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A novel methodology to study and compare active energy-balance architectures with dynamic equalization for second-life battery applications 1-gen-2023 DI RIENZO, Roberto; Nicodemo, Niccolo'; Verani, Alessandro; Baronti, Federico; Roncella, Roberto; Saletti, Roberto
Cloud-Based Optimization of a Battery Model Parameter Identification Algorithm for Battery State-of-Health Estimation in Electric Vehicles 1-gen-2023 Di Rienzo, Roberto; Nicodemo, Niccolo; Roncella, Roberto; Saletti, Roberto; Vennettilli, Nando; Asaro, Salvatore; Tola, Roberto; Baronti, Federico
Low-Cost Lithium-Ion Battery Characterization Setup Based on Auxiliary Batteries 1-gen-2023 Nicodemo, Niccolo'; Di Rienzo, Roberto; Verani, Alessandro; Baronti, Federico; Roncella, Roberto; Saletti, Roberto
Modular Battery Emulator for Development and Functional Testing of Battery Management Systems: Hardware Design and Characterization 1-gen-2023 Verani, Alessandro; Di Rienzo, Roberto; Nicodemo, Niccolo'; Baronti, Federico; Roncella, Roberto; Saletti, Roberto
Reliability Estimation of Commercial Na-NiCl2 Batteries Using Theoretical and Simulative Approaches 1-gen-2023 Simonte, G; Di Rienzo, R; Verani, A; Nicodemo, N; Baronti, F; Roncella, R; Saletti, R
Memory requirement reduction of deep neural networks for field programmable gate arrays using low-bit quantization of parameters 1-gen-2021 Nicodemo, N.; Naithani, G.; Drossos, K.; Virtanen, T.; Saletti, R.