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A reparameterization and monitoring platform for energy efficient GPS trackers in behavioural analysis of wildlife 1-gen-2023 Tamburello, Marialaura; Caruso, Giuseppe; Adami, Davide; Giordano, Stefano
Assessing the Efficacy of Reinforcement Learning in Enhancing Quality of Service in SD-WANs 1-gen-2023 Borgianni, L.; Troia, S.; Adami, D.; Maier, G.; Giordano, S.
Experimental Comparison Between SBC and FPGA for Embedded Neural Network Acceleration 1-gen-2023 Tamburello, Marialaura; Caruso, Giuseppe; Adami, Davide; Giordano, Stefano
From MPLS to SD-WAN to ensure QoS and QoE in cloud-based applications 1-gen-2023 Borgianni, L; Troia, S; Adami, D; Maier, G; Giordano, S
Lifetime estimation and reparameterization of GPS devices for tracking applications 1-gen-2023 Tamburello, Marialaura; Caruso, Giuseppe; Adami, Davide; Giordano, Stefano; Ojo, Mike
Optimizing Network Performance and Reliability with an Integrated SD-WAN and Satellite 6G Architecture 1-gen-2023 Borgianni, Luca; Adami, Davide; Giordano, Stefano
Pre-Trained Lightweight Deep Learning Models for Surgical Instrument Detection: Performance Evaluation for Edge Inference 1-gen-2023 Ahmed, M. S.; Giordano, S.
Spectrogram Based Bee Sound Analysis with DNNs: a step toward Federated Learning approach 1-gen-2023 Borgianni, Luca; Ahmed, Md Sabbir; Adami, Davide; Giordano, Stefano
Edge-AI Platform for Realtime Wildlife Repelling 1-gen-2022 Tamburello, M.; Caruso, G.; Giordano, S.; Adami, D.; Ojo, M.
Elastic Load Balancing in Software Defined Satellite Networks 1-gen-2022 Adami, D.; Giordano, S.; Pagano, M.
Federated Transfer Learning for Energy Efficient Privacy-preserving Medical Image Classification 1-gen-2022 Ahmed, M. S.; Giordano, S.
Mind the cost of telemetry data analysis 1-gen-2022 Fais, A.; Antichi, G.; Giordano, S.; Lettieri, G.; Procissi, G.
Practical experiences of a smart livestock location monitoring system leveraging gnss, lorawan and cloud services 1-gen-2022 Ojo, M. O.; Viola, I.; Baratta, M.; Giordano, S.
Service Parameters Identification for Adaptive Networked Music Performance 1-gen-2022 Cheli, F.; Giordano, S.
Data stream processing for packet-level analytics 1-gen-2021 Fais, A.; Lettieri, G.; Procissi, G.; Giordano, S.; Oppedisano, F.
Design, Development and Evaluation of an Intelligent Animal Repelling System for Crop Protection Based on Embedded Edge-AI 1-gen-2021 Adami, D.; Ojo, M. O.; Giordano, S.
Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a LoRa Packet Generator for Forest Environments 1-gen-2021 Ojo, M. O.; Adami, D.; Pagano, M.; Giordano, S.; Niccolini, M.
Experimental evaluation of a Lora wildlife monitoring network in a forest vegetation area 1-gen-2021 Ojo, M. O.; Adami, D.; Giordano, S.
On the proper choice of datasets and traffic features for realtime anomaly detection 1-gen-2021 Callegari, C.; Giordano, S.; Pagano, M.
Recent trends on iot systems for traffic monitoring and for autonomous and connected vehicles 1-gen-2021 Saponara, S.; Giordano, S.; Mariani, R.