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aquo-DESs: Water-based binary natural deep eutectic solvents 1-gen-2023 Picciolini, E; Pastore, G; Del Giacco, T; Ciancaleoni, G; Tiecco, M; Germani, R
Computational Methods to Study Chalcogen Bonds 1-gen-2023 Ciancaleoni, Gianluca
Depolymerization of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) under mild conditions by Lewis/Brønsted acidic deep eutectic solvents 1-gen-2023 Rollo, M.; Raffi, F.; Rossi, E.; Tiecco, M.; Martinelli, E.; Ciancaleoni, G.
Evaluation of physicochemical properties of Type-II deep eutectic solvents/Water mixtures based on choline chloride and calcium/magnesium chloride hexahydrate 1-gen-2023 Pelosi, C.; Gonzalez-Rivera, J.; Tine, M. R.; Ciancaleoni, G.; Bernazzani, L.; Duce, C.
Theoretical insights into the reversible CO2 absorption by ethylene glycol/ KOH/boric acid low temperature transition mixture 1-gen-2023 Rossi, E; Ciancaleoni, G
A comparative structural and spectroscopic study of diiron and diruthenium isocyanide and aminocarbyne complexes 1-gen-2022 Biancalana, L.; Fiaschi, M.; Ciancaleoni, G.; Pampaloni, G.; Zanotti, V.; Zacchini, S.; Marchetti, F.
An ETS-NOCV-based computational strategies for the characterization of concerted transition states involving CO2 1-gen-2022 Sorbelli, D.; Belanzoni, P.; Belpassi, L.; Lee, J. -W.; Ciancaleoni, G.
Assessing the effects of covalent, dative and halogen bonds on the electronic structure of selenoamides 1-gen-2022 Ciancaleoni, G; Marchetti, F; Santi, C; Merlino, O; Zacchini, S
Diiron bis-cyclopentadienyl complexes as transfer hydrogenation catalysts: The key role of the bridging aminocarbyne ligand 1-gen-2022 Bresciani, G.; Biancalana, L.; Zacchini, S.; Pampaloni, G.; Ciancaleoni, G.; Marchetti, F.
Guidelines for a correct evaluation of deep eutectic solvents thermal stability 1-gen-2022 Rivera, Jose Gonzalez; Pelosi, Chiara; Pulidori, Elena; Duce, Celia; Tiné, Maria Rosaria; Ciancaleoni, Gianluca; Bernazzani, Luca
4-Aryl-2-Imino-1,3-Dithiolanes from the Room Temperature Coupling of Sodium Dithiocarbamates with Sulfonium Salts 1-gen-2021 Bresciani, G.; Marchetti, F.; Ciancaleoni, G.; Pampaloni, G.
A CO2-Catalyzed Transamidation Reaction 1-gen-2021 Yang, Y.; Liu, J.; Kamounah, F. S.; Ciancaleoni, G.; Lee, J. -W.
A comprehensive analysis of the metal–nitrile bonding in an organo-diiron system 1-gen-2021 Bresciani, G.; Biancalana, L.; Pampaloni, G.; Zacchini, S.; Ciancaleoni, G.; Marchetti, F.
Assessing the Orbital Contribution in the "spodium Bond" by Natural Orbital for Chemical Valence-Charge Displacement Analysis 1-gen-2021 Ciancaleoni, G.; Rocchigiani, L.
Base-Free Copper-Catalyzed Azide-Alkyne Click Cycloadditions (CuAAc) in Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents as Green and Catalytic Reaction Media** 1-gen-2021 Giofre, S. V.; Tiecco, M.; Ferlazzo, A.; Romeo, R.; Ciancaleoni, G.; Germani, R.; Iannazzo, D.
Catalytic antioxidant activity of bis-aniline-derived diselenides as GPx mimics 1-gen-2021 Botteselle, G. V.; Elias, W. C.; Bettanin, L.; Canto, R. F. S.; Salin, D. N. O.; Barbosa, F. A. R.; Saba, S.; Gallardo, H.; Ciancaleoni, G.; Domingos, J. B.; Rafique, J.; Braga, A. L.
Easily Available, Amphiphilic Diiron Cyclopentadienyl Complexes Exhibit in Vitro Anticancer Activity in 2D and 3D Human Cancer Cells through Redox Modulation Triggered by CO Release 1-gen-2021 Biancalana, L.; De Franco, M.; Ciancaleoni, G.; Zacchini, S.; Pampaloni, G.; Gandin, V.; Marchetti, F.
Experimental and theoretical DFT investigations in the [2, 3]-wittig-type rearrangement of propargyl/allyl-oxy-pyrazolones 1-gen-2021 De Crescentini, L.; Favi, G.; Mari, G.; Ciancaleoni, G.; Costamagna, M.; Santeusanio, S.; Mantellini, F.
Low-cost temperature transition mixtures (TTM) based on ethylene glycol/potassium hydroxide as reversible CO2 sorbents 1-gen-2021 Costamagna, M.; Micheli, E.; Canale, V.; Ciulla, M.; Siani, G.; di Profio, P.; Tiecco, M.; Ciancaleoni, G.
Niobium(V) oxido tris-carbamate as easily available and robust catalytic precursor for the selective sulfide to sulfone oxidation 1-gen-2021 Bresciani, G.; Gemmiti, M.; Ciancaleoni, G.; Pampaloni, G.; Marchetti, F.; Crucianelli, M.