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Association Between Blood Pressure Variability, Cardiovascular Disease And Mortality In Type 2 Diabetes: A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis 1-gen-2019 Chiriacò, M; Pateras, K; Virdis, A; Charakida, M; Kyriakopoulou, D; Nannipieri, M; Emdin, M; Tsioufis, C; Taddei, S; Masi, S; Georgiopoulos, G
Cardiac remodeling and vascular changes: Same music with a new instrument 1-gen-2019 Masi, Stefano; Chiriaco', Martina; Virdis, Agostino
Female Sex and Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE) Insertion/Deletion Polymorphism Amplify the Effects of Adiposity on Blood Pressure 1-gen-2021 Chiriacò, Martina; Tricò, Domenico; Leonetti, Simone; Petrie, John R; Balkau, Beverley; Højlund, Kurt; Pataky, Zoltan; Nilsson, Peter M; Natali, Andrea
Glomerular Hyperfiltration Predicts Kidney Function Decline and Mortality in Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes: A 21-Year Longitudinal Study 1-gen-2023 Moriconi, Diego; Sacchetta, Luca; Chiriaco, Martina; Nesti, Lorenzo; Forotti, Giovanna; Natali, Andrea; Solini, Anna; Tricò, Domenico
Inflammation and Vascular Ageing: From Telomeres to Novel Emerging Mechanisms 1-gen-2019 Chiriacò, Martina; Georgiopoulos, Georgios; Duranti, Emiliano; Antonioli, Luca; Puxeddu, Ilaria; Nannipieri, Monica; Rosada, Javier; Blandizzi, Corrado; Taddei, Stefano; Virdis, Agostino; Masi, Stefano
Microvascular Endothelial Dysfunction in Patients with Obesity 1-gen-2019 Virdis, Agostino; Masi, Stefano; Colucci, Rocchina; Chiriacò, Martina; Uliana, Monica; Puxeddu, Ilaria; Bernardini, Nunzia; Blandizzi, Corrado; Taddei, Stefano
Proatherogenic changes in lipoprotein particles associated with a high triglyceride to high-density lipoprotein cholesterol ratio in youths 1-gen-2023 Chiriaco, Martina; Nesti, Lorenzo; Natali, Andrea; Santoro, Nicola; Caprio, Sonia; Tricò, Domenico
Prognostic Value Of 24-hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure And Heart Rate Patterns In Diabetes: A 20-year Longitudinal Analysis Of The Chronic Diabetes Complications And All-cause Mortality In Pisa From 1999 Onwards (CHAMP1ON) Study Cohort 1-gen-2021 Chiriacò, Martina; Sacchetta, Luca; Forotti, Giovanna; Leonetti, Simone; Nesti, Lorenzo; Taddei, Stefano; Natali, Andrea; Solini, Anna; Tricò, Domenico
Synergistic effect of chronic kidney disease, neuropathy, and retinopathy on all-cause mortality in type 1 and type 2 diabetes: a 21-year longitudinal study 1-gen-2022 Sacchetta, Luca; Chiriaco, Martina; Nesti, Lorenzo; Leonetti, Simone; Forotti, Giovanna; Natali, Andrea; Solini, Anna; Tricò, Domenico
The importance of endothelial dysfunction in resistance artery remodeling and cardiovascular risk 1-gen-2019 Masi, Stefano; Georgiopoulos, Georgios; Chiriacò, Martina; Grassi, Guido; Seravalle, Gino; Savoia, Carmine; Volpe, Massimo; Taddei, Stefano; Rizzoni, Damiano; Virdis, Agostino
The relationship between telomere length and putative markers of vascular ageing: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis 1-gen-2021 Kosmopoulos, Marinos; Chiriacò, Martina; Stamatelopoulos, Kimon; Tsioufis, Costas; Masci, Pier Giorgio; Kontogiannis, Christos; Mengozzi, Alessandro; Pugliese, Nicola Riccardo; Taddei, Stefano; Virdis, Agostino; Masi, Stefano; Georgiopoulos, Georgios