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Il codice sensoriale Agresto 1-gen-2023 Ferroni, Giuseppe; Pozzo, Luisa; Sanmartin, Chiara; Toffanin, Annita; Venturi, Francesca
Sensory analysis as a screening tool for the feasibility of essential oils combined with chitosan as food storage protectants 1-gen-2023 Sanmartin, Chiara; Taglieri, Isabella; Farina, Priscilla; Tani, Camilla; Bedini, Stefano; Conti, Barbara; Ferroni, Giuseppe; Venturi, Francesca
Sensory Analysis as a screening tool for the feasibility of Essential Oils used as Post-Harvest Protectants against the Fruit Fly Drosophila suzukii 1-gen-2023 Sanmartin, Chiara; Taglieri, Isabella; Tani, Camilla; Bedini, Stefano; Conti, Barbara; Ferroni, Giuseppe; Venturi, Francesca
Taste the emotions: pilot for a novel, sensors-based approach to emotional analysis during coffee tasting 1-gen-2023 Tonacci, A.; Taglieri, I.; Sanmartin, C.; Billeci, L.; Crifaci, G.; Ferroni, G.; Braceschi, G. P.; Odello, L.; Venturi, F.
Wearable Sensors to Evaluate Autonomic Response to Olfactory Stimulation: The Influence of Short, Intensive Sensory Training 1-gen-2023 Billeci, L.; Sanmartin, C.; Tonacci, A.; Taglieri, I.; Bachi, L.; Ferroni, G.; Braceschi, G. P.; Odello, L.; Venturi, F.
Technological Improvements on FML in the Chianti Classico Wine Production: Co-Inoculation or Sequential Inoculation? 1-gen-2022 Bianchi, Alessandro; Taglieri, Isabella; Venturi, Francesca; Sanmartin, Chiara; Ferroni, Giuseppe; Macaluso, Monica; Palla, Fabrizio; Flamini, Guido; Zinnai, Angela
A statistical approach to describe the ripening evolution of sangiovese grapes coming from different chianti classico sub-areas 1-gen-2021 Bianchi, A.; Taglieri, I.; Rimbotti Antinori, V.; Palla, F.; Macaluso, M.; Ferroni, G.; Sanmartin, C.; Venturi, F.; Zinnai, A.
Comparison of three domestications and wild-harvested plants for nutraceutical properties and sensory profiles in five wild edible herbs: Is domestication possible? 1-gen-2020 Ceccanti, C.; Landi, M.; Incrocci, L.; Pardossi, A.; Venturi, F.; Taglieri, I.; Ferroni, G.; Guidi, L.
Essential oils as post-harvest crop protectants against the fruit fly drosophila suzukii: Bioactivity and organoleptic profile 1-gen-2020 Bedini, S.; Cosci, F.; Tani, C.; Pierattini, E. C.; Venturi, F.; Lucchi, A.; Ioriatti, C.; Ascrizzi, R.; Flamini, G.; Ferroni, G.; Taglieri, I.; Conti, B.
Salvia spp. Essential oils against the arboviruses vector aedes albopictus (diptera: Culicidae): Bioactivity, composition, and sensorial profile—stage 1 1-gen-2020 Najar, B.; Pistelli, L.; Venturi, F.; Ferroni, G.; Giovanelli, S.; Cervelli, C.; Bedini, S.; Conti, B.
Co-fermentation of intact grape clusters and stalk: a natural and economical strategy to modulate nutraceutical and sensory features of Syrah variety 1-gen-2019 Sanmartin, C.; Taglieri, I.; Venturi, F.; Ferroni, G.; Flamini, G.; Macaluso, M.; Salutij, A.; Andrich, G.; Zinnai, A.
Main Operating Conditions That Can Influence the Evolution of Wines during Long-Term Storage 1-gen-2019 Venturi, Francesca; Sanmartin, Chiara; Taglieri, Isabella; Ferroni, Giuseppe; Frank Quartacci, Mike; Sgherri, Cristina; Ying, Xiaoguo; Andrich, Gianpaolo; Zinnai, Angela
Predicatore: an innovative sweet red wine as a tool for the economic enhancement of grape wastes derived by cluster thinning 1-gen-2019 Venturi, F.; Taglieri, I.; Sanmartin, C.; Ferroni, G.; Scalabrelli, G.; Flamini, G.; Macaluso, M.; Coscetti, R.; Andrich, G.; Zinnai, A.
Sensory quality of essential oils and their synergistic effect with diatomaceous earth, for the control of stored grain insects 1-gen-2019 Pierattini, ERIKA CARLA; Bedini, S.; Venturi, F.; Ascrizzi, R.; Flamini, G.; Bocchino, R.; Girardi, J.; Giannotti, P.; Ferroni, G.; Conti, B.
AGRESTO FROM UNRIPE ORGANIC GRAPE WITH ANTIMICROBIAL ACTIVITY 1-gen-2018 Toffanin, Annita; Scalabrelli, Giancarlo; Visconti, Aurelio; Ferroni, Giuseppe; Frassinetti, Stefania
Agresto: proprietà salutistiche in un condimento antico 1-gen-2018 Toffanin, A.; Scalabrelli, G.; Ferroni, G.; Visconti, A.; Frassinetti, S.
Essential oils sensory quality and their bioactivity against the mosquito Aedes albopictus 1-gen-2018 Bedini, S; Flamini, G; Ascrizzi, R; Venturi, F; Ferroni, G; Bader, A; Girardi, J; Conti, B
Improvement of varietal Nero D'Avola and Frappato based wines: implication of blending practice 1-gen-2018 Sanmartin, C; Macaluso, Monica; Sgherri, C; Ferroni, G; Venturi, F
Restoration of an old vineyard by replanting of missing vines: effects on grape production and wine quality 1-gen-2017 Sanmartin, Chiara; Venturi, Francesca; Taglieri, Isabella; Ferroni, Giuseppe; Scalabrelli, Giancarlo; Narkabulova, Nargiza; Andrich, Gianpaolo; Zinnai, Angela
Glass and wine: a good example of the deep relationship between drinkware and beverage 1-gen-2016 Venturi, Francesca; Andrich, Gianpaolo; Sanmartin, Chiara; Taglieri, Isabella; Scalabrelli, Giancarlo; Ferroni, Giuseppe; Zinnai, Angela