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Differential effects of sodium chloride on germination and post-germination stages of two tomato genotypes 1-gen-2019 Moles, TOMMASO MICHELE; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo; HUARANCCA REYES, Thais
Differential Expression of 1-Aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate Synthase and Oxidase Gene Family in Micro-Tom Tomato Leaves and Roots Under Short Daily UV Radiation 1-gen-2022 Mannucci, A.; Bernardi, R.; Huarancca Reyes, T.; Santin, M.; Castagna, A.; Quartacci, M. F.; Ranieri, A.
Effects of UV-B on hormonal balance in Chenopodium quinoa 1-gen-2018 HUARANCCA REYES, Thais; Mariotti, Lorenzo; Martin Ramos-Diaz, Jose; Jouppila, Kirsi; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo
Exploring the Physiological Multiplicity of Native Microalgae from the Ecuadorian Highland, Italian Lowland and Indoor Locations in Response to UV-B 1-gen-2023 Huarancca, Reyes; Carolina, Chiellini; Emilio, Barozzi; Carla, Sandoval; Cristina, Echeverría; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo
Hormonal Regulation in Different Varieties of Chenopodium quinoa Willd. Exposed to Short Acute UV-B Irradiation 1-gen-2021 Mariotti, Lorenzo; Huarancca Reyes, Thais; Ramos-Diaz, Jose Martin; Jouppila, Kirsi; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo
HORMONE RESPONSES TO SHORT DAILY UV-B IRRADIATION IN TOMATO PLANTS: WHAT HAPPENS IN THE UPPER AND BELOW-GROUND ORGANS? 1-gen-2019 Mannucci, Alessia; Mariotti, Lorenzo; Bernardi, Rodolfo; Trivellini, Alice; HUARANCCA REYES, Thais; Mensuali, Anna; Ranieri, Annamaria; Santin, Marco; Castagna, Antonella; Quartacci, MIKE FRANK
Influence of the green microalga Chlorella sorokiniana on seed germination in Arabidopsis thaliana 1-gen-2018 Fierli, David; HUARANCCA REYES, T.; Mariotti, L.; Guglielminetti, L.; Damiani, C. R.
Inter- and intraspecific variability in physiological traits and post-anoxia recovery of photosynthetic efficiency in grasses under oxygen deprivation 1-gen-2017 Pompeiano, Antonio; HUARANCCA REYES, Thais; Moles, TOMMASO MICHELE; Villani, Marco; Volerrani, Marco; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo; Scartazza, Andrea
Nitrate reductase modulation in response to changes in C/N balance and nitrogen source in Arabidopsis 1-gen-2018 HUARANCCA REYES, Thais; Scartazza, Andrea; Pompeiano, Antonio; Ciurli, Andrea; Lu, Yu; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo; Yamaguchi, Junji
Photosynthetic and growth responses of Arundo donax L. under different oxygen deficiency stresses and re-oxygenation 1-gen-2019 Pompeiano, Antonio; HUARANCCA REYES, Thais; Moles, Tommaso M.; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo; Scartazza, Andrea
Photosynthetic performance of five cool-season turfgrasses under UV-B exposure 1-gen-2020 HUARANCCA REYES, Thais; Pompeiano, Antonio; Ranieri, Annamaria; Volterrani, Marco; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo; Scartazza, Andrea
Physiological effects of short acute UVB treatments in Chenopodium quinoa Will 1-gen-2018 HUARANCCA REYES, Thais; Scartazza, Andrea; Castagna, Antonella; Cosio, Eric G.; Ranieri, Annamaria; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo
Physiological responses of Lepidium meyenii plants to ultraviolet-B radiation challenge 1-gen-2019 HUARANCCA REYES, Thais; Scartazza, Andrea; Pompeiano, Antonio; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo
Physiological responses of maca (Lepidium meyenii Walp.) plants to UV radiation in its high-altitude mountain ecosystem 1-gen-2020 HUARANCCA REYES, Thais; Esparza, Eliana; Crestani, Gaia; Limonchi, Fabián; Cruz, Rudi; Salinas, Norma; Scartazza, Andrea; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo; Cosio, Eric
Recycling Cigarette Filters as Plant Growing Substrate in Soilless System 1-gen-2022 Mariotti, Lorenzo; HUARANCCA REYES, Thais; Curadi, Maurizio; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo
Remediation Capacity of Different Microalgae in Effluents Derived from the Cigarette Butt Cleaning Process 1-gen-2022 Carolina, Chiellini; Mariotti, Lorenzo; Huarancca, Reyes; Eduardo José de Arruda, ; Gustavo Graciano Fonseca, ; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo
Urban conditions affect soil characteristics and physiological performance of three evergreen woody species 1-gen-2022 Huarancca Reyes, T.; Scartazza, A.; Bretzel, F.; Di Baccio, D.; Guglielminetti, L.; Pini, R.; Calfapietra, C.
UV‐B Irradiation Effect on Microalgae Performance in the Remediation of Effluent Derived from the Cigarette Butt Cleaning Process 1-gen-2022 Huarancca, Reyes; Mariotti, Lorenzo; Carolina, Chiellini; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo; Gustavo Graciano Fonseca,