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Report from a Tibetan Monastery: EEG neural correlates of concentrative and analytical meditation 1-gen-2024 Neri, Bruno; Callara, Alejandro Luis; Vanello, Nicola; Menicucci, Danilo; Zaccaro, Andrea; Piarulli, Andrea; Laurino, Marco; Norbu, Ngawang; Kechok, Jampa; Sherab, Ngawang; Gemignani, Angelo
Sense of Agency and Skills Learning in Virtual-Mediated Environment: A Systematic Review 1-gen-2024 Cesari, Valentina; D’Aversa, Sveva; Piarulli, Andrea; Melfi, Franca; Gemignani, Angelo; Menicucci, Danilo
Sleep is Essential for Mental Health: Potential Role of Slow Oscillations 1-gen-2024 Aquino, Giulia; Alfì, Gaspare; Riemann, Dieter; Laurino, Marco; Menicucci, Danilo; Piarulli, Andrea; Palagini, Laura; Gemignani, Angelo
Altered Brain Connectivity and Network Topological Organization in a Non-ordinary State of Consciousness Induced by Hypnosis 1-gen-2023 Panda, Rajanikant; Vanhaudenhuyse, Audrey; Piarulli, Andrea; Annen, Jitka; Demertzi, Athena; Alnagger, Naji; Chennu, Srivas; Laureys, Steven; Faymonville, Marie-Elisabeth; Gosseries, Olivia
Human-like problem-solving abilities in large language models using ChatGPT 1-gen-2023 Orru', Graziella; Piarulli, Andrea; Conversano, Ciro; Gemignani, Angelo
The hidden impact of Covid-19 on memory: Disclosing subjective complaints 1-gen-2023 Orrù, Graziella; Conversano, Ciro; Cipriani, Enrico; Miccoli, Mario; Ciacchini, Rebecca; Cancemi, Cristiana; Menicucci, Danilo; BERROCAL MONTIEL, Carmen; Piarulli, Andrea; Gemignani, Angelo
Tinnitus and distress: an electroencephalography classification study 1-gen-2023 Piarulli, Andrea; Vanneste, Sven; Nemirovsky, Idan Efim; Kandeepan, Sivayini; Maudoux, Audrey; Gemignani, Angelo; De Ridder, Dirk; Soddu, Andrea
Neural correlates of non-ordinary states of consciousness in Pranayama practitioners: the role of slow nasal breathing 1-gen-2022 Zaccaro, Andrea; Piarulli, Andrea; Melosini, Lorenza; Menicucci, Danilo; Gemignani, Angelo
A novel closed-loop EEG-tDCS approach to promote responsiveness of patients in minimally conscious state: A study protocol 1-gen-2021 Martens, G.; Ibanez-Soria, D.; Barra, A.; Soria-Frisch, A.; Piarulli, A.; Gosseries, O.; Salvador, R.; Rojas, A.; Nitsche, M. A.; Kroupi, E.; Laureys, S.; Ruffini, G.; Thibaut, A.
Catastrophisation, chronic pain and sexuality: a cross-sectional investigation in fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis 1-gen-2021 Piarulli, A.; Conversano, C.; Ciacchini, R.; Miniati, M.; Marchi, L.; Bazzichi, L.; Gemignani, A.; Orru', Graziella
High-Density EEG in a Charles Bonnet Syndrome Patient during and without Visual Hallucinations: A Case-Report Study 1-gen-2021 Piarulli, Andrea; Annen, Jitka; Kupers, Ron; Laureys, Steven; Martial, Charlotte
Mapping the functional brain state of a world champion freediver in static dry apnea 1-gen-2021 Annen, Jitka; Panda, Rajanikant; Martial, Charlotte; Piarulli, Andrea; Nery, Guillaume; Sanz, Leandro R D; Valdivia-Valdivia, Juan M; Ledoux, Didier; Gosseries, Olivia; Laureys, Steven
The consciousness state of traditional Nidra Yoga/modern Yoga Nidra: Phenomenological characterization and preliminary insights from an EEG study 1-gen-2021 Zaccaro, Andrea; Riehl, André; Piarulli, Andrea; Alfì, Gaspare; Neri, Bruno; Menicucci, Danilo; Gemignani, Angelo
Sleep slow oscillations favour local cortical plasticity underlying the consolidation of reinforced procedural learning in human sleep 1-gen-2020 Menicucci, Danilo; Piarulli, Andrea; Laurino, Marco; Zaccaro, Andrea; Agrimi, Jacopo; Gemignani, Angelo
Altered state of consciousness induced by active stimulation of the olfactory epithelium during slow breathing (pranayama): towards an integrated psychophysiological model 1-gen-2019 Zaccaro, Andrea; Piarulli, Andrea; Menicucci, Danilo; Melosini, Lorenza; Zito, Alice; Gemignani, Angelo
Effect of multichannel transcranial direct current stimulation to reduce hypertonia in individuals with prolonged disorders of consciousness: A randomized controlled pilot study 1-gen-2019 Thibaut, A.; Piarulli, A.; Martens, G.; Chatelle, C.; Laureys, S.
Local Gamma Activity During Non-REM Sleep in the Context of Sensory Evoked K-Complexes 1-gen-2019 Laurino, M.; Piarulli, A.; Menicucci, D.; Gemignani, A.
Mindfulness dispositions and defense style as positive responses to psychological distress in oncology professionals 1-gen-2019 Di Giuseppe, M.; Ciacchini, R.; Piarulli, A.; Nepa, G.; Conversano, C.
Psychophysiological and phenomenological characterization of altered states of consciousness induced by Nidrâ Yoga sessions in expert practitioners 1-gen-2019 Zaccaro, A.; Riehl, A.; Piarulli, A.; Alfì, G.; Menicucci, D.; Gemignani, A
How breath-control can change your life: a systematic review on psycho-physiological correlates of slow breathing 1-gen-2018 Zaccaro, Andrea; Piarulli, Andrea; Laurino, Marco; Garbella, Erika; Menicucci, Danilo; Neri, Bruno; Gemignani, Angelo