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The linguistic structure of an emotional text influences the sympathetic activity and the speech prosody of the reader 1-gen-2024 Iavarone, B.; Morelli, M. S.; Brunato, D.; Ghiasi, S.; Scilingo, E. P.; Vanello, N.; Dell'Orletta, F.; Greco, A.
Physiologically-Informed Gaussian Processes for Interpretable Modelling of Psycho-Physiological States 1-gen-2023 Ghiasi, Shadi; Patane, Andrea; Laurenti, Luca; Gentili, Claudio; Scilingo, Enzo Pasquale; Greco, Alberto; Kwiatkowska, Marta
Classifying subclinical depression using EEG spectral and connectivity measures 1-gen-2021 Ghiasi, S.; Dell'Acqua, C.; Benvenuti, S. M.; Scilingo, E. P.; Gentili, C.; Valenza, G.; Greco, A.
Increased functional connectivity within alpha and theta frequency bands in dysphoria: A resting-state EEG study 1-gen-2021 Dell'Acqua, C.; Ghiasi, S.; Messerotti Benvenuti, S.; Greco, A.; Gentili, C.; Valenza, G.
Gaussian Processes with Physiologically-Inspired Priors for Physical Arousal Recognition 1-gen-2020 Ghiasi, S; Patane, A; Greco, A; Laurenti, L; Scilingo, Ep; Kwiatkowska, M
Towards Disentangling the Contribution of Different Pathways for the Regulation of Cardiac Activity: A Pilot Study 1-gen-2020 Ghiasi, S.; Greco, A.; Faes, L.; Javorka, M.; Barbieri, R.; Scilingo, E. P.; Valenza, G.
Quantification of Different Regulatory Pathways Contributing to Heartbeat Dynamics during Multiple Stimuli: A Proof of the Concept 1-gen-2019 Ghiasi, S.; Greco, A.; Faes, L.; Javorka, M.; Barbieri, R.; Scilingo, E. P.; Valenza, G.
The Role of Haptic Stimuli on Affective Reading: a Pilot Study 1-gen-2019 Ghiasi, Shadi; Valenza, Getano; Morelli, Maria Sole; Bianchi, Matteo; Scilingo, Enzo Pasquale
A new Modelling Framework to Study Time-Varying Directional Brain-Heart Interactions: Preliminary Evaluations and Perspectives 1-gen-2018 Catrambone, V.; Greco, A.; Nardelli, M.; Ghiasi, Shadi; Vanello, N.; Scilingo, E. P.; Valenza, G.
A New Sympathovagal Balance Index from Electrodermal Activity and Instantaneous Vagal Dynamics: A Preliminary Cold Pressor Study 1-gen-2018 Ghiasi, S.; Grecol, A.; Nardelli, M.; Catrambonel, V.; Barbieri, R.; Scilingo, E. P.; Valenza, G.
Automated Recognition of Sleep Arousal Using Multimodal and Personalized Deep Ensembles of Neural Networks 1-gen-2018 Patane, A.; Ghiasi, S.; Scilingo, E. P.; Kwiatkowska, M.