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Ambient Abstract State Machines with Applications 1-gen-2011 Borger, Egon; Cisternino, Antonio; Gervasi, Vincenzo
BPMN Core Modeling Concepts: Inheritance-Based Execution Semantics 1-gen-2011 Borger, Egon; O., Soerensen
Formal Aspects of Computing Journal Special Issue on ABZ08 1-gen-2010 Borger, Egon; Bowen, J. P.; Butler, M; Poppleton, M.
Synchronous Message Passing and Semaphores: An Equivalence Proof 1-gen-2010 I., Craig; Borger, Egon
The Abstract State Machines Method for High-Level System Design and Analysis 1-gen-2010 Borger, Egon
Concurrent Abstract State Machines and +CAL 1-gen-2009 M., Altenhofen; Borger, Egon
Modeling an Operating System Kernel 1-gen-2009 Borger, Egon; I., Craig
On defining the behavior of OR-joins in business process models 1-gen-2009 Borger, Egon; Soerensen, O; Thalheim, B.
A Method for Verifiable and Validatable Business Process Modeling 1-gen-2008 Borger, Egon; B., Thalheim
A system and method for mediating within a network 1-gen-2008 ALTENHOFEN MICHAEL, Germany; BOERGER EGON, Italy; Borger, Egon
Abstract State Machines, B and Z 1-gen-2008 Borger, Egon; P., Boca; M., Butler; J., Bowen
Advances in Software Engineering 1-gen-2008 Borger, Egon; Cisternino, Antonio
Coupling Design and Verification in Software Product Lines 1-gen-2008 Borger, Egon
Modeling Workflows, Interaction Patterns, Web Services and Business Processes: The ASM-Based Approach 1-gen-2008 Borger, Egon; Thalheim, B.
Modularizing Theorems for Software Product Lines: The Jbook Case Study 1-gen-2008 Batory, D; Borger, Egon
Special Abstract State Machines Issue of Journal of Universal Computer Science 1-gen-2008 Borger, Egon; Prinz, A.
Construction and Analysis of Ground Models and their Refinements as a Foundation for Validating Computer Based Systems 1-gen-2007 Borger, Egon
Fundamenta Informaticae Special Issue with Selected Papers from ASM'05 1-gen-2007 Borger, Egon; Slissenko, A.
Linking the Meaning of Programs to What the Compiler Can Verify 1-gen-2007 Borger, Egon
Modeling Workflow Patterns from First Principles 1-gen-2007 Borger, Egon