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Altered state of consciousness induced by active stimulation of the olfactory epithelium during slow breathing (pranayama): towards an integrated psychophysiological model 1-gen-2019 Zaccaro, Andrea; Piarulli, Andrea; Menicucci, Danilo; Melosini, Lorenza; Zito, Alice; Gemignani, Angelo
Catastrophisation, chronic pain and sexuality: a cross-sectional investigation in fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis 1-gen-2021 Piarulli, A.; Conversano, C.; Ciacchini, R.; Miniati, M.; Marchi, L.; Bazzichi, L.; Gemignani, A.; Orru', Graziella
The consciousness state of traditional Nidra Yoga/modern Yoga Nidra: Phenomenological characterization and preliminary insights from an EEG study 1-gen-2021 Zaccaro, Andrea; Riehl, André; Piarulli, Andrea; Alfì, Gaspare; Neri, Bruno; Menicucci, Danilo; Gemignani, Angelo
How breath-control can change your life: a systematic review on psycho-physiological correlates of slow breathing 1-gen-2018 Zaccaro, Andrea; Piarulli, Andrea; Laurino, Marco; Garbella, Erika; Menicucci, Danilo; Neri, Bruno; Gemignani, Angelo
Local Gamma Activity During Non-REM Sleep in the Context of Sensory Evoked K-Complexes 1-gen-2019 Laurino, M.; Piarulli, A.; Menicucci, D.; Gemignani, A.
Mindfulness dispositions and defense style as positive responses to psychological distress in oncology professionals 1-gen-2019 Di Giuseppe, M.; Ciacchini, R.; Piarulli, A.; Nepa, G.; Conversano, C.
Neural correlates of non-ordinary states of consciousness in Pranayama practitioners: the role of slow nasal breathing 1-gen-2022 Zaccaro, Andrea; Piarulli, Andrea; Melosini, Lorenza; Menicucci, Danilo; Gemignani, Angelo
Psychometric and psychobiological correlates of altered states of consciousness elicited by Vipassana Analytical and Open Monitoring meditation 1-gen-2018 Zaccaro, Andrea; Marzetti, Francesca; Piarulli, Andrea; Menicucci, Danilo; Scianna, Filippo; Gemignani, Angelo
Psychophysiological and phenomenological characterization of altered states of consciousness induced by Nidrâ Yoga sessions in expert practitioners 1-gen-2019 Zaccaro, A.; Riehl, A.; Piarulli, A.; Alfì, G.; Menicucci, D.; Gemignani, A
Sleep slow oscillations favour local cortical plasticity underlying the consolidation of reinforced procedural learning in human sleep 1-gen-2020 Menicucci, Danilo; Piarulli, Andrea; Laurino, Marco; Zaccaro, Andrea; Agrimi, Jacopo; Gemignani, Angelo
Slow nasal breathing selectively modifies state of consciousness in healthy humans: a psychometric study 1-gen-2018 Zaccaro, A.; Menicucci, D.; Zito, A.; Melosini, L.; Piarulli, A.; Gemignani, A.
SmartBed: an innovative tool for assessing sleep quality in the general population 1-gen-2018 Laurino, Marco; Menicucci, Danilo; Piarulli, Andrea; Zaccaro, Andrea; Gemignani, Angelo
Spatiotemporal fractal indexes in wakefulness and sleep: Intermittency and connectivity 1-gen-2015 Allegrini, P.; Paradisi, P.; Menicucci, D.; Laurino, M.; Zaccaro, A.; Piarulli, A.; Gemignani, A.
Ultra-slow mechanical stimulation of olfactory epithelium modulates consciousness by slowing cerebral rhythms in humans 1-gen-2018 Piarulli, A.; Zaccaro, A.; Laurino, M.; Menicucci, D.; De Vito, A.; Bruschini, L.; Berrettini, S.; Bergamasco, M.; Laureys, S.; Gemignani, A.
Visuo-motor learning differently modulates cortical topology of sleep slow oscillations and of fast rhythms expression during NREM sleep: a high-density sleep EEG study 1-gen-2015 Menicucci, D.; Agrimi, J.; Laurino, M.; Gemignani, J.; Zaccaro, A.; Allegrini, P.; Piarulli, A.; Sebastiani, L.; Gemignani, A.