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Intermolecular interactions in Poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-Phenylenoxide) /(Poly(Styrene) blends from the study of FT-IR spectra at various temperatures In corso di stampa Benedetti, Enzo; Moscatelli, D.; Vergamini, P.
Characterization of acrylic resins and fluoroelastomer blends as potential materials in stone protection 1-gen-2000 Benedetti, Enzo; D'Alessio, A.; Zini, M. F.; Tirelli, N.; Vergamini, P.; Moggi, G.
FTIR Microspecytroscopy and DSC analysis of blends of Poly(vinylidene fluoride) with Isotactic and Syndiotactic Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) 1-gen-1998 Benedetti, Enzo; Catanorchi, S.; D'Alessio, A.; Vergamini, P.; Ciardelli, F.
"Thermal Phase transition of carbon monoxide-ethylene alternating copolymer: an FT-IR study 1-gen-1997 DE VITO, S.; Ciardelli, F.; Benedetti, Enzo; Bramanti, E.
FT-IR Microspectyroscopy and DSC studies of Poly(vinyliden fluoride) 1-gen-1996 Benedetti, Enzo; Catanorchi, S.; D'Alessio, A.; Moggi, G.; Vergamini, P.
On the nature of intermolecular interactions in 1-gen-1994 Ruggeri, G. E.; Bertani, R.; Aglietto, M.; D'Alessio, A.; Benedetti, Enzo