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Molecular detection of GNNK- and GNNK+ c-kit isoforms: a new tool for risk stratification in adult acute myeloid leukaemia 1-gen-2007 Guerrini, Francesca; Galimberti, Sara; Ciabatti, Elena; Brizzi, S; Testi, Rossana; Pollastrini, A; Falini, B; Petrini, Mario
Quantitative molecular monitoring of BCR-ABL and MDR1 transcripts in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia during Imatinib treatment 1-gen-2005 Galimberti, Sara; Cervetti, G; Guerrini, Francesca; Testi, Rossana; Pacini, Simone; Fazzi, R; Simi, P; Petrini, Mario
Bone and bone marrow interactions: hematological activity of osteoblastic growth peptide (OGP)-derived carboxy-terminal pentapeptide; III. Action on human megakaryocytopoiesis: focus on essential thrombocythemia 1-gen-2004 Fazzi, R; Galimberti, Sara; Pacini, Simone; Testi, Rossana; Azzara', Antonio; Orciuolo, E; Trombi, Luisa; Metelli, M. R.; Petrini, Mario
The clinical relevance of the expression of several multidrug-resistant-related genes in patients with primary acute myeloid leukemia 1-gen-2003 Galimberti, Sara; Testi, Rossana; Guerrini, Francesca; Fazzi, R; Petrini, Mario
Bone and bone marrow interactions: hematological activity of osteoblastic growth peptide (OGP)-derived carboxy-terminal pentapeptide. II. Action on human hematopoietic stem cells 1-gen-2002 Fazzi, R; Galimberti, Sara; Testi, Rossana; Pacini, Simone; Trasciatti, S; Rosini, S; Petrini, Mario
Bone and bone-marrow interactions: haematological activity of osteoblastic growth peptide (OGP)-derived carboxy-terminal pentapeptide. Mobilizing properties on white blood cells and peripheral blood stem cells in mice. 1-gen-2002 Fazzi, R; Testi, Rossana; Trasciatti, S; Galimberti, Sara; Rosini, S; Piras, F; L'Abbate, G; Conte, A; Petrini, Mario
Unusual morphology in a case of large granular cell leukemia 1-gen-2001 Galimberti, Sara; Riccioni, R; Azzara', Antonio; Testi, Rossana; Fazzi, R; Testi, C; Petrini, Mario
Arsenic and all-trans retinoic acid as induction therapy before autograft in a case of relapsed resistant secondary acute promyelocytic leukemia. 1-gen-1999 Galimberti, Sara; Papineschi, Federico; Carmignani, A; Testi, Rossana; Fazzi, R; Petrini, Mario
Differential activity of glycosaminoglycans on colony forming cells from cord blood. Preliminary results 1-gen-1999 DA PRATO, I; Valentini, P; Testi, Rossana; Volpi, N; Conte, A; Petrini, Mario
Expression of MDR1, MRP, TOPOISOMERASE-IIa, TOPOISOMERASE-IIb and GSTp in acute leukemias. 1-gen-1996 Galimberti, Sara; Testi, Rossana; Mattii, Letizia; Di Simone, D; Petrini, Mario
EVALUATION OF RESISTANCE INDEX OF SEVERAL ANTICANCER AGENTS ON PARENTAL AND RESISTANT P-388 CELL LINES 1-gen-1995 Testi, Rossana; Mattii, Letizia; DI SIMONE, D; Zaccaro, Lucia; Malvaldi, Gino; Grassi, B; Petrini, Mario
Is binding of vitamin D binding protein related to cell differentiation? 1-gen-1993 Petrini, Mario; Valentini, P; Allegrini, A; Sabbatini, ANTONIETTA RAFFAELLA MARIA; Testi, Rossana; Ambrogi, Fabio; Arnaud, P; Galbraith, R. M.
Synergistic effects of alpha interferon and 1,25 dihydroxyvitamin D3: Preliminary evidence suggesting that interferon induces expression of the vitamin receptor 1-gen-1991 Petrini, Mario; Dastoli, G; Valentini, P; Mattii, Letizia; Trombi, Luisa; Testi, Rossana; Ambrogi, F; Grassi, B.