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A method and apparatus for the isokinetic sampling of a multiphase stream 1-gen-2017 Andreussi, Paolo
the use of a low-cost gas-liquid flow meter to monitor sever slugging 1-gen-2017 Andreussi, P.; Bonizzi, M.; Ciandri, P.; Pedersen, S.; Hansen, d. s.
Development of an online measurement apparatus for the study of stratified flow in near-horizontal pipes 1-gen-2016 Andreussi, Paolo; Scozzari, Andrea; Picciaia, Daniele
Is it possible to reduce the cost (and increase the accuracy) of multiphase flow meters? 1-gen-2016 Andreussi, P.; Bonizzi, M.; Ciandri, P.
Measurement of liquid film distribution in near-horizontal pipes with an array of wire probes 1-gen-2016 Andreussi, P.; Pitton, E.; Ciandri, P.; Picciaia, D.; Vignali, A.; Margarone, M.; Scozzari, A.
One-dimensional model of wet gas flow in near-horizontal pipes 1-gen-2016 Bonizzi, M.; Andreussi, P.
Prediction of the liquid film distribution in stratified-dispersed gas-liquid flow 1-gen-2016 Bonizzi, M.; Andreussi, P.
Separator apparatus for gas-water-oil mixtures, and separation process 1-gen-2015 Andreussi, Paolo
Subsea separator 1-gen-2015 Malaspina, Giuseppe; Stefano TUBIA, Daniele; Andreussi, Paolo
An experimental study of stratified-dispersed flow in horizontal pipes 1-gen-2014 E., Pitton; P., Ciandri; M., Margarone; Andreussi, Paolo
Apparatus and method for measuring the flow-rate of different fluids present in multiphase streams 1-gen-2014 Boschi, Stefano; Andreussi, Paolo
Variable asset multiphase ejector for production recovery at the wellhead 1-gen-2014 Magi, Stefano; Citi, Gianfederico; Di Berardo, Lorenzo; Andreussi, Paolo; Ansiati, Alberto
A method for monitoring fugitive gas emissions from the soil, via vertical concentration measurements 1-gen-2013 Andreussi, Paolo
Coalescencer separator for a mixture of immiscible phases with different specific density 1-gen-2013 Andreussi, Paolo; Antonio Direnzo, Domenico
Equipment for the conveying and recovery of hydrocarbons from an underwater well for the extraction of hydrocarbons, under uncontrolled release conditions 1-gen-2013 De Ghetto, Giambattista; Andreussi, Paolo
Low-cost lightweight airborne laser-based sensors for pipeline leak detection and reporting 1-gen-2013 Frish, M. B.; Wainner, R. T.; Laderer, M. C.; Allen, M. G.; Rutherford, J.; Wehnert, P.; Dey, S.; Gilchrist, J.; Corbi, R.; Picciaia, D.; Andreussi, Paolo; Furry, D.
Apparatus and method for measuring the flow-rate of a multiphase fluid stream 1-gen-2012 Boschi, Stefano; Andreussi, Paolo
Compact inertial gas-liquid separation system 1-gen-2012 Di Berardo, Lorenzo; Andreussi, Paolo; Ansiati, Alberto
Cyclonic Dynamic Separator Having Axial Flow and Variable Asset 1-gen-2012 Ciccarelli, L. G.; Iovane, M; Margarone, M; Andreussi, Paolo; Ansiati, A.
Method for Monitoring Fugitive Gas Emissions from the Soil, Via Vertical Concentration Measurements 1-gen-2012 Andreussi, Paolo