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A Blending Strategy for Missile Autopilots using Simplex Method 1-gen-1995 Innocenti, Mario; Thukral, A.
A CAD tool for limit cycle prediction in nonlinear systems 1-gen-1996 Landi, Alberto; Innocenti, Mario; Paoletti, F.
A Comparison Between Kalman Filter and Neural Network Based Approaches for Sensor Validation 1-gen-1996 Napolitano, M; Windon, Da; Casanova, Jl; Silvestri, G; Innocenti, Mario
A Fuzzy Approach to the Guidance of Unmanned Air Vehicles Tracking moving Targets 1-gen-2008 Innocenti, Mario; Pollini, Lorenzo; Turra, D.
A Fuzzy Guidance System for Rendezvous and Pursuit of Moving Targets 1-gen-2020 Alibani, M.; Innocenti, M.; Pollini, L.
A geometry-based algorithm for the stability of planar switching systems 1-gen-2006 Greco, L; Tocchini, F; Innocenti, Mario
A Guidance System for Unmanned Air Vehicles based on fuzzy Sets and fixed Waypoints 1-gen-2004 Innocenti, Mario; Pollini, Lorenzo; Turra, D.
A Modular Easy-to-Use Technique for Modeling and Simulation of Underwater Robotic Vehicles 1-gen-2000 Pollini, Lorenzo; Caiti, A; Innocenti, Mario; Mangione, P.
A Newton Algorithm for implementation of SDRE Controllers 1-gen-2005 Pollini, Lorenzo; Innocenti, Mario; Bracci, A.
A Numerical Procedure for Solving Simultaneous Cooperative Control Problems 1-gen-1983 Innocenti, Mario
A sliding mode missile pitch autopilot synthesis for high angle of attack maneuvering 1-gen-1998 Thukral, A; Innocenti, Mario
A synthetic environment for dynamic systems control and distributed simulation 1-gen-2000 Pollini, Lorenzo; Innocenti, Mario
A Synthetic Environment for Simulation and Visualization of Dynamic Systems 1-gen-1999 Innocenti, Mario; Pollini, Lorenzo
A synthetic environment for simulation of vision-based formation flight 1-gen-2003 Pollini, Lorenzo; Mati, Roberto; Innocenti, Mario; Campa, G; Napolitano, M.
A Visual-Haptic Display for Human and Autonomous Systems Integration 1-gen-2016 Razzanelli, Matteo; Aringhieri, Stefano; Franzini, Giovanni; Avanzini, G; Giulietti, G; Innocenti, Mario; Pollini, Lorenzo
A VSS Guidance Law for Agile Missiles 1-gen-1997 Innocenti, Mario; Nasuti, F; Pellegrini, F.
Adaptive Control with Neural Network-based Disturbance Observer for a Spherical UAV 1-gen-2016 Matassini, T; Shin, H; Tsourdos, A; Innocenti, Mario
Adaptive inverse Multimodel Following Control for Non-linear Plants 1-gen-1986 Innocenti, Mario; Balestrino, A.
Air Traffic Management using Probability Function Fields 1-gen-1999 Innocenti, Mario; Gelosi, P; Pollini, Lorenzo
An Adjoint-Based Method for Continuous Thrust Relative Maneuver Computation in the Restricted Three-Body Problem 1-gen-2021 Franzini, G.; Innocenti, M.; Casasco, M.