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A biphasic navigational strategy in loggerhead sea turtles 1-gen-2020 Luschi, P.; Sozbilen, D.; Cerritelli, G.; Ruffier, F.; Baskale, E.; Casale, P.
A new interpretation of the effect of magnetic tratments on the initial orientation of homing pigeons 1-gen-1999 Luschi, Paolo; DEL SEPPIA, C; Papi, Floriano
A review of long-distance movements by marine turtles, and the possible role of ocean currents 1-gen-2003 Luschi, Paolo; HAYS G., C; Papi, Floriano
A review of migratory behaviour of sea turtles off southeastern Africa 1-gen-2006 Luschi, Paolo; LUTJEHARMS J. R., E; Lambardi, P; Mencacci, Resi; HUGHES G., R; Hays, G. C.
AnaSat project: following female European teals Anas crecca the way back to breeding grounds 1-gen-2014 Vanni, Lorenzo; Baldaccini, NATALE EMILIO; Alfonso, Lenzoni; Luschi, Paolo; Michele, Sorrenti; Giunchi, Dimitri
Anosmic pigeons orient from familiar sites by relying on the map-and-compass mechanism 1-gen-1993 Luschi, Paolo; Dall'Antonia, P.
Assessing accuracy and utility of satellite-tracking data using Argos-linked Fastloc-GPS 1-gen-2010 Witt, Mj; Åkesson, S; Broderick, Ac; Coyne, Ms; Ellick, J; Formia, A; Hays, Gc; Luschi, Paolo; Stroud, S; Godley, Bj
Assessing reliance on vector navigation in the long-distance oceanic migrations of green sea turtles 1-gen-2018 Cerritelli, Giulia; Bianco, Giuseppe; Santini, Giacomo; Broderick, Annette C; Godley, Brendan J; Hays, Graeme C; Luschi, Paolo; Åkesson, Susanne
Behaviour: Migration and Navigation (Sea Turtles) 1-gen-2018 Luschi, Paolo
Changes in behaviour during the inter-nesting period and post- nesting migration for Ascension Island green turtles 1-gen-1999 HAYS G., C; Luschi, Paolo; Papi, Floriano; DEL SEPPIA, C; Marsh, R.
Changes in pain perception and pain-related somatosensory evoked potentials in humans produced by exposure to oscillating magnetic fields 1-gen-1997 Sartucci, Ferdinando; Bonfiglio, L; DEL SEPPIA, C; Luschi, Paolo; Ghione, S; Murri, L; Papi, F.
Citizen science helps assessing spatio-temporal distribution of sea turtles in foraging areas 1-gen-2019 Casale, P.; Ciccocioppo, A.; Vagnoli, G.; Rigoli, A.; Freggi, D.; Tolve, L.; Luschi, P.
Current transport in leatherback sea turtles (Dermochelys coriacea) wandering in the ocean 1-gen-2003 Luschi, Paolo; Sale, A; Mencacci, Resi; HUGHES G., R; LUTJEHARMS J. R., E; Papi, Floriano
Detecting female precise natal philopatry in green turtles using assignment methods 1-gen-2007 LEE P. L., M; Luschi, Paolo; Hays, G. C.
Differential magnetic field effects on heart rate and nociception in anosmic pigeons 1-gen-2012 Del Seppia, C; Mencacci, Resi; Luschi, Paolo; Varanini, M; Ghione, S.
Does exposure to electromagnetic fields affect blood pressure? 1-gen-1999 Ghione, S; DEL SEPPIA, C; Mezzasalma, L; Szucz, M; Luschi, Paolo; Papi, Floriano
Effect of weather conditions on spring migrating Eurasian teals (Anas crecca) 1-gen-2019 Cerritelli, G.; Vanni, L.; Baldaccini, N. E.; Lenzoni, A.; Sorrenti, M.; Luschi, P.; Giunchi, D.
Effects of magnetic field exposure on open field behaviour and nociceptive responses in mice 1-gen-2003 DEL SEPPIA, C; Mezzasalma, L; Choleris, E; Luschi, Paolo; Ghione, S.
Evaluating vector navigation in green turtles migrating in a dynamic oceanic environment 1-gen-2021 Cerritelli, Giulia; Benhamou, Simon; Luschi, Paolo
Evidence for an effect of abnormal electromagnetic fields on pain perception thresholds in humans 1-gen-1998 Ghione, S; Mezzasalma, L; DEL SEPPIA, C; Bonfiglio, L; Luschi, Paolo; Papi, Floriano