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Comment on ‘Unveiling ductile deformation during fast exhumation of a granitic pluton in a transfer zone’ by Richard Spiess, Antonio Langone, Alfredo Caggianelli, Finlay M. Stuart, Martina Zucchi, Caterina Bianco, Andrea Brogi, & Domenico Liotta 1-gen-2022 Mazzarini, F.; Musumeci, G.; Papeschi, S.
Emplacement of a felsic dyke swarm during progressive heterogeneous deformation, Eastern Elba Dyke Complex (Island of Elba, Italy) 1-gen-2022 Papeschi, S.; Mazzarini, F.; Musumeci, G.; Cruden, A. R.
Hot metamorphic complex in the Foreland Zone of the Variscan chain: insights from the Monte Filau orthogneiss (SW Sardinia), Italy 1-gen-2022 Cruciani1, Gabriele; Dulcetta, Lorenzo; Franceschelli, Marcello; Frassi, Chiara; Musumeci, Giovanni
Evidence of two metamorphic cycles preserved in garnet from felsic granulite in the southern Variscan belt of Corsica, France 1-gen-2021 Cruciani, G.; Franceschelli, M.; Massonne, H. -J.; Musumeci, G.
Geology of the Northern Apennines nappe stack on eastern Elba (Italy): new insights on the Neogene orogenic evolution of the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea 1-gen-2021 Papeschi, S.; Ryan, E.; Musumeci, G.; Mazzarini, F.; Garofalo, P. S.; Viola, G.
Syn-Orogenic Exhumation of High-P Units by Upward Extrusion in an Accretionary Wedge: Insights From the Eastern Elba Nappe Stack (Northern Apennines, Italy) 1-gen-2021 Ryan, E.; Papeschi, S.; Viola, G.; Musumeci, G.; Mazzarini, F.; Torgersen, E.; Sørensen, B. E.; Ganerø, M.
The educational collection of the monti pisani metamorphic rocks: the paleozoic-oligocene sequence 1-gen-2021 Musumeci, G.; Ciomei, T.
- U–Pb ages on detrital zircons and geochemistry of Lula paragneiss from Variscan belt, NE Sardinia, Italy 1-gen-2020 Cruciani, Gabriele; Franceschelli, Marcello; Caironi, Valeria; Musumeci, Giovanni
Garnet-Rich Veins in an Ultrabasic Amphibolite from NE Sardinia, Italy: An Example of Vein Mineralogical Re-Equilibration during the Exhumation of a Granulite Terrane 1-gen-2020 Cruciani, Gabriele; Franceschelli, Marcello; Massonne, Hans-Joachim; Musumeci, Giovanni; Scodina, Massimo
Geology of the Montigiu Nieddu metamorphic basement, NE Sardinia (Italy) 1-gen-2020 Cruciani, G.; Franceschelli, M.; Musumeci, G.; Scodina, M.
High-P (P = 1.5–1.8 GPa) blueschist from Elba: Implications for underthrusting and exhumation of continental units in the Northern Apennines 1-gen-2020 Papeschi, S.; Musumeci, G.; Massonne, H. -J.; Mazzarini, F.; Ryan, E. J.; Viola, G.
Crystallographic orientation and grain size data obtained by Electron Back Scatter Diffraction (EBSD) on quartz analysed in mylonitic quartzite from the Island of Elba (Italy) 1-gen-2019 Papeschi, Samuele; Musumeci, Giovanni
Fluid-Assisted Strain Localization in Quartz at the Brittle/Ductile Transition 1-gen-2019 Papeschi, S.; Musumeci, G.
Geochemistry of the Monte Filau orthogneiss (SW Sardinia, Italy): insight into the geodynamic setting of Ordovician felsic magmatism in the N/NE Gondwana margin 1-gen-2019 Cruciani, Gabriele; Fancello, Dario; Franceschelli, Marcello; Musumeci, Giovanni
Geological mapping in the Convoy Range (Victoria Land, Antarctica) and the GeoMap database 1-gen-2019 Capponi, G.; Montomoli, C.; Casale, S.; Simonetti, M.; Cox, S. C.; Läufer, A.; Musumeci, G.; Salvatore, M. C.
Partial melting and strain localization in metapelites at very low-pressure conditions: The northern Apennines magmatic arc on the Island of Elba, Italy 1-gen-2019 Papeschi, S.; Musumeci, G.; Massonne, H. -J.; Bartoli, O.; Cesare, B.
Structural and lithological control on fluid circulation, dilation and ore mineralization (Rio Albano mine, Island of Elba, Italy) 1-gen-2019 Mazzarini, F.; Musumeci, G.; Viola, G.; Garofalo, P. S.; Mattila, J.
Anticlockwise pressure-temperature paths record Variscan upper-plate exhumation: Example from micaschists of the Porto Vecchio region, Corsica 1-gen-2018 Massonne, Hans-Joachim; Cruciani, Gabriele; Franceschelli, Marcello; Musumeci, Giovanni
Evolution of shear zones through the brittle-ductile transition: The Calamita Schists (Elba Island, Italy) 1-gen-2018 Papeschi, Samuele; Musumeci, Giovanni; Mazzarini, Francesco
Filling the gap between the GIGAMAP and the GNS maps in Victoria Land, Antarctica: geological mapping in the Convoy Range 1-gen-2018 Capponi, G.; Casale, S.; Montomoli, C.; Carosi, R.; Cox, S.; Crispini, L.; Federico, L.; Iaccarino, S.; Läufer, A.; Musumeci, G.; Salvatore, M. C.; Scarsi, M.