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Dietary Supplementation with the Probiotic SF68 Reinforces Intestinal Epithelial Barrier in Obese Mice by Improving Butyrate Bioavailability 1-gen-2023 Benvenuti, L.; D'Antongiovanni, V.; Pellegrini, C.; Fornai, M.; Bernardini, N.; Ippolito, C.; Segnani, C.; Di Salvo, C.; Colucci, R.; Martelli, A.; Flori, L.; Calderone, V.; Carta, G.; Ghelardi, E.; Calvigioni, M.; Panattoni, A.; Coppolecchia, R.; Arini, A.; Antonioli, L.
Disruption of Irisin Dimerization by FDA-Approved Drugs: A Computational Repurposing Approach for the Potential Treatment of Lipodystrophy Syndromes 1-gen-2023 Flori, L.; Brogi, S.; Sirous, H.; Calderone, V.
Erucin Exerts Cardioprotective Effects on Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury through the Modulation of mitoKATP Channels 1-gen-2023 Flori, L.; Montanaro, R.; Pagnotta, E.; Ugolini, L.; Righetti, L.; Martelli, A.; Di Cesare Mannelli, L.; Ghelardini, C.; Brancaleone, V.; Testai, L.; Calderone, V.
In Silico Identification of Natural Products and World-Approved Drugs Targeting the KEAP1/NRF2 Pathway Endowed with Potential Antioxidant Profile 1-gen-2023 Brogi, S.; Guarino, I.; Flori, L.; Sirous, H.; Calderone, V.
Influence of Polyphenols on Adipose Tissue: Sirtuins as Pivotal Players in the Browning Process 1-gen-2023 Flori, Lorenzo; Piragine, Eugenia; Spezzini, Jacopo; Citi, Valentina; Calderone, Vincenzo; Martelli, Alma
Persulfidation of mitoKv7.4 channels contributes to the cardioprotective effects of the H2S-donor Erucin against ischemia/reperfusion injury 1-gen-2023 Testai, L.; Montanaro, R.; Flori, L.; Pagnotta, E.; Vellecco, V.; Gorica, E.; Ugolini, L.; Righetti, L.; Brancaleone, V.; Bucci, M.; Piragine, E.; Martelli, A.; Di Cesare Mannelli, L.; Ghelardini, C.; Calderone, V.
Cardioprotective effects of grapefruit IntegroPectin extraced via Hydrodynamic Cavitation from by-products of Citrus fruits industry: role of mitochondrial potassium channels 1-gen-2022 Flori, Lorenzo; Albanese, Lorenzo; Calderone, Vincenzo; Meneguzzo, Francesco; Pagliaro, Mario; Ciriminna, Rosaria; Zabini, Federica; Testai, Lara
Cardiovascular benefits of Eruca sativa mill. Defatted seed meal extract: Potential role of hydrogen sulfide 1-gen-2022 Testai, L.; Pagnotta, E.; Piragine, E.; Flori, L.; Citi, V.; Martelli, A.; Mannelli, L. D. C.; Ghelardini, C.; Matteo, R.; Suriano, S.; Troccoli, A.; Pecchioni, N.; Calderone, V.
Luteolin-Induced Activation of Mitochondrial BKCa Channels: Undisclosed Mechanism of Cytoprotection 1-gen-2022 Kampa, Rafał P; Flori, Lorenzo; Sęk, Aleksandra; Spezzini, Jacopo; Brogi, Simone; Szewczyk, Adam; Calderone, Vincenzo; Bednarczyk, Piotr; Testai, Lara
New Synthetic Analogues of Natural Polyphenols as Sirtuin 1-Activating Compounds 1-gen-2022 Bononi, G.; Flori, L.; Citi, V.; Acciai, C.; Nocilla, V.; Martelli, A.; Poli, G.; Tuccinardi, T.; Granchi, C.; Testai, L.; Calderone, V.; Minutolo, F.
Coenzyme q10: Clinical applications beyond cardiovascular diseases 1-gen-2021 Testai, L.; Martelli, A.; Flori, L.; Colletti, A.; Cicero, A. F. G.
Contribution of irisin pathway in protective effects of mandarin juice (Citrus reticulata Blanco) on metabolic syndrome in rats fed with high fat diet 1-gen-2021 Testai, L.; De Leo, M.; Flori, L.; Polini, B.; Braca, A.; Nieri, P.; Pistelli, L.; Calderone, V.
Identification of novel SIRT1 activators endowed with cardioprotective profile 1-gen-2021 Flori, L.; Petrarolo, G.; Brogi, S.; La Motta, C.; Testai, L.; Calderone, V.
Palmitoylethanolamide Counteracts Enteric Inflammation and Bowel Motor Dysfunctions in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease 1-gen-2021 D'Antongiovanni, V.; Pellegrini, C.; Antonioli, L.; Benvenuti, L.; Di Salvo, C.; Flori, L.; Piccarducci, R.; Daniele, S.; Martelli, A.; Calderone, V.; Martini, C.; Fornai, M.
Structure-activity relationships study of isothiocyanates for H2S releasing properties: 3-Pyridyl-isothiocyanate as a new promising cardioprotective agent 1-gen-2021 Citi, V.; Corvino, A.; Fiorino, F.; Frecentese, F.; Magli, E.; Perissutti, E.; Santagada, V.; Brogi, S.; Flori, L.; Gorica, E.; Testai, L.; Martelli, A.; Calderone, V.; Caliendo, G.; Severino, B.
Synthesis and pharmacological characterization of mitochondrial KATP channel openers with enhanced mitochondriotropic effects 1-gen-2021 Testai, L.; Sestito, S.; Martelli, A.; Gorica, E.; Flori, L.; Calderone, V.; Rapposelli, S.
The "irisin system": From biological roles to pharmacological and nutraceutical perspectives 1-gen-2021 Flori, Lorenzo; Testai, Lara; Calderone, Vincenzo
Vascular effects of the polyphenolic nutraceutical supplement taurisolo®: Focus on the protection of the endothelial function 1-gen-2021 Martelli, A.; Flori, L.; Gorica, E.; Piragine, E.; Saviano, A.; Annunziata, G.; Di Minno, M. N. D.; Ciampaglia, R.; Calcaterra, I.; Maione, F.; Tenore, G. C.; Novellino, E.; Calderone, V.
By-products from winemaking and olive mill value chains for the enrichment of refined olive oil: Technological challenges and nutraceutical features 1-gen-2020 Macaluso, M.; Bianchi, A.; Sanmartin, C.; Taglieri, I.; Venturi, F.; Testai, L.; Flori, L.; Calderone, V.; De Leo, M.; Braca, A.; Ciccone, V.; Donnini, S.; Guidi, L.; Zinnai, A.
Development of fortified citrus olive oils: From their production to their nutraceutical properties on the cardiovascular system 1-gen-2020 Flori, L.; Macaluso, M.; Taglieri, I.; Sanmartin, C.; Sgherri, C.; De Leo, M.; Ciccone, V.; Donnini, S.; Venturi, F.; Pistelli, L.; Martelli, A.; Calderone, V.; Testai, L.; Zinnai, A.