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Genetic differences among Ailanthus altissima collections across and outside Italy by a Citizen science approach and their susceptibility to the candidate mycoherbicide Verticillium dahliae Kleb. 1-gen-2023 Pisuttu, Claudia; Ganino, Tommaso; Rodolfi, Margherita; Ricci, GIAN PIERO; Lorenzini, Giacomo; Nali, Cristina; Pellegrini, Elisa; Cotrozzi, Lorenzo
Genome Resources of Verticillium dahliae VdGL16: The Causal Agent of Vascular Wilt on the Invasive Species Ailanthus altissima 1-gen-2023 Pisuttu, Claudia; Sarrocco, Sabrina; Cotrozzi, Lorenzo; Baroncelli, Riccardo; Lorenzini, Giacomo
Physiochemical responses of Ailanthus altissima under the challenge of Verticillium dahliae: elucidating the decline of one of the world’s worst invasive alien plant species 1-gen-2023 Pisuttu, Claudia; LO PICCOLO, Ermes; Paoli, Luca; Cotrozzi, Lorenzo; Nali, Cristina; Pellegrini, Elisa; Lorenzini, Giacomo
Significance of phenylpropanoid pathways in the response of two pomegranate cultivars to salinity and ozone stress 1-gen-2023 Calzone, Antonella; Tonelli, Mariagrazia; Cotrozzi, Lorenzo; Lorenzini, Giacomo; Nali, Cristina; Pellegrini, Elisa
Antioxidants and Phytohormones Act in Coordination to Regulate Sage Response to Long Term Ozone Exposure 1-gen-2022 Marchica, Alessandra; Cotrozzi, Lorenzo; Lorenzini, Giacomo; Nali, Cristina; Pellegrini, Elisa
Season-long exposure of bilberry plants to realistic and future ozone pollution improves the nutraceutical quality of fruits 1-gen-2022 Hoshika, Yasutomo; Cotrozzi, Lorenzo; Marchica, Alessandra; Carrari, Elisa; Lorenzini, Giacomo; Nali, Cristina; Paoletti, Elena; Pellegrini, Elisa
The Effects of Elevated Tropospheric Ozone on Carbon Fixation and Stable Isotopic Signatures of Durum Wheat Cultivars with Different Biomass and Yield Stability 1-gen-2022 Ma, Limin; Chen, Chong; Cotrozzi, Lorenzo; Bu, Chengcheng; Luo, Jiahong; Yao, Guodong; Chen, Guangyao; Zhang, Weiwei; Nali, Cristina; Lorenzini, Giacomo
Biological monitoring of ozone pollution with vascular plants 1-gen-2021 Nali, C.; Lorenzini, G.
Can the transcriptional regulation of NHX1, SOS1 and HKT1 genes handle the response of two pomegranate cultivars to moderate salt stress?: Salt-tolerance of two pomegranate cultivars 1-gen-2021 Calzone, Antonella; Cotrozzi, Lorenzo; Pellegrini, Elisa; Lorenzini, Giacomo; Nali, Cristina; Maathuis, Frans
How Ecosystem Services Can Strengthen the Regeneration Policies for Monumental Olive Groves Destroyed by Xylella fastidiosa Bacterium in a Peri-Urban Area 1-gen-2021 Semeraro, E; Gatto, E; Buccolieri, R; Catanzaro, V; De Bellis, L; Cotrozzi, L; Lorenzini, G; Vergine, M; Luvisi, A
Hyperspectral detection and monitoring of salt stress in pomegranate cultivars 1-gen-2021 Calzone, Antonella; Cotrozzi, Lorenzo; Lorenzini, Giacomo; Nali, Cristina; Pellegrini, Elisa
Hyperspectral monitoring of English oak responses to drought and ozone 1-gen-2021 Saponaro, V; Cotrozzi, L; Remorini, D; Lorenzini, G; Nali, C; Pellegrini, E; Jacobs, Df; Ginzel, Md; Townsend, Pa; Couture, Jj
In the tripartite combination ozone-poplar-Chrysomela populi, the pollutant alters the plant-insect interaction via primary metabolites of foliage 1-gen-2021 Cotrozzi, Lorenzo; Conti, Barbara; Lorenzini, Giacomo; Pellegrini, Elisa; Nali, Cristina
Ozone as eustress for enhancing secondary metabolites and bioactive properties in Salvia officinalis 1-gen-2021 Marchica, Alessandra; Ascrizzi, Roberta; Flamini, Guido; Cotrozzi, Lorenzo; Tonelli, Mariagrazia; Lorenzini, Giacomo; Nali, Cristina; Pellegrini, Elisa
Photosynthetic traits and biochemical responses in strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa duch.) leaves supplemented with led lights 1-gen-2021 Lauria, G.; Lo Piccolo, E.; Pellegrini, E.; Bellini, E.; Giordani, T.; Guidi, L.; Lorenzini, G.; Malorgio, F.; Massai, R.; Nali, C.; Paoli, L.; Remorini, D.; Sanita' Di Toppi, L.; Vernieri, P.; Landi, M.
Stress markers and physiochemical responses of the Mediterranean shrub Phillyrea angustifolia under current and future drought and ozone scenarios 1-gen-2021 Pellegrini, E.; Cotrozzi, L.; Neri, L.; Baraldi, R.; Carrari, E.; Nali, C.; Lorenzini, G.; Paoletti, E.; Hoshika, Y.
Transient waterlogging events impair shoot and root physiology and reduce grain yield of durum wheat cultivars 1-gen-2021 Cotrozzi, L.; Lorenzini, G.; Nali, C.; Pisuttu, C.; Pampana, S.; Pellegrini, E.
Alfabeto dello sviluppo sostenibile e dei cambiamenti climatici 1-gen-2020 Lorenzini, G.; Raugi, M.
Cambiamenti climatici 1-gen-2020 Lorenzini, G.
Can anthocyanin presence ameliorate the photosynthetic performance of Prunus saplings subjected to polyethylene glycol-simulated water stress? 1-gen-2020 LO PICCOLO, E.; Landi, M.; Giordani, T.; Lorenzini, G.; Malorgio, F.; Massai, R.; Nali, C.; Pellegrini, E.; Rallo, G.; Remorini, D.; Vernieri, P.; Guidi, L.