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A 2-Degrees-of-Freedom Drive Employing a Novel Rotary-Linear Motor 1-gen-2003 Bolognesi, Paolo
A Consequent-Pole Hybrid Exciter for Synchronous Generators 1-gen-2021 Nuzzo, Stefano; Bolognesi, Paolo; Decuzzi, Giovanni; Giangrande, Paolo; Galea, Michael
A Contextual Parameter Identification Method for the Equivalent Circuit of Induction Machine 1-gen-2016 Genovese, D.; Bolognesi, Paolo; De Martin, M.; Luise, F.
A Distributed Driving and Steering System for Electric Vehicles Using Rotary-Linear Motors 1-gen-2010 Bertoluzzo, M; Bolognesi, Paolo; Bruno, Ottorino; Buja, G; Castellan, S; Isastia, V; Menis, R; Meo, S.
A Family of Modular Mono-Phase Linear Brushless Machines 1-gen-2003 Bolognesi, Paolo
A Fundamental Component Insensitive Harmonic Optimization Method 1-gen-1999 Bolognesi, Paolo; Carrara, GIUSEPPE RAFFAELLO; Casini, Dante
A High-Power-Quality Reversible Converter for 1-Phase to 3-Phase Extension of Mains Supply 1-gen-2008 Bolognesi, Paolo
A Hybrid Analytical-Numerical Approach for the Analysis of Salient-Pole Synchronous Generators with a Symmetrical Damper Cage 1-gen-2017 Nuzzo, Stefano; Bolognesi, Paolo; Galea, Michael; Gerada, Chris
A Low-Complexity Rotary-Linear Motor Useable for Actuation of Active Wheels 1-gen-2010 Bolognesi, Paolo; Bruno, Ottorino; Papini, F; Biagini, Veronica; Taponecco, Lucio
A Methodology to Remove Stator Skew in Small-Medium Size Synchronous Generators Via Innovative Damper Cage Designs 1-gen-2019 Nuzzo, S.; Galea, M.; Bolognesi, P.; Vakil, G.; Fallows, D.; Gerada, C.; Brown, N. L.
A Mid-Complexity Analysis of Long-Drum-Type Electric Machines Suitable for Circuital Modeling 1-gen-2008 Bolognesi, Paolo
A Novel 2-Freedom-Degrees Brushless Motor 1-gen-2002 Bolognesi, Paolo; Taponecco, Lucio
A Novel Rotary-Linear Permanent Magnets Synchronous Machine Using Common Active Parts 1-gen-2010 Bolognesi, Paolo
A Switched Reluctance Machine for High-Torque Low-Speed Applications 1-gen-2005 Bolognesi, Paolo; Bruno, Ottorino; Taponecco, Lucio
AC/DC Converters Employing Structural Harmonic Elimination Methods 1-gen-1998 Bolognesi, Paolo; Carrara, GIUSEPPE RAFFAELLO; Casini, Dante; Taponecco, Lucio
Advanced Variable Structure PI Controllers 1-gen-2009 Balestrino, Aldo; Biagini, V; Bolognesi, Paolo; Crisostomi, Emanuele
AEROGENERATOR WITH FREE INTERNAL FLOW ROTOR 1-gen-2010 Chiarelli, MARIO ROSARIO; Massai, A; Bolognesi, Paolo; Russo, G; Atzeni, D.
Aerogeneratore con rotore a flusso interno libero 1-gen-2009 Chiarelli, MARIO ROSARIO; Massai, A.; Bolognesi, Paolo; Russo, G.; Atzeni, D.
An Analytical-Numerical Approach to Model and Analyse Squirrel Cage Induction Motors 1-gen-2021 Marfoli, Alessandro; Papini, Luca; Bolognesi, Paolo; Gerada, Chris
An Improved Automatic Voltage Regulator for Self-Excited, Small-to-Medium Power Generating Sets equipped with Brushless Excitation Systems 1-gen-2019 Nuzzo, S.; Bolognesi, P.; Galea, M.; Barater, D.