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Effectiveness of a UVC air disinfection system for the HVAC of an ICU In corso di stampa de Souza, S. O.; Cardoso Jr, A. A.; Sarmento, A. S. C.; D'Errico, F.
A High-Performance Gamma Spectrometer for Unmanned Systems Based on Off-the-Shelf Components 1-gen-2022 Chierici, A.; Malizia, A.; Di Giovanni, D.; D'Errico, F.; Ciolini, R.
Radioactive Waste Immobilization Using Vitreous Materials for Facilities in a Safe and Resilient Infrastructure Classified by Multivariate Exploratory Analyses 1-gen-2022 Nascimento, M. L. F.; Cassar, D. R.; Ciolini, R.; de Souza, S. O.; D'Errico, F.
A low-cost radiation detection system to monitor radioactive environments by unmanned vehicles 1-gen-2021 Chierici, Andrea; Malizia, Andrea; di Giovanni, Daniele; Fumian, Francesca; Martellucci, Luca; Gaudio, Pasquale; D’Errico, Francesco
Allium cepa used as a dosimetry system in nuclear and radiological emergencies 1-gen-2021 Xavier, M. N.; Pantaleão, S. M.; Scher, R.; Ciolini, R.; D’Errico, F.; Souza, S. O.
Correlation between Ionizing Radiation and Dicentric Chromosomes in Cytogenetic Bio-dosimetry 1-gen-2021 Gian Marco Ludovici, 99.; Cascone, MARIA GRAZIA; Hülber, Tímea; Chierici, Andrea; Gaudio, Pasquale; DE SOUZA LALIC, Susana; D'Errico, Francesco; Malizia, Andrea
Design of miniaturized sensors for a mission-oriented uav application: A new pathway for early warning 1-gen-2021 Di Giovanni, D.; Fumian, F.; Chierici, A.; Bianchelli, M.; Martellucci, L.; Carminati, G.; Malizia, A.; D'Errico, F.; Gaudio, P.
Development and performance testing of a miniaturized multi-sensor system combining MOX and PID for potential UAV application in TIC, VOC and CWA dispersion scenarios 1-gen-2021 Fumian, Francesca; Chierici, Andrea; Bianchelli, Mattia; Martellucci, Luca; Rossi, Riccardo; Malizia, Andrea; Gaudio, Pasqualino; D’Errico, Francesco; Di Giovanni, Daniele
Estimation of radiometric exposure dose due to natural radionuclides 1-gen-2021 Santos, I. F.; Xavier, M. N.; Souza, S. O.; Ciolini, R.; D'Errico, F.
Hydrogels for Three-Dimensional Ionizing-Radiation Dosimetry 1-gen-2021 Marrale, Maurizio; D’Errico, Francesco
Influence of sample preparation optimization on the accuracy of dose assessment of an automatic non-fluorescent MN scoring system 1-gen-2021 Hulber, T.; Kocsis, Z. S.; Nemeth, J.; Kis, E.; D'Errico, F.; Safrany, G.; Pesznyak, C.
Investigation of magnesium tetraborate production for thermoluminescence measurements 1-gen-2021 SIQUEIRA NASCIMENTO, Debora; Ciolini, R.; Souza, S. O.; D'Errico, F.
Numerical Fluid Dynamics Simulation for Drones’ Chemical Detection 1-gen-2021 Marturano, Fabio; Martellucci, Luca; Chierici, Andrea; Malizia, Andrea; Giovanni, Daniele Di; D’Errico, Francesco; Gaudio, Pasquale; Ciparisse, Jean-Franҫois
Simulation of an active interrogation system for the interdiction of special nuclear materials 1-gen-2021 Alves, A. V. S.; D'Errico, F.
The hotspot code as a tool to improve risk analysis during emergencies: Predicting i-131 and cs-137 dispersion in the fukushima nuclear accident 1-gen-2021 Malizia, A.; Chierici, A.; Biancotto, S.; D'Arienzo, M.; Ludovici, G. M.; D'Errico, F.; Manenti, G.; Marturano, F.
A physical unclonable neutron sensor for nuclear arms control inspections 1-gen-2020 Philippe, S.; D'Errico, F.
Adaptation to Ionizing Radiation of Higher Plants: from Environmental Radioactivity to Chernobyl Disaster 1-gen-2020 Marco Ludovici, Gian; Oliveira de Souza, Susana; Chierici, Andrea; Cascone, MARIA GRAZIA; D'Errico, Francesco; Malizia, Andrea
Electron Spin Resonance and Thermoluminescence dating of shells and sediments from Sambaqui (shell mound) Santa Marta II, Brazil 1-gen-2020 Oliveira, Lm; Gomes, Mb; Cortez, B; D’Oca, Mc; Tranchina, L; Tomarchio, E; Parlato, A; Jfd, Chubaci; Gennari, R; Rocca, Rr; D’Errico, F; Sousa, S; Watanabe, S; Marrale, M
Enhancing radiation detection by drones through numerical fluid dynamics simulations 1-gen-2020 Marturano, F.; Ciparisse, J. -F.; Chierici, A.; D'Errico, F.; Di Giovanni, D.; Fumian, F.; Rossi, R.; Martellucci, L.; Gaudio, P.; Malizia, A.
Entrance surface dosimetry with radiophotoluminescent films 1-gen-2020 D’Errico, F.; Abegāo, L.; Souza, S. O.; Chierici, A.; Lazzeri, L.; Puccini, M.; Vitolo, S.; Miyamoto, Y.; Nanto, H.; Yamamoto, T.