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A 2-DoF Haptic Support System for Helicopter Control Tasks based on Pilot Intent Estimation 1-gen-2019 D'Intino, Giulia; Olivari, Mario; Bülthoff, Heinrich H.; Pollini, Lorenzo
A 2-DoF Helicopter Haptic Support System based on Pilot Intent Estimation with Neural Networks 1-gen-2020 D'Intino, Giulia; Pollini, Lorenzo; Buelthoff, Heinrich H.
A Modular Easy-to-Use Technique for Modeling and Simulation of Underwater Robotic Vehicles 1-gen-2000 Pollini, Lorenzo; Caiti, A; Innocenti, Mario; Mangione, P.
An Adaptive Haptic Aid Based on Pilot Performance 1-gen-2019 Arenella, Antonio; D'Intino, Giulia; Olivari, Mario; Geluardi, Stefano; Heinrich, Bülthoff; Pollini, Lorenzo
An adaptive haptic aid system based on desired pilot dynamics 1-gen-2019 Arenella, A.; D'Intino, G.; Bulthoff, H. H.; Pollini, L.
Addressing pose estimation issues for machine vision based UAV autonomous serial refuelling 1-gen-2007 Campa, G; Napolitano, Mr; Perhinschi, M; Fravolini, Ml; Pollini, Lorenzo; Mammarella, M.
Admittance-based bilateral teleoperation with time delay for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle involved in an obstacle avoidance task 1-gen-2011 Alaimo, Samantha; Pollini, Lorenzo; Bülthoff, Hh
Air Traffic Management using Probability Function Fields 1-gen-1999 Innocenti, Mario; Gelosi, P; Pollini, Lorenzo
Augmented Human-Machine Interface: Providing a Novel Haptic Cueing to the Tele-Operator 1-gen-2010 Pollini, Lorenzo; Alaimo, Samantha; Bresciani J., P; Bülthoff, Hh
Augmented systems for a personal aerial vehicle using a civil light helicopter model 1-gen-2015 Geluardi, Stefano; Nieuwenhuizen, Frank M.; Pollini, Lorenzo; Bülthoff, Heinrich H.
Autonomous Formation Flight 1-gen-2000 Innocenti, Mario; Pollini, Lorenzo; Giulietti, F.
Combined Vision – Inertial Navigation for Improved Robustness 1-gen-2012 DI CORATO, F; Innocenti, Mario; Pollini, Lorenzo
Combined Vision – Inertial Navigation with Improved Outlier Robustness 1-gen-2015 Francesco Di, Corato; Innocenti, Mario; Pollini, Lorenzo
A Comparison of Direct and Indirect Haptic Aiding for Remotely Piloted Vehicles 1-gen-2010 Pollini, Lorenzo; Alaimo, Samantha; BRESCIANI JEAN, Pierre; Bulthoff, Heinrich
A comparison of Pose Estimation algorithms for Machine Vision based Aerial Refueling for UAVs 1-gen-2006 Campa, G; Mammarella, M; NAPOLETANO M., R; FRAVOLINI M., L; Pollini, Lorenzo; Stolarik, B.
Cooperative Control for Multiple Autonomous Vehicles Using Descriptor Functions 1-gen-2014 Niccolini, M; Pollini, Lorenzo; Innocenti, Mario
Cooperative path planning and task assignment for unmanned air vehicles 1-gen-2010 Innocenti, Mario; Pollini, Lorenzo; Bracci, A.
Cooperative Task Assignment using Dynamic Ranking 1-gen-2008 Bracci, A; Innocenti, Mario; Pollini, Lorenzo
Coordinated Standoff Tracking Using Path Shaping for Multiple UAVs 1-gen-2014 Hyondong, Oh; Turchi, D.; Seungkeun, Kim; Tsourdos, A.; Pollini, Lorenzo; White, B.
Data collection for developing a dynamic model of a light helicopter 1-gen-2013 Geluardi, Stefano; Frank, Nieuwenhuizen; Pollini, Lorenzo; Heinrich H., Bülthoff