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EEG cortical activity and connectivity correlates of early sympathetic response during cold pressor test 1-gen-2023 Rho, Gianluca; Callara, ALEJANDRO LUIS; Bernardi, Giulio; Scilingo, ENZO PASQUALE; Greco, Alberto
Hessian-based neck tracing of dendritic spines: a preliminary study on confocal images 1-gen-2023 Bruno, E.; Cauzzo, S.; Callara, A. L.; Ahluwalia, A.; Magliaro, C.; Vanello, N.
Is Hypnotic Induction Necessary to Experience Hypnosis and Responsible for Changes in Brain Activity? 1-gen-2023 Callara, ALEJANDRO LUIS; Zelič, Žan; Fontanelli, Lorenzo; Greco, Alberto; Santarcangelo, ENRICA LAURA; Sebastiani, Laura
mICA-Based fMRI Analysis of Specific CO2-Level-Dependent BOLD Signal Changes in the Human Brainstem 1-gen-2023 Basile, M.; Cauzzo, S.; Callara, A. L.; Montanaro, D.; Hartwig, V.; Morelli, M. S.; Frijia, F.; Giannoni, A.; Passino, C.; Emdin, M.; Vanello, N.
Modulating Virtual Affective Elicitation by Human Body Odors: Advancing Research on Social Signal Processing in Virtual Reality 1-gen-2023 Cervera-Torres, S.; Minissi, M. E.; Greco, A.; Callara, A.; Ferdowsi, S.; Citi, L.; Maddalon, L.; Giglioli, I. A. C.; Alcaniz, M.
Modulation of the heartbeat evoked cortical potential by hypnotizability and hypnosis 1-gen-2023 Callara, Alejandro Luis; Fontanelli, Lorenzo; Belcari, Iacopo; Rho, Gianluca; Greco, Alberto; Zelič, Žan; Sebastiani, Laura; Santarcangelo, Enrica L
Neuronal correlates of eyeblinks are an expression of primary consciousness phenomena 1-gen-2023 Callara, Alejandro Luis; Greco, Alberto; Scilingo, Enzo Pasquale; Bonfiglio, Luca
A randomized controlled trial into the effects of probiotics on electroencephalography in preschoolers with autism 1-gen-2022 Billeci, Lucia; Callara, Alejandro Luis; Guiducci, Letizia; Prosperi, Margherita; Morales, Maria Aurora; Calderoni, Sara; Muratori, Filippo; Santocchi, Elisa
Human body odors of happiness and fear modulate the late positive potential component during neutral face processing: a preliminary ERP study on healthy subjects 1-gen-2022 Callara, Alejandro Luis; Cecchetto, Cinzia; Dal Bo, Elisa; Citi, Luca; Gentili, Claudio; Vanello, Nicola; Scilingo, Enzo Pasquale; Greco, Alberto
Potential physiological stress biomarkers in human sweat 1-gen-2022 Gioia, Federica; Callara, Alejandro Luis; Bruderer, Tobias; Ripszam, Matyas; Di Francesco, Fabio; Scilingo, Enzo Pasquale; Greco, Alberto
Valence, Arousal, and Gender Effect on Olfactory Cortical Network Connectivity: a study using Dynamic Causal Modeling for EEG 1-gen-2022 Rho, G.; Callara, A. L.; Cecchetto, C.; Vanello, N.; Scilingo, E. P.; Greco, Alberto
Breath hold task induces temporal heterogeneity in electroencephalographic regional field power in healthy subjects 1-gen-2021 Sole Morelli, Maria; Vanello, Nicola; Luis Callara Valentina Hartwig, Alejandro; Maestri, Michelangelo; Bonanni, Enrica; Emdin, Michele; Passino, Claudio; Giannoni, Alberto
Cortical network and connectivity underlying hedonic olfactory perception 1-gen-2021 Callara, A. L.; Greco, A.; Frasnelli, J.; Rho, G.; Vanello, N.; Scilingo, E. P.
Linear and nonlinear quantitative EEG analysis during neutral hypnosis following an opened/closed eye paradigm 1-gen-2021 Rho, G.; Callara, A. L.; Petri, G.; Nardelli, M.; Scilingo, E. P.; Greco, A.; De Pascalis, V.
Mapping dependencies of BOLD signal change to end-tidal CO2: Linear and nonlinear modeling, and effect of physiological noise correction 1-gen-2021 Cauzzo, S.; Callara, A. L.; Morelli, M. S.; Hartwig, V.; Esposito, F.; Montanaro, D.; Passino, C.; Emdin, M.; Giannoni, A.; Vanello, N.
Odor valence modulates cortico-cortical interactions: A preliminary study using DCM for EEG 1-gen-2021 Rho, G.; Callara, A. L.; Vanello, N.; Gentili, C.; Greco, A.; Scilingo, E. P.
Parasympathetic-sympathetic causal interactions assessed by time-varying multivariate autoregressive modeling of electrodermal activity and heart-rate-variability 1-gen-2021 Callara, A. L.; Sebastiani, L.; Vanello, N.; Scilingo, E. P.; Greco, A.
Towards a Contactless Stress Classification Using Thermal Imaging 1-gen-2021 Gioia, F.; Greco, A.; Callara, A. L.; Scilingo, E. P.
A preliminary quantitative EEG study on Augmented Reality Guidance of Manual Tasks 1-gen-2020 Rho, Gianluca; Callara, ALEJANDRO LUIS; Condino, Sara; Ghiasi, Shadi; Nardelli, Mimma; Carbone, Marina; Ferrari, Vincenzo; Greco, Alberto; Scilingo, ENZO PASQUALE
A preliminary study on parasympathetic-sympathetic interaction through the analysis of heart rate variability and electrodermal activity 1-gen-2020 Callara, A. L.; Sebastiani, L.; Santarcangelo, E. L.; Ghiasi, S.; Fratini, E.; Lanata, A.; Vanello, N.; Scilingo, E. P.; Greco, A.