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3D X-ray tomographic analysis reveals how coesite is preserved in Muong Nong-type tektites 1-gen-2020 Masotta, Matteo; Peres, Stefano; Folco, Luigi; Mancini, Lucia; Rochette, Pierre; Glass, Billy P; Campanale, Fabrizio; Gueninchault, Nicolas; Radica, Francesco; Singsoupho, Sounthone; Navarro, Enrique
A crystal mush perspective explains magma variability at la fossa volcano (Vulcano, Italy) 1-gen-2021 Costa, S.; Masotta, M.; Gioncada, A.; Pistolesi, M.
A data driven approach to mineral chemistry unveils magmatic processes associated with long-lasting, low-intensity volcanic activity 1-gen-2023 Costa, Simone; Caricchi, Luca; Pistolesi, Marco; Gioncada, Anna; Masotta, Matteo; Bonadonna, Costanza; Rosi, Mauro
A K-feldspar-liquid hygrometer specific to alkaline differentiated magmas 1-gen-2015 Mollo, Silvio; Masotta, Matteo; Forni, Francesca; Bachmann, Olivier; De Astis, Gianfilippo; Moore, Gordon; Scarlato, Piergiorgio
A new hydrothermal moissanite cell apparatus for optical in-situ observations at high pressure and high temperature, with applications to bubble nucleation in silicate melts 1-gen-2017 Masotta, Matteo
A new hydrothermal moissanite cell apparatus for optical in-situ observations at high pressure and high temperature, with applications to bubble nucleation in silicate melts 1-gen-2017 Masotta, Matteo; Keppler, Hans
A New Plagioclase-Liquid Hygrometer Specific to Trachytic Systems 1-gen-2019 Masotta, Matteo; Mollo, Silvio
A review of the geologic sections and the faunal assemblages of Aurelian Mammal Age of Latium (Italy) in the light of a new chronostratigraphic framework 1-gen-2018 Marra, F.; Nomade, S.; Pereira, A.; Petronio, C.; Salari, L.; Sottili, G.; Bahain, J. -. J.; Boschian, G.; Di Stefano, G.; Falguãres, C.; Florindo, F.; Gaeta, M.; Giaccio, B.; Masotta, M.
Amphibole thermobarometry of trachyte/syenite bodies in the Dunedin Volcano: implications for the plumbing system evolution 1-gen-2018 Pontesilli, A; Masotta, M; Palin, M; Mollo, S
Ancient to modern metallurgical slags: evolving smelting techniques and their interaction with the environment 1-gen-2020 Rocchi, Irene; Rocchi, Sergio; Masotta, Matteo
Anhydrite solubility in differentiated arc magmas 1-gen-2015 Masotta, Matteo; Keppler, H.
Assimilation of calcite by ultrabasic melts 1-gen-2017 Luciani, Natascia; Stagno, Vincenzo; Faraone, Davide; Lustrino, Michele; Masotta, Matteo; Narzisi, Silvia; Scarlato, Piergiorgio
Asteroids accretion, differentiation, and break-up in the Vesta source region: Evidence from cosmochemistry of mesosiderites 1-gen-2022 Iannini Lelarge, S.; Folco, L.; Masotta, M.; Greenwood, R. C.; Russell, S. S.; Bates, H. C.
Catching a collapsing solidification front through thermal gradient experiments 1-gen-2011 Masotta, Matteo; Freda, Carmela; Gaeta, Mario
Clinopyroxene-liquid thermometers and barometers specific to alkaline differentiated magmas 1-gen-2013 Masotta, Matteo; Mollo, S.; Freda, C.; Gaeta, M.; Moore, G.
CO2 bubble generation and migration during magma–carbonate interaction 1-gen-2015 Blythe, L. S.; Deegan, F. M.; Freda, C.; Jolis, E. M.; Masotta, Matteo; Misiti, V.; Taddeucci, J.; Troll, V. R.
Coesite in a Muong Nong-type tektite from Muong Phin, Laos: Description, formation, and survival 1-gen-2020 Glass, B. P.; Folco, L.; Masotta, M.; Campanale, F.
Cooling history of a dike as revealed by mineral chemistry: A case study from Mt. Etna volcano 1-gen-2011 Mollo, Silvio; Lanzafame, Gabriele; Masotta, Matteo; Iezzi, Gianluca; Ferlito, Carmelo; Scarlato, Piergiorgio
Crustal Magmatic System Evolution: Anatomy, Architecture, and Physico‐Chemical Processes 1-gen-2021 Masotta, Matteo; Beier, Christoph; Mollo, Silvio
Crystallization and partial melting of rhyolite and felsite rocks at Krafla volcano: A comparative approach based on mineral and glass chemistry of natural and experimental products 1-gen-2018 Masotta, M.; Mollo, S.; Nazzari, M.; Tecchiato, V.; Scarlato, P.; Papale, P.; Bachmann, O.