, Anna; Hauser, N; Matteini, M; Mazzuoli, Roberto; Omarini, R.