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Chondroptotic chondrocytes in the loaded area of chondrocalcinotic cartilage: a clinical proposal? In corso di stampa Curzi, Davide; Fardetti, Francesco; Beccarini, Alessandro; Salucci, Sara; Burini, Debora; Gesi, Marco; Calvisi, Vittorio; Falcieri, Elisabetta; Gobbi, Pietro
A Projected AR Serious Game for Shoulder Rehabilitation Using Hand-Finger Tracking and Performance Metrics: A Preliminary Study on Healthy Subjects 1-gen-2023 Viglialoro, R. M.; Turini, G.; Carbone, M.; Condino, S.; Mamone, V.; Coluccia, N.; Dell'Agli, S.; Morucci, G.; Ryskalin, L.; Ferrari, V.; Gesi, M.
Design, Fabrication, and Preliminary Validation of Patient-Specific Spine Section Phantoms for Use in Training Spine Surgeons Outside the Operating Room/Theatre 1-gen-2023 Carbone, Marina; Viglialoro, ROSANNA MARIA; Stagnari, Sara; Condino, Sara; Gesi, Marco; Scaglione, Michelangelo; Parchi, PAOLO DOMENICO
Do the fasciae of the soleus have a role in plantar fasciitis? 1-gen-2023 Ryskalin, Larisa; Morucci, Gabriele; Soldani, Paola; Gesi, Marco
Management of a High-Level Breaststroke Swimmer with Celiac Disease: A Case Report 1-gen-2023 Cannataro, Roberto; Morucci, Gabriele; Moni, Luca; Malorgio, Marta; Ryskalin, Larisa; Gesi, Marco; Levi-Micheli, Matteo; Cione, Erika
Technological Low Hanging Fruits Involved in Combating the COVID 19 Pandemic 1-gen-2023 Fossati, M. R.; Catalano, M. G.; Grioli, G.; Carbone, M.; Caporale, D.; Lentini, G.; Poggiani, M.; Maimeri, M.; Barbarossa, M.; Petrocelli, C.; Ferrari, M.; Gesi, M.; Viglialoro, R. M.; Ferrari, V.; Bicchi, A.
Treatment of delayed union of the forearm with extracorporeal shockwave therapy: a case report and literature review 1-gen-2023 Ryskalin, Larisa; Fulceri, Federica; Morucci, Gabriele; Dell'Agli, Stefania; Soldani, Paola; Gesi, Marco
Acute effects of fasted training on physical performance and training stress in highly-conditioned subjects 1-gen-2022 Morucci, G; Ryskalin, L; Levi Micheli, M; Cannataro, R; Scala, A; Orsini, A; Branca, Jjv; Gulisano, M; Gesi, M
Effectiveness of an algorithm-based rehabilitation program for practical management and therapy of complex regional pain syndrome type 1 of the hand 1-gen-2022 Ghelarducci, G; Ryskalin, L; Marinelli, C; Annoscia, P; Bertozzi, N; Gesi, M
Effectiveness of Decision Support to Treat Complex Regional Pain Syndrome 1-gen-2022 Ryskalin, L.; Ghelarducci, G.; Marinelli, C.; Morucci, G.; Soldani, P.; Bertozzi, N.; Annoscia, P.; Poggetti, A.; Gesi, M.
Effects of a 24-Week Exercise Program on Functional Fitness, Oxidative Stress, and Salivary Cortisol Levels in Elderly Subjects 1-gen-2022 Morucci, Gabriele; Ryskalin, Larisa; Pratesi, Simone; Branca, Jacopo J V; Modesti, Alessandra; Modesti, Pietro Amedeo; Gulisano, Massimo; Gesi, Marco
Metabolic and Molecular Mechanisms of Diet and Physical Exercise in the Management of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome 1-gen-2022 Scarfò, Giorgia; Daniele, Simona; Fusi, Jonathan; Gesi, Marco; Martini, Claudia; Franzoni, Ferdinando; Cela, Vito; Artini, PAOLO GIOVANNI
Molecular Mechanisms Underlying the Pain-Relieving Effects of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy: A Focus on Fascia Nociceptors 1-gen-2022 Ryskalin, Larisa; Morucci, Gabriele; Natale, Gianfranco; Soldani, Paola; Gesi, Marco
Serious Games and Mixed Reality Applications for Healthcare 1-gen-2022 Condino, S.; Gesi, M.; Viglialoro, R. M.; Carbone, M.; Turini, G.
What Does the Brain Have to Keep Working at Its Best? Resilience Mechanisms Such as Antioxidants and Brain/Cognitive Reserve for Counteracting Alzheimer's Disease Degeneration 1-gen-2022 Maria Cammisuli, Davide; Franzoni, Ferdinando; Scarfò, Giorgia; Fusi, Jonathan; Gesi, Marco; Bonuccelli, Ubaldo; Daniele, Simona; Martini, Claudia; Castelnuovo, Gianluca
“Sport and Anatomy”: teaching, research and assistance at the University of Pisa. 1-gen-2022 Natale, G; Ryskalin, L; Morucci, G; Dell’Agli, S; Coluccia, N; Soldani, P; Gesi, M.
“Sport and Anatomy”: Teaching, Research, and Assistance at the University of Pisa 1-gen-2022 Gesi, M.; Soldani, P.; Ryskalin, L.; Morucci, G.; Natale, G.
Augmented reality, mixed reality, and hybrid approach in healthcare simulation: A systematic review 1-gen-2021 Viglialoro, R. M.; Condino, S.; Turini, G.; Carbone, M.; Ferrari, V.; Gesi, M.
Can Liquid Lenses Increase Depth of Field in Head Mounted Video See-Through Devices? 1-gen-2021 Carbone, Marina; Domeneghetti, Davide; Cutolo, Fabrizio; D’Amato, Renzo; Cigna, Emanuele; Parchi, Paolo Domenico; Gesi, Marco; Morelli, Luca; Ferrari, Mauro; Ferrari, Vincenzo
Flaminio Rota: Fame and Glory of a 16th Century Anatomist without Scientific Publications 1-gen-2021 Natale, Gianfranco; Soldani, Paola; Gesi, Marco; Armocida, Emanuele