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Decoding the Genomic Landscape of Pomegranate: A Genome-Wide Analysis of Transposable Elements and Their Structural Proximity to Functional Genes 1-gen-2024 Simoni, S.; Usai, G.; Vangelisti, A.; Castellacci, M.; Giordani, T.; Natali, L.; Mascagni, F.; Cavallini, A.
Transcriptomic Analyses Reveal Insights into the Shared Regulatory Network of Phenolic Compounds and Steviol Glycosides in Stevia rebaudiana 1-gen-2024 Simoni, Samuel; Vangelisti, Alberto; Clemente, Clarissa; Usai, Gabriele; Santin, Marco; Ventimiglia, Maria; Mascagni, Flavia; Natali, Lucia; Angelini, Luciana G.; Cavallini, Andrea; Tavarini, Silvia; Giordani, Tommaso
Arbuscular symbiosis affects transcriptomic regulation of primary metabolism in leaves of soilless cultivated lettuces 1-gen-2023 Vangelisti, Alberto; Simoni, Samuel; Cela, Fatjon; Avio, Luciano; Turrini, Alessandra; Sbrana, Cristiana; Incrocci, Luca; Pardossi, Alberto; Usai, Gabriele; Mascagni, Flavia; Ventimiglia, Maria; Natali, Lucia; Cavallini, Andrea; Giordani, Tommaso
Discovering the Repeatome of Five Species Belonging to the Asteraceae Family: A Computational Study 1-gen-2023 Ventimiglia, Maria; Castellacci, Marco; Usai, Gabriele; Vangelisti, Alberto; Simoni, Samuel; Natali, Lucia; Cavallini, Andrea; Mascagni, Flavia; Giordani, Tommaso
A chromosome-length genome assembly and annotation of blackberry (Rubus argutus, cv. “Hillquist”) 1-gen-2022 Bruna, Tomas; Aryal, Rishi; Dudchenko, Olga; James Sargent, Daniel; Mead, Daniel; Buti, Matteo; Cavallini, Andrea; Hytonen, Timo; Andres, Javier; Pham, Melanie; Weisz, David; Mascagni, Flavia; Usai, Gabriele; Natali, Lucia; Bassil, Nahla; Fernandez, Gina E.; Lomsadze, Alexandre; Armour, Mitchell; Olukolu, Bode; Poorten, Thomas; Britton, Caitlin; Davik, Jahn; Ashrafi, Hamid; Lieberman Aiden, Erez; Borodovsky, Mark; Worthington, Margaret
Characterisation of LTR-Retrotransposons of Stevia rebaudiana and Their Use for the Analysis of Genetic Variability 1-gen-2022 Simoni, S; Clemente, C; Usai, G; Vangelisti, A; Natali, L; Tavarini, S; Angelini, Lg; Cavallini, A; Mascagni, F; Giordani, T
Conserved DNA-derived polymorphism as a useful molecular marker to explore genetic diversity and relationships of wild and cultivated Tunisian figs (Ficus carica L.) 1-gen-2022 Haffar, S; Baraket, G; Usai, G; Aounallah, A; Ben Mustapha, S; Ben Abdelkrim, A; Hannachi, As
Genome-wide identification and characterization of exapted transposable elements in the large genome of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) 1-gen-2022 Ventimiglia, Maria; Marturano, Giovanni; Vangelisti, Alberto; Usai, Gabriele; Simoni, Samuel; Cavallini, Andrea; Giordani, Tommaso; Natali, Lucia; Zuccolo, Andrea; Mascagni, Flavia
Haplotype-phased genome assembly for Ficus carica breeding 1-gen-2022 Giordani, T.; Usai, G.; Castellacci, M.; Vangelisti, A.; Mascagni, F.; Ventimiglia, M.; Simoni, S.; Natali, L.; Cavallini, A.
Identification and expression analysis of furanocoumarins- and terpenoids-related genes of fig (Ficus carica L.) 1-gen-2022 Usai, Gabriele; Vangelisti, Alberto; Simoni, Samuel; Mascagni, Flavia; Venturi, Francesca; Natali, Lucia; Giordani, Tommaso; Palai, Giacomo; Pugliesi, Claudio; D’Onofrio, Claudio; Cavallini, Andrea
In Silico Genome-Wide Characterisation of the Lipid Transfer Protein Multigenic Family in Sunflower (H. annuus L.) 1-gen-2022 Vangelisti, Alberto; Simoni, Samuel; Usai, Gabriele; Mascagni, Flavia; Ventimiglia, Maria; Natali, Lucia; Cavallini, Andrea; Giordani, Tommaso
Induction of Somatic Embryogenesis in Plants: Different Players and Focus on WUSCHEL and WUS-RELATED HOMEOBOX (WOX) Transcription Factors 1-gen-2022 Fambrini, Marco; Usai, Gabriele; Pugliesi, Claudio
DNA Modification Patterns within the Transposable Elements of the Fig (Ficus carica L.) Genome 1-gen-2021 Usai, Gabriele; Vangelisti, Alberto; Simoni, Samuel; Giordani, Tommaso; Natali, Lucia; Cavallini, Andrea; Mascagni, Flavia
Genomics and breeding of the fig tree, an ancient crop with promising perspectives 1-gen-2021 Usai, Gabriele; Giordani, Tommaso; Castellacci, Marco; Vangelisti, Alberto; Mascagni, Flavia; Ventimiglia, Maria; Simoni, Samuel; Natali, Lucia; Cavallini, Andrea
High-quality, haplotype-phased de novo assembly of the highly heterozygous fig genome, a major genetic resource for fig breeding 1-gen-2021 Usai, G.; Mascagni, F.; Giordani, T.; Vangelisti, A.; Bosi, E.; Zuccolo, A.; Ceccarelli, M.; King, R.; Hassani-Pak, K.; Solorzano Zambrano, L.; Cavallini, A.; Natali, L.
Impact of transposable elements on the evolution of complex living systems and their epigenetic control 1-gen-2021 Viviani, Ambra; Ventimiglia, Maria; Fambrini, Marco; Vangelisti, Alberto; Mascagni, Flavia; Pugliesi, Claudio; Usai, Gabriele
LTR-retrotransposon dynamics in common fig (Ficus carica L.) genome 1-gen-2021 Vangelisti, Alberto; Simoni, Samuel; Usai, Gabriele; Ventimiglia, Maria; Natali, Lucia; Cavallini, Andrea; Mascagni, Flavia; Giordani, Tommaso
Structural characterization and duplication modes of pseudogenes in plants 1-gen-2021 Mascagni, Flavia; Usai, Gabriele; Cavallini, Andrea; Porceddu, Andrea
A computational genome-wide analysis of long terminal repeats retrotransposon expression in sunlower roots (Helianthus annuus L.) 1-gen-2020 Mascagni, F; Vangelisti, A; Usai, G; Giordani, T; Cavallini, A; Natali, L
Epigenetic patterns within the haplotype phased fig (Ficus carica L.) genome 1-gen-2020 Usai, Gabriele; Mascagni, Flavia; Giordani, Tommaso; Vangelisti, Alberto; Bosi, Emanuele; Zuccolo, Andrea; Ceccarelli, Marilena; King, Robert; Hassani-Pak, Keywan; Solorzano Zambrano, Liceth; Cavallini, Andrea; Natali, Lucia