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Particle-bound mercury transport across a mine-polluted fluvial system: towards a simple method to measure Hg flux from the Monte Amiata Mining District (Southern Tuscany, Italy) 1-gen-2024 Nannoni, Alessia; Annese, Vito; Fornasaro, Silvia; Morelli, Guia; Ciani, Francesco; Monnanni, Alessio; Lattanzi, Pierfranco; Rimondi, Valentina; Costagliola, Pilar; Fagotti, Cesare
A lesson from a historic mining site in Italy: when coexistence between contamination and humans is unavoidable 1-gen-2023 Rimondi, Valentina; Morelli, Guia; Fornasaro, Silvia; Lattanzi, Pierfranco; Costagliola, Pilario
Exploring Rare Earth Elements in Groundwater: Advancements in Analytical Techniques and Implications for Sustainable Resource Management 1-gen-2023 Dominech, Salvatore; Federico, Cinzia; Brusca, Lorenzo; Fornasaro, Silvia; Bellomo, Sergio; D’Alessandro, Walter
Integrating the Italian and Uzbek higher education system in Geosciences: the example of the preparatory year at the Branch of the University of Pisa in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) 1-gen-2023 Fornasaro, S.; Giacomoni, P. P.; Gioncada, A.; Meneghini, F.; Pandolfi, L.; Ribolini, A.; Rocchi, S.
Mercury accumulation efficiency of different biomonitors in indoor environments: the case study of the Central Italian Herbarium (Florence, Italy) 1-gen-2023 Ciani, Francesco; Fornasaro, Silvia; Benesperi, Renato; Bianchi, Elisabetta; Cabassi, Jacopo; Di Nuzzo, Luca; Grifoni, Lisa; Venturi, Stefania; Costagliola, Pilario; Rimondi, Valentina
Mercury transport in stream sediments from a former mining area to the sea: the case of the Fiora River basin, Southern Tuscany, Italy 1-gen-2023 Nannoni, A.; Fornasaro, S.; Ciani, F.; Morelli, G.; Lattanzi, P.; Rimondi, V.; Costagliola, P.; Fagotti, C.
Partitioning rare Earth element distribution among particulate, colloidal, and truly dissolved fractions: implications for environmental and industrial applications 1-gen-2023 Dominech, S.; Federico, C.; Brusca, L.; Fornasaro, S.; Bellomo S., &; D’Alessandro, W.
Poison Block: evidence of As-Sb mineralization waste used as aggregate in Portland Concrete in Matra Mining District (Corse, France) 1-gen-2023 Pagnotta, S.; Ionut, F. D.; Aquino, A.; Di Rosa, M.; Fornasaro, S.; Lezzerini, M.
Suspended load and mercury pollution: towards a simple method to measure Hg flux from the Monte Amiata Mining District (Southern Tuscany, Italy) 1-gen-2023 Nannoni, A.; Annese, V.; Fornasaro, S.; Ciani, F.; Morelli, G.; Lattanzi, P.; Rimondi, V.; Costagliola, P.; Fagotti, C.
The complex handling of historical contaminated sites: the case of the world-class Mt. Amiata district (Italy) 1-gen-2023 Rimondi, V.; Fornasaro, S.; Morelli, G.; Ciani, F.; Nannoni, A.; Lattanzi, P.; Costagliola, P.
The origin of mercury in the area affected by artisanal mining in the Ponce Enriquez Gold District (Southern Ecuador): a preliminary investigation 1-gen-2023 Fornasaro, S.; Fulignati, P.; Gioncada, A.; Mendoza, P.; Menoscal, M.; Villalta M., &; Mulas, M.
The propylitic alteration in the Ponce Enriquez Gold Mining district, Azuay province, Ecuador: genetic constraints from a mineral chemistry and fluid inclusions study 1-gen-2023 Fulignati, Paolo; Mulas, Maurizio; Villalta Echeverria, Michelle Del Pilar; Fornasaro, Silvia; Larreta, Erwin; Mendoza Arteaga, Pierina Lisbeth; Menoscal Menoscal, Melanie Annabela; Romero-Crespo, Paola; Gioncada, Anna
Trace and ultratrace elements in spinel subgroup minerals of ultramafic rocks from the Voltri Massif (NW Italy): the influence of microstructure and texture 1-gen-2023 Fornasaro, Silvia; Comodi, Paola; Crispini, Laura; Zappatore, Sandro; Zucchini, Azzurra; Marescotti, Pietro
Tree Rings Record of Long-Term Atmospheric Hg Pollution in the Monte Amiata Mining District (Central Italy): Lessons from the Past for a Better Future 1-gen-2023 Fornasaro, Silvia; Ciani, Francesco; Nannoni, Alessia; Morelli, Guia; Rimondi, Valentina; Lattanzi, Pierfranco; Cocozza, Claudia; Fioravanti, Marco; Costagliola, Pilario
A GIS-based map of the Hg-impacted area in the Paglia River basin (Monte Amiata Mining District-Italy): An operational instrument for environmental management 1-gen-2022 Fornasaro, S; Morelli, G; Rimondi, V; Fagotti, C; Friani, R; Lattanzi, P; Costagliola, P
Environmental impact of past Hg mining activities in the Monte Amiata district, Italy: A summary of recent studies 1-gen-2022 Nannoni, Alessia; Meloni, Federica; Benvenuti, Marco; Cabassi, Jacopo; Ciani, Francesco; Costagliola, Pilario; Fornasaro, Silvia; Lattanzi, Pierfranco; Lazzaroni, Marta; Nisi, Barbara; Morelli, Guia; Rimondi, Valentina; Vaselli, Orlando
Geochemical and petrographic characterization of the Bella Rica hydrothermal gold mineralization (Ponce Enriquez, Ecuador) 1-gen-2022 Mendoza, P.; Menoscal, M.; Villalta, M.; Fornasaro, S.; Fulignati, P.; Gioncada, A.; Mulas, M.; Jimenez Oyola, S.; Romero Crespo, P.
Mercury distribution around the Siele Hg mine (Mt. Amiata district, Italy) twenty years after reclamation: Spatial and temporal variability in soil, stream sediments, and air 1-gen-2022 Fornasaro, Silvia; Morelli, Guia; Rimondi, Valentina; Fagotti, Cesare; Friani, Rossella; Lattanzi, Pierfranco; Costagliola, Pilario
Mercury in chestnut tree-rings of the Monte Amiata area (Central Italy): impact of past mining activity and present-day geothermal power plants 1-gen-2022 Fornasaro, S.; Ciani, F.; Morelli, G.; Rimondi, V.; Lattanzi, P.; Cocozza, C.; Fioravanti M., &; Costagliola, P.
Mercury in Quaternary sediments of the Paglia-Pagliola River system (Monte Amiata) 1-gen-2022 Montefinese, S.; Benvenuti, M.; Buccianti, A.; Costagliola, P.; Fornasaro, S.; Lattanzi, P.; Morelli, G.; Rimondi, V.