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A Better Semantics for XQuery with Side-Effects 1-gen-2007 Ghelli, Giorgio; Onose, Nicola; Rose, Kristoffer; Simeon, Jerome
A Calculus for Overloaded Functions with Subtyping 1-gen-1995 Castagna, G.; Ghelli, Giorgio; Longo, G.
A calculus for overloaded functions with subtyping, extended abstract 1-gen-1992 G., Castagna; Ghelli, Giorgio; G., Longo
A class abstraction for a hierarchical type system 1-gen-1990 Ghelli, Giorgio
A framework for comparing type systems for database programming languages 1-gen-1989 A., Albano; A., Dearle; Ghelli, Giorgio; C., Marlin; R., Morrison; R., Orsini; D., Stemple
A Query Language Based on the Ambient Logic 1-gen-2001 Cardelli, L.; Ghelli, Giorgio
A relationship mechanism for object-oriented database programming language 1-gen-1991 A., Albano; Ghelli, Giorgio; R., Orsini
A semantics for lambda-early: a calculus with overloading and early binding 1-gen-1993 G., Castagna; Ghelli, Giorgio; G., Longo
A Spatial Logic for Querying Graphs 1-gen-2002 Cardelli, L.; Ghelli, Giorgio; Gardner, P.
A Strongly Typed, Interactive Object-Oriented Database Programming Language 1-gen-1986 Albano, Antonio; Ghelli, Giorgio; Occhiuto, MARIA EUGENIA; R., Orsini
A test suite for JSON schema containment 1-gen-2021 Attouche, L.; Baazizi, M. -A.; Colazzo, D.; Ding, Y.; Fruth, M.; Ghelli, G.; Sartiani, C.; Scherzinger, S.
A tool for JSON schema witness generation 1-gen-2021 Attouche, L.; Baazizi, M. -A.; Colazzo, D.; Falleni, F.; Ghelli, G.; Landi, C.; Sartiani, C.; Scherzinger, S.
A type system for interactive JSON schema inference (extended abstract) 1-gen-2019 Baazizi, M. -A.; Colazzo, D.; Ghelli, G.; Sartiani, C.
A type system for querying XML documents (extended abstract) 1-gen-2000 Albano, A.; Colazzo, D.; Ghelli, Giorgio; Manghi, P.; Sartiani, C.
A typed text retrieval query language for XML documents 1-gen-2002 Colazzo, D.; Sartiani, C.; Albano, Antonio; Manghi, P.; Ghelli, Giorgio; Lini, L.; Paoli, M.
Adjunct Elimination Through Games in Static Ambient Logic 1-gen-2004 Anuj, Dawar; Philippa, Gardner; Ghelli, Giorgio
Almost-Linear Inclusion for XML Regular Expression Types 1-gen-2013 Dario, Colazzo; Ghelli, Giorgio; Luca, Pardini; Carlo, Sartiani
Ambient calculus-based modal logics for mobile ambients 1-gen-2004 Luca, Cardelli; Andrew, Gordon; Ghelli, Giorgio
Ambient Groups and Mobility Types 1-gen-2000 Cardelli, L.; Ghelli, Giorgio; Gordon, A.