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Lagrangian and Dirac constraints for the ideal incompressible fluid and magnetohydrodynamics 1-gen-2020 Morrison, P. J.; Andreussi, T.; Pegoraro, F.
Counterstreaming beams in magnetised Vlasov plasma 1-gen-2019 Palodhi, L; Califano, F; Dieckmann, M E; Pegoraro, F
North-South Asymmetric Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability and Induced Reconnection at the Earth's Magnetospheric Flanks 1-gen-2018 Fadanelli, Sid; Faganello, M.; Califano, F.; Cerri, S. S.; Pegoraro, F.; Lavraud, B.
Covariant magnetic connection hypersurfaces 1-gen-2016 Pegoraro, Francesco
Hamiltonian magnetohydrodynamics: Lagrangian, Eulerian, and dynamically accessible stability-Examples with translation symmetry 1-gen-2016 Andreussi, Tommaso; Morrison, Philip J.; Pegoraro, Francesco
Pressure anisotropy and small spatial scales induced by velocity shear 1-gen-2016 Del Sarto, D.; Pegoraro, Francesco; Califano, Francesco
Pressure anisotropy generation in a magnetized plasma configuration with a shear flow velocity 1-gen-2016 De Camillis, S.; Cerri, SILVIO SERGIO; Califano, Francesco; Pegoraro, Francesco
Radiation pressure acceleration: The factors limiting maximum attainable ion energy 1-gen-2016 Bulanov, . S. S.; Esarey, E.; Schroeder, C. B.; Bulanov, S. V.; Esirkepov, T. Z. h.; Kando, M.; Pegoraro, Francesco; Leemans, W. P.
Action Principle for Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamics 1-gen-2015 D’Avignon, Eric; Morrison, P. J.; Pegoraro, F.
Double-reconnected magnetic structures driven by Kelvin-Helmholtz vortices at the Earth's magnetosphere 1-gen-2015 Borgogno, Dario; Califano, Francesco; M., Faganello; Pegoraro, Francesco
Enhancement of maximum attainable ion energy in the radiation pressure acceleration regime using a guiding structure 1-gen-2015 Bulanov, S. S.; Esarey, E.; Schroeder, C. B.; Bulanov, S. V.; Esirkepov, T. Z.; Kando, M.; Pegoraro, Francesco; Leemans, W. P.
Generalised relativistic Ohm's laws, extended gauge transformations and magnetic linking 1-gen-2015 Pegoraro, Francesco
Hamiltonian magnetohydrodynamics: Lagrangian, Eulerian, and dynamically accessible stability-Theory (vol 20, 092104, 2013) 1-gen-2015 Andreussi, Tommaso; Morrison, P. J.; Pegoraro, Francesco
Lagrangian coherent structures and plasma transport processes 1-gen-2015 Falessi, M. V.; Pegoraro, Francesco; Schep, T. J.
Laser-driven Rayleigh-Taylor instability: Plasmonic effects and three-dimensional structures 1-gen-2015 A., Sgattoni; S., Sinigardi; Fedeli, Luca; Pegoraro, Francesco; A., Macchi
Magnetohydrodynamic equilibria with incompressible flows: symmetry approach 1-gen-2015 Cicogna, Giampaolo; Pegoraro, Francesco
Particle acceleration and radiation friction effects in the filamentation instability of pair plasmas 1-gen-2015 D'Angelo, M.; Fedeli, Luca; Sgattoni, A.; Pegoraro, Francesco; Macchi, Andrea
Theory and applications of the Vlasov equation (Editorial) 1-gen-2015 Pegoraro, Francesco; Califano, Francesco; Manfredi, G.; Morrison, P. J.
Kelvin-Helmholtz vortices and double mid-latitude reconnection at the Earth’s magnetopause: Comparison between observations and simulations 1-gen-2014 Faganello, Matteo; Califano, Francesco; Pegoraro, Francesco; A., Retino'
Multi-scale, Multi-Physics Plasma Simulations 1-gen-2014 Califano, Francesco; Henri, PIERRE REMI ANTOINE; Faganello, Matteo; Borgogno, Dario; Pegoraro, Francesco