This paper reports a measurement of the W+b-jets (W+b+X and W+b (b) over bar +X) production cross-section in proton-proton collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of 7 TeV at the LHC. These results are based on data corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 4.6 fb(-1), collected with the ATLAS detector. Cross-sections are presented as a function of jet multiplicity and of the transverse momentum of the leading b-jet for both the muon and electron decay modes of the W boson. The W+b-jets cross-section, corrected for all known detector effects, is quoted in a limited kinematic range. Combining the muon and electron channels, the fiducial cross-section for W+b-jets is measured to be 7.1 +/- 0.5 (stat) +/- 1.4 (syst) pb, consistent with the next-to-leading order QCD prediction, corrected for non-perturbative and double-parton interactions (DPI) contributions, of 4.70 +/- 0.09 (stat) (+0.60)(-0.49) (scale) +/- 0.06 (PDF) +/- 0.16 (non-pert) (+0.52)(-0.38) (DPI) pb.

Measurement of the cross-section for W boson production in association with b-jets in pp collisions at √s=7 TeV with the ATLAS detector

Cavasinni V;Francavilla P;Roda C;