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On the Advent of Super-Resolution Microscopy in the Realm of Polycomb Proteins 1-gen-2023 Nepita, Irene; Piazza, Simonluca; Ruglioni, Martina; Cristiani, Sofia; Bosurgi, Emanuele; Salvadori, Tiziano; Vicidomini, Giuseppe; Diaspro, Alberto; Castello, Marco; Cerase, Andrea; Bianchini, Paolo; Storti, Barbara; Bizzarri, Ranieri
A long noncoding RNA influences the choice of the X chromosome to be inactivated 1-gen-2022 Hierholzer, Andreas; Chureau, Corinne; Liverziani, Alessandra; Ruiz, Nerea Blanes; Cattanach, Bruce M; Young, Alexander N; Kumar, Manish; Cerase, Andrea; Avner, Phil
Chromosomal and environmental contributions to sex differences in the vulnerability to neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders: Implications for therapeutic interventions 1-gen-2022 Pallier, Patrick N.; Ferrara, Maria; Romagnolo, Francesca; Teresa Ferretti, Maria; Soreq, Hermona; Cerase, Andrea
Phase separation drives X chromosome inactivation 1-gen-2022 Cerase, Andrea; Mauro Calabrese, J.; Gaetano Tartaglia, Gian
Phase separation drives X-chromosome inactivation 1-gen-2022 Cerase, Andrea
Chd8 regulates X chromosome inactivation in mouse through fine-tuning control of Xist expression 1-gen-2021 Cerase, A.; Young, A. N.; Ruiz, N. B.; Buness, A.; Sant, G. M.; Arnold, M.; Di Giacomo, M.; Ascolani, M.; Kumar, M.; Hierholzer, A.; Trigiante, G.; Marzi, S. J.; Avner, P.
Deletion of LBR N-terminal domains recapitulates Pelger-Huet anomaly phenotypes in mouse without disrupting X chromosome inactivation 1-gen-2021 Young, A. N.; Perlas, E.; Ruiz-Blanes, N.; Hierholzer, A.; Pomella, N.; Martin-Martin, B.; Liverziani, A.; Jachowicz, J. W.; Giannakouros, T.; Cerase, A.
Emerging Roles of Repetitive and Repeat-Containing RNA in Nuclear and Chromatin Organization and Gene Expression 1-gen-2021 Trigiante, Giuseppe; Blanes Ruiz, Nerea; Cerase, Andrea
Long non-coding rna (Lncrna) roles in cell biology, neurodevelopment and neurological disorders 1-gen-2021 Aliperti, V.; Skonieczna, J.; Cerase, A.
RIF1 and KAP1 differentially regulate the choice of inactive versus active X chromosomes 1-gen-2021 Enervald, E.; Powell, L. M.; Boteva, L.; Foti, R.; Blanes Ruiz, N.; Kibar, G.; Piszczek, A.; Cavaleri, F.; Vingron, M.; Cerase, A.; Buonomo, S. B. C.
A small-molecule screen reveals novel modulators of MeCP2 and X-chromosome inactivation maintenance 1-gen-2020 Lee, H. -M.; Kuijer, M. B.; Ruiz Blanes, N.; Clark, E. P.; Aita, M.; Galiano Arjona, L.; Kokot, A.; Sciaky, N.; Simon, J. M.; Bhatnagar, S.; Philpot, B. D.; Cerase, A.
Long non-coding {RNA}-polycomb intimate rendezvous 1-gen-2020 Cerase, Andrea; Gaetano Tartaglia, Gian
Phase separation drives X-chromosome inactivation: a hypothesis 1-gen-2019 Cerase, A.; Armaos, A.; Neumayer, C.; Avner, P.; Guttman, M.; Tartaglia, G. G.
The Xist Locus 1-gen-2019 Gartler, Stanley M.; Goldman, Michael A.; Cerase, Andrea
Awakening the Sleeping Giant: methods to reactivate the inactive X Chromosome as clinical treatment for X-linked disorders 1-gen-2018 Cerase, Andrea
Function by structure: Spotlights on xist long non-coding RNA 1-gen-2017 Pintacuda, G.; Young, A. N.; Cerase, A.
hnRNPK Recruits PCGF3/5-PRC1 to the Xist RNA B-Repeat to Establish Polycomb-Mediated Chromosomal Silencing 1-gen-2017 Pintacuda, Greta; Wei, Guifeng; Roustan, Chloe; Anil Kirmizitas, Burcu; Solcan, Nicolae; Cerase, Andrea; Castello, Alfredo; Mohammed, Shabaz; Moindrot, Benoıt; Nesterova, Tatyana B.; Neil Brockdorff, And
PCGF3/5-PRC1 initiates Polycomb recruitment in X chromosome inactivation 1-gen-2017 Almeida, M.; Pintacuda, G.; Masui, O.; Koseki, Y.; Gdula, M.; Cerase, A.; Brown, D.; Mould, A.; Innocent, C.; Nakayama, M.; Schermelleh, L.; Nesterova, T. B.; Koseki, H.; Brockdorff, N.
Quantitative predictions of protein interactions with long noncoding RNAs: To the Editor 1-gen-2016 Cirillo, D.; Blanco, M.; Armaos, A.; Buness, A.; Avner, P.; Guttman, M.; Cerase, A.; Tartaglia, G. G.
Xist recruits the X chromosome to the nuclear lamina to enable chromosome-wide silencing 1-gen-2016 Chen, Ck; Blanco, M; Jackson, C; Aznauryan, E; Ollikainen, N; Surka, C; Chow, A; Cerase, A; Mcdonel, P; Guttman, M