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Ciao AI: the Italian adaptation and validation of the Chatbot Usability Scale 1-gen-2023 Borsci, S.; Prati, E.; Malizia, A.; Schmettow, M.; Chamberlain, A.; Federici, S.
Digitalisation of Agriculture: Development and Evaluation of a Model-based Requirements Engineering Process 1-gen-2023 Mannari, Chiara; Oronzo Spagnolo, Giorgio; Bacco, FELICE MANLIO; Malizia, Alessio
Human-AI Co-creation: Evaluating the Impact of Large-Scale Text-to-Image Generative Models on the Creative Process 1-gen-2023 Turchi, Tommaso; Carta, Silvio; Ambrosini, Luciano; Malizia, Alessio
ModeLLer - A Prototype to Support Requirements Elicitation in Co-Design Environments 1-gen-2023 Mannari, Chiara; Anichini, Elisa; Bacco, Manlio; Ferrari, Alessio; Turchi, Tommaso; Malizia, Alessio
Photorealistic True-Dimensional Visualization of Remote Panoramic Views for VR Headsets 1-gen-2023 Livatino, S.; Regalbuto, A.; Morana, G.; Signorello, G.; Gallo, G.; Torrisi, A.; Padula, G.; Pelc, K.; Malizia, A.; Farinella, G. M.
A confirmatory factorial analysis of the Chatbot Usability Scale: a multilanguage validation 1-gen-2022 Borsci, S.; Schmettow, M.; Malizia, A.; Chamberlain, A.; van der Velde, F.
A Multi-planar Approach to Encoding Story Worlds for Dynamic Narrative Generation 1-gen-2021 Tree, D. J.; Malizia, A.
The Chatbot Usability Scale: the Design and Pilot of a Usability Scale for Interaction with AI-Based Conversational Agents 1-gen-2021 Borsci, S.; Malizia, A.; Schmettow, M.; van der Velde, F.; Tariverdiyeva, G.; Balaji, D.; Chamberlain, A.
Analysing trade-offs in frameworks for the design of smart environments 1-gen-2020 Ardito, C.; Desolda, G.; Lanzilotti, R.; Malizia, A.; Matera, M.
Child–display interaction: Lessons learned on touchless avatar-based large display interfaces 1-gen-2020 Rubegni, Elisa; Gentile, Vito; Malizia, Alessio; Sorce, Salvatore; Kargas, Niko
Predicting mid-air gestural interaction with public displays based on audience behaviour 1-gen-2020 Gentile, V.; Khamis, M.; Milazzo, F.; Sorce, S.; Malizia, A.; Alt, F.
User-defined semantics for the design of IoT systems enabling smart interactive experiences 1-gen-2020 Ardito, C.; Desolda, G.; Lanzilotti, R.; Malizia, A.; Matera, M.; Buono, P.; Piccinno, A.
Virtual workshops on the road: Co-designing with drivers, within context in real-time 1-gen-2020 de la Flor Aceituno, D.; Giacomin, J.; Malizia, A.; Skrypchuk, L.
Author-Driven Approaches to Computational Narrative Design for Games 1-gen-2019 Tree, D. J.; Malizia, A.
Child-display interaction: Exploring avatar-based touchless gestural interfaces 1-gen-2019 Rubegni, E.; Gentile, V.; Malizia, A.; Sorce, S.; Kargas, N.
Evaluation of a Visual Tool for Early Patent Infringement Detection During Design 1-gen-2019 Sorce, S.; Malizia, A.; Gentile, V.; Jiang, P.; Atherton, M.; Harrison, D.
Fostering computational thinking through collaborative game-based learning 1-gen-2019 Turchi, T.; Fogli, D.; Malizia, A.
Investigation of the dependency of the drivers’ emotional experience on different road types and driving conditions 1-gen-2019 Weber, M.; Giacomin, J.; Malizia, A.; Skrypchuk, L.; Gkatzidou, V.; Mouzakitis, A.
Reducing procrastination while improving performance: A Wiki-powered Experiment with Students 1-gen-2019 Balderas, A.; Capiluppi, A.; Palomo-Duarte, M.; Malizia, A.; Dodero, J. M.
Shaking the usability tree: why usability is not a dead end, and a constructive way forward 1-gen-2019 Borsci, S.; Federici, S.; Malizia, A.; De Filippis, M. L.