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Apparent Molecular Weight Distributions in Bituminous Binders 1-gen-2022 Polacco, Giovanni; Cappello, Miriam; Cuciniello, Giacomo; Filippi, Sara
Classification and selection of exhausted oils for rejuvenating bituminous blends 1-gen-2021 Cuciniello, G.; Mallegni, N.; Cappello, M.; Filippi, S.; Leandri, P.; Polacco, G.; Losa, M.
Mix design and laboratory characterisation of rubberised mixture used as damping layer in pavements 1-gen-2021 Huang, J.; Leandri, P.; Cuciniello, G.; Losa, M.
A revised relationship between molecular weight and reduced angular frequency in δ-method applied to unmodified petroleum bitumens 1-gen-2020 Cuciniello, Giacomo; Filippi, Sara; Cappello, Miriam; Leandri, Pietro; Polacco, Giovanni
Applicability of time-temperature superposition for laboratory-aged neat and SBS-modified bitumens 1-gen-2020 Cuciniello, Giacomo; Leandri, Pietro; Polacco, Giovanni; Airey, Gordon; Losa, Massimo
Design of rubberized asphalt mixtures for noise and vibration damping layers 1-gen-2020 Huang, J.; Cuciniello, G.; Leandri, P.; Losa, M.
Development of internal structure of polymer‐modified asphalts via transformations of the reduced frequency 1-gen-2020 Jasso, Martin; Stastna, Jiri; Polacco, Giovanni; Cuciniello, Giacomo
Effects of ageing on the damage tolerance of polymer modified bitumens investigated through the LAS test and fluorescence microscopy 1-gen-2020 Cuciniello, G.; Leandri, P.; Losa, M.; Airey, G.
Il riciclo nelle pavimentazioni stradali: impiego di RAP e oli esausti come ringiovanenti 1-gen-2019 Cappello, Miriam; Polacco, Giovanni; Mallegni, Norma; Losa, Massimo; Leandri, Pietro; Cuciniello, Giacomo; Filippi, Sara
Investigating the Effect of Artificial Ageing on the Creep and Recovery of SBS-Modified Bitumen 1-gen-2019 Cuciniello, Giacomo; Leandri, Pietro; Lo Presti, Davide; Losa, Massimo; Airey, Gordon
Microstructure and rheological response of laboratory-aged SBS-modified bitumens 1-gen-2019 Cuciniello, G.; Leandri, P.; Filippi, S.; Lo Presti, D.; Polacco, G.; Losa, M.; Airey, G.
Effect of ageing on the morphology and creep and recovery of polymer-modified bitumens 1-gen-2018 Cuciniello, Giacomo; Leandri, Pietro; Filippi, Sara; Lo Presti, Davide; Losa, Massimo; Airey, Gordon