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13C Chemical Shielding Tensors: A Combined Solid-State NMR and DFT Study of the Role of Small-Amplitude Motions 1-gen-2011 Carignani, E; Borsacchi, Silvia; Marini, A; Mennucci, Benedetta; Geppi, Marco
2H NMR spectra of 2-(p-heptylbenzoyloxy)-5-(p-heptylbenzeneazo)tropone. A new sigmatropic liquid crystal 1-gen-1993 Cavazza, Marino; C., Forte; Galli, Giancarlo; Geppi, Marco; F., Pietra; Veracini, CARLO ALBERTO
2H NMR spectroscopy of liquid crystals: structure and orientational order of a chiral smectogen as a model compound of side-group LC polymers 1-gen-2002 Catalano, DONATA INES MARIA; L., Chiezzi; Domenici, Valentina; Geppi, Marco; Veracini, CARLO ALBERTO; R. Y., Dong; K., Fodorcsorba
A H-2 NMR study of orientational order and spin relaxation in the mesogen p-hexyloxybenzylidene-p'-fluoroaniline 1-gen-1997 Calucci, L; Geppi, Marco; Veracini, CARLO ALBERTO; Forte, C; Gandolfo, C.
A H-2 NMR study of orientational order, phase transitions and dynamics in a liquid crystalline compound 1-gen-1996 Catalano, DONATA INES MARIA; Ciampi, E; Fodorcsorba, K; Forte, C; Geppi, Marco; Imbardelli, D.
A method for analysing proton NMR relaxation data from motionally heterogeneous polymer systems 1-gen-1998 Geppi, Marco; Harris, Rk; Kenwright, Am; Say, Bj
A multinuclear solid-state magnetic resonance study of the interactions between the inorganic and organic coatings of BaSO4 submicronic particles 1-gen-2008 Borsacchi, Silvia; Geppi, Marco; Veracini, CARLO ALBERTO; Lazzeri, Andrea; DI CUIA, F; Geloni, C.
A multinuclear solid-state magnetic resonance study on submicrometer-sized SiO2 particles encapsulated by a PMMA shell 1-gen-2010 Sudhakaran, Up; Freris, I; Geppi, Marco; Borsacchi, Silvia; Cristofori, D; Riello, P; Benedetti, A.
A new hydrogel for the extended and complete prednisolone release in the GI tract 1-gen-2006 DI COLO, Giacomo; Baggiani, A; Zambito, Ylenia; Mollica, G; Geppi, Marco; Serafini, MARIA FRANCESCA
A Novel polyelectrolyte complex (PEC) Hydrogel for controlled drug delivery to the colon 1-gen-2007 Zaino, C; Zambito, Ylenia; Geppi, Marco; Mollica, G; Serafini, MARIA FRANCESCA; Carelli, Vera; DI COLO, Giacomo
A novel polyelectrolyte complex (PEC) hydrogel for controlled drug delivery to the distal intestine 1-gen-2007 Zaino, C; Zambito, Ylenia; Mollica, G; Geppi, Marco; Serafini, MARIA FRANCESCA; Carelli, Vera; DI COLO, Giacomo
Anisotropy and NMR spectroscopy 1-gen-2020 Nardelli, F.; Borsacchi, S.; Calucci, L.; Carignani, E.; Martini, F.; Geppi, M.
Antiplasticization and phase behavior in phase-separated modified starch-sucrose blends: A positron lifetime and solid-state NMR study 1-gen-2020 Martini, F.; Hughes, D. J.; Badolato Bonisch, G.; Zwick, T.; Schafer, C.; Geppi, M.; Alam, M. A.; Ubbink, J.
Application of low-rank approximation using truncated singular value decomposition for noise reduction in hyperpolarized 13C NMR spectroscopy 1-gen-2020 Francischello, R.; Geppi, M.; Flori, A.; Vasini, E. M.; Sykora, S.; Menichetti, L.
Applications of solid-state NMR to the study of organic/inorganic multicomponent materials 1-gen-2009 Geppi, Marco; Borsacchi, Silvia; G., Mollica; Veracini, CARLO ALBERTO
Boosting the NIR reflective properties of perylene organic coatings with thermoplastic hollow microspheres: Optical and structural properties by a multi-technique approach 1-gen-2020 Minei, P.; Lessi, M.; Contiero, L.; Borsacchi, S.; Martini, F.; Ruggeri, G.; Geppi, M.; Bellina, F.; Pucci, A.
C-13 and H-1 solid state NMR investigation of hydration effects on gluten dynamics 1-gen-2003 Calucci, L; Forte, C; Galleschi, Luciano; Geppi, Marco; Ghiringhelli, S.
CAGE: Software for a critical analysis of H-2 spin-lattice relaxation in liquid crystals 1-gen-2001 Calucci, L; Geppi, Marco
Characterization of an amylose-graft-poly(n-butyl methacrylate) copolymer obtained by click chemistry by EPR and SS-NMR spectroscopies 1-gen-2014 Borsacchi, Silvia; Lucia, Calucci; Geppi, Marco; Federico La, Terra; Calogero, Pinzino; Monica, Bertoldo
Characterization of electrochemically synthesized alkylpyrrole intrinsically conducting polymers 1-gen-2000 Costantini, N; Capaccioli, Simone; Geppi, Marco; Ruggeri, Giacomo