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Adaptation of the tropical hybrid euphorbia×lomi Rauh to the exposure to the mediterranean temperature extremes 1-gen-2014 Giovino, A.; Militello, M.; Gugliuzza, G.; Saia, S.
Addition of high C:N crop residues to a P-limited substrate constrains the benefits of arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis for wheat P and N nutrition 1-gen-2021 Ingraffia, Rosolino; Saia, Sergio; Giovino, Antonio; Amato, Gaetano; Badagliacca, Giuseppe; Giambalvo, Dario; Martinelli, Federico; Ruisi, Paolo; Frenda, Alfonso S
Admixing chaff with straw increased the residues collected without compromising machinery efficiencies 1-gen-2020 Suardi, A.; Saia, S.; Stefanoni, W.; Gunnarsson, C.; Sundberg, M.; Pari, L.
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi altered the hypericin, pseudohypericin, and hyperforin content in flowers of Hypericum perforatum grown under contrasting P availability in a highly organic substrate 1-gen-2017 Lazzara, S.; Militello, M.; Carrubba, A.; Napoli, E.; Saia, S.
The critical period of weed control in faba bean and chickpea in mediterranean areas 1-gen-2013 Frenda, A. S.; Ruisi, P.; Saia, S.; Frangipane, B.; Di Miceli, G.; Amato, G.; Giambalvo, D.
Double utilization reduced total biomass, grain yield and N uptake in oat, barley, wheat and triticale 1-gen-2021 Saia, Sergio; Angeletti, Francesco G. S.; Mearini, Tommaso; Mariotti, Marco
An efficient protocol for Cistus crispus L. (Cistaceae) micropropagation 1-gen-2020 Saia, S.; Giovino, A.
An endophytic fungi-based biostimulant modulated lettuce yield, physiological and functional quality responses to both moderate and severe water limitation 1-gen-2019 Saia, S.; Colla, G.; Raimondi, G.; Di Stasio, E.; Cardarelli, M.; Bonini, P.; Vitaglione, P.; De Pascale, S.; Rouphael, Y.
An endophytic fungi-based biostimulant modulates volatile and non-volatile secondary metabolites and yield of greenhouse basil (Ocimum basilicum l.) through variable mechanisms dependent on salinity stress level 1-gen-2021 Saia, S.; Corrado, G.; Vitaglione, P.; Colla, G.; Bonini, P.; Giordano, M.; Di Stasio, E.; Raimondi, G.; Sacchi, R.; Rouphael, Y.
Ethylene and Chitosan Affected the Seed Yield Components of Onion Depending More on the Dose than Timing of Application 1-gen-2022 Vecchiotti, D; Angeletti, Fgs; Romanazzi, G; Mariotti, M; Saia, S
Euphorbia ×lomi produced considerable amount of flower racemes after exposure to Mediterranean winter temperatures 1-gen-2018 Giovino, A.; Mammano, M. M.; Saia, S.
Evening primrose and rapeseed yield components and grain oil concentrations were differentially modulated by the N, P, and K supplies in a mediterranean area 1-gen-2021 Sany, H.; Said-Al Ahl, H. A. H.; Pari, L.; Sabra, A. S.; Ramadan, M. F.; Saia, S.
Feeding emitters for microirrigation with a digestate liquid fraction up to 25% dilution did not reduce their performance 1-gen-2020 Bergonzoli, S.; Brambilla, M.; Romano, E.; Saia, S.; Cetera, P.; Cutini, M.; Toscano, P.; Bisaglia, C.; Pari, L.
Gemmorhizogenesis in poysean (Euphorbia × lomi Rauh): The production of 'likely-asexuate' vivipary offsprings 1-gen-2018 Spina, A.; Giovino, A.; Saia, S.
Genome-wide association mapping of prostrate/erect growth habit in winter durum wheat 1-gen-2020 Marone, D.; Rodriguez, M.; Saia, S.; Papa, R.; Rau, D.; Pecorella, I.; Laido, G.; Pecchioni, N.; Lafferty, J.; Rapp, M.; Longin, F. H.; De Vita, P.
Growth-promoting bacteria and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi differentially benefit tomato and corn depending upon the supplied form of phosphorus 1-gen-2020 Saia, S.; Aissa, E.; Luziatelli, F.; Ruzzi, M.; Colla, G.; Ficca, A. G.; Cardarelli, M.; Rouphael, Y.
Herbage and Silage Quality Improved More by Mixing Barley and Faba Bean Than by N Fertilization or Stage of Harvest 1-gen-2022 Angeletti, Fgs; Mariotti, M; Tozzi, B; Pampana, S; Saia, S
Metabolic profiling of ripe olive fruit in response to moderate water stress 1-gen-2013 Martinelli, F.; Remorini, Damiano; Saia, S.; Massai, Rossano; Tonutti, P.
Metabolomics Provides Valuable Insight for the Study of Durum Wheat: A Review 1-gen-2019 Saia, S.; Fragasso, M.; De Vita, P.; Beleggia, R.
Modeling soil organic carbon with Quantile Regression: Dissecting predictors’ effects on carbon stocks 1-gen-2018 Lombardo, L.; Saia, S.; Schillaci, C.; Mai, P. M.; Huser, R.