Conventional, hadronic matter consists of baryons and mesons made of three quarks and a quark–antiquark pair, respectively1,2. Here, we report the observation of a hadronic state containing four quarks in the Large Hadron Collider beauty experiment. This so-called tetraquark contains two charm quarks, a u¯ and a d¯ quark. This exotic state has a mass of approximately 3,875 MeV and manifests as a narrow peak in the mass spectrum of D0D0π+ mesons just below the D*+D0 mass threshold. The near-threshold mass together with the narrow width reveals the resonance nature of the state. © 2022, The Author(s).

Observation of an exotic narrow doubly charmed tetraquark

Punzi, G.;


Conventional, hadronic matter consists of baryons and mesons made of three quarks and a quark–antiquark pair, respectively1,2. Here, we report the observation of a hadronic state containing four quarks in the Large Hadron Collider beauty experiment. This so-called tetraquark contains two charm quarks, a u¯ and a d¯ quark. This exotic state has a mass of approximately 3,875 MeV and manifests as a narrow peak in the mass spectrum of D0D0π+ mesons just below the D*+D0 mass threshold. The near-threshold mass together with the narrow width reveals the resonance nature of the state. © 2022, The Author(s).
Aaij, ; R., and Abdelmotteleb; A. S. W., and Abellán Beteta; C., and Abudinen Gallego; F. J., and Ackernley; T., and Adeva; B., and Adinolfi; M., and Afsharnia; H., and Agapopoulou; C., and Aidala; C. A., and Aiola; S., and Ajaltouni; Z., and Akar; S., and Albrecht; J., and Alessio; F., and Alexander; M., and Alfonso Albero; A., and Aliouche; Z., and Alkhazov; G., and Alvarez Cartelle; P., and Amato; S., and Amey; J. L., and Amhis; Y., and An; L., and Anderlini; L., and Andreianov; A., and Andreotti; M., and Archilli; F., and Artamonov; A., and Artuso; M., and Arzymatov; K., and Aslanides; E., and Atzeni; M., and Audurier; B., and Bachmann; S., and Bachmayer; M., and Back; J. J., and Baladron Rodriguez; P., and Balagura; V., and Baldini; W., and Baptista Leite; J., and Barbetti; M., and Barlow; R. J., and Barsuk; S., and Barter; W., and Bartolini; M., and Baryshnikov; F., and Basels; J. M., and Bashir; S., and Bassi; G., and Batsukh; B., and Battig; A., and Bay; A., and Beck; A., and Becker; M., and Bedeschi; F., and Bediaga; I., and Beiter; A., and Belavin; V., and Belin; S., and Bellee; V., and Belous; K., and Belov; I., and Belyaev; I., and Bencivenni; G., and Ben-Haim; E., and Berezhnoy; A., and Bernet; R., and Berninghoff; D., and Bernstein; H. C., and Bertella; C., and Bertolin; A., and Betancourt; C., and Betti; F., and Bezshyiko; I., and Bhasin; S., and Bhom; J., and Bian; L., and Bieker; M. S., and Bifani; S., and Billoir; P., and Birch; M., and Bishop; F. C. R., and Bitadze; A., and Bizzeti; A., and Bjørn; M., and Blago; M. P., and Blake; T., and Blanc; F., and Blusk; S., and Bobulska; D., and Boelhauve; J. A., and Boente Garcia; O., and Boettcher; T., and Boldyrev; A., and Bondar; A., and Bondar; N., and Borghi; S., and Borisyak; M., and Borsato; M., and Borsuk; J. T., and Bouchiba; S. A., and Bowcock; T. J. V., and Boyer; A., and Bozzi; C., and Bradley; M. J., and Braun; S., and Brea Rodriguez; A., and Brodzicka; J., and Brossa Gonzalo; A., and Brundu; D., and Buonaura; A., and Buonincontri; L., and Burke; A. T., and Burr; C., and Bursche; A., and Butkevich; A., and Butter; J. S., and Buytaert; J., and Byczynski; W., and Cadeddu; S., and Cai; H., and Calabrese; R., and Calefice; L., and Calero Diaz; L., and Cali; S., and Calladine; R., and Calvi; M., and Calvo Gomez; M., and Camargo Magalhaes; P., and Campana; P., and Compoverde Quezada; A. F., and Capelli; S., and Capriotti; L., and Carbone; A., and Carboni; G., and Cardinale; R., and Cardini; A., and Carli; I., and Carniti; P., and Carus; L., and Carvalho Akiba; K., and Casais Vidal; A., and Casse; G., and Cattaneo; M., and Cavallero; G., and Celani; S., and Cerasoli; J., and Cervenkov; D., and Chadwick; A. J., and Chapman; M. G., and Charles; M., and Charpentier; P., and Chatzikonstantinidis; G., and Chavez Barajas; C. A., and Chefdeville; M., and Chen; C., and Chen; S., and Chernov; A., and Chobanova; V., and Cholak; S., and Chrzaszcz; M., and Chubykin; A., and Chulikov; V., and Ciambrone; P., and Cicala; M. F., and Cid Vidal; X., and Ciezarek; G., and Clarke; P. E. L., and Clemencic; M., and Cliff; H. V., and Closier; J., and Cobbledick; J. L., and Coco; V., and Coelho; J. A. B., and Cogan; J., and Cogneras; E., and Cojocariu; L., and Collins; P., and Colombo; T., and Congedo; L., and Contu; A., and Cooke; N., and Coombs; G., and Corredoira; I., and Corti; G., and Costa Sobral; C. M., and Couturier; B., and Craik; D. C., and Crkovská; J., and Cruz Torres; M., and Currie; R., and Da Silva; C. L., and Dadabaev; S., and Dai; L., and Dall’Occo; E., and Dalseno; J., and D’Ambrosio; C., and Danilina; A., and d’Argent; P., and Davies; J. E., and Davis; A., and De Aguiar Francisco; O., and De Bruyn; K., and De Capua; S., and De Cian; M., and De Miranda; J. M., and De Paula; L., and De Serio; M., and De Simone; D., and De Simone; P., and De Vellis; F., and de Vries; J. A., and Dean; C. T., and Debernardis; F., and Decamp; D., and Dedu; V., and Del Buono; L., and Delaney; B., and Dembinski; H. -P., and Dendek; A., and Denysenko; V., and Derkach; D., and Deschamps; O., and Desse; F., and Dettori; F., and Dey; B., and Di Cicco; A., and Di Nezza; P., and Didenko; S., and Dieste Maronas; L., and Dijkstra; H., and Dobishuk; V., and Dong; C., and Donohoe; A. M., and Dordei; F., and dos Reis; A. C., and Douglas; L., and Dovbnya; A., and Downes; A. G., and Dudek; M. W., and Dufour; L., and Duk; V., and Durante; P., and Durham; J. M., and Dutta; D., and Dziurda; A., and Dzyuba; A., and Easo; S., and Egede; U., and Egorychev; V., and Eidelman; S., and Eisenhardt; S., and Ek-In; S., and Eklund; L., and Ely; S., and Ene; A., and Epple; E., and Escher; S., and Eschle; J., and Esen; S., and Evans; T., and Falabella; A., and Fan; J., and Fan; Y., and Fang; B., and Farry; S., and Fazzini; D., and Féo; M., and Fernandez Prieto; A., and Fernez; A. D., and Ferrari; F., and Ferreira Lopes; L., and Ferreira Rodrigues; F., and Ferreres Sole; S., and Ferrillo; M., and Ferro-Luzzi; M., and Filippov; S., and Fini; R. A., and Fiorini; M., and Firlej; M., and Fischer; K. M., and Fitzgerald; D. S., and Fitzpatrick; C., and Fiutowski; T., and Fkiaras; A., and Fleuret; F., and Fontana; M., and Fontanelli; F., and Forty; R., and Foulds-Holt; D., and Franco Lima; V., and Franco Sevilla; M., and Frank; M., and Franzoso; E., and Frau; G., and Frei; C., and Friday; D. A., and Fu; J., and Fuehring; Q., and Gabriel; E., and Galati; G., and Gallas Torreira; A., and Galli; D., and Gambetta; S., and Gan; Y., and Gandelman; M., and Gandini; P., and Gao; Y., and Garau; M., and Garcia Martin; L. M., and Garcia Moreno; P., and García Pardiñas; J., and Garcia Plana; B., and Garcia Rosales; F. A., and Garrido; L., and Gaspar; C., and Geertsema; R. E., and Gerick; D., and Gerken; L. L., and Gersabeck; E., and Gersabeck; M., and Gershon; T., and Gerstel; D., and Giambastiani; L., and Gibson; V., and Giemza; H. K., and Gilman; A. L., and Giovannetti; M., and Gioventù; A., and Gironella Gironell; P., and Giubega; L., and Giugliano; C., and Gizdov; K., and Gkougkousis; E. L., and Gligorov; V. V., and Göbel; C., and Golobardes; E., and Golubkov; D., and Golutvin; A., and Gomes; A., and Gomez Fernandez; S., and Goncalves Abrantes; F., and Goncerz; M., and Gong; G., and Gorbounov; P., and Gorelov; I. V., and Gotti; C., and Govorkova; E., and Grabowski; J. P., and Grammatico; T., and Granado Cardoso; L. A., and Graugés; E., and Graverini; E., and Graziani; G., and Grecu; A., and Greeven; L. M., and Grieser; N. A., and Grillo; L., and Gromov; S., and Gruberg Cazon; B. R., and Gu; C., and Guarise; M., and Guittiere; M., and Günther; P. A., and Gushchin; E., and Guth; A., and Guz; Y., and Gys; T., and Hadavizadeh; T., and Haefeli; G., and Haen; C., and Haimberger; J., and Halewood-leagas; T., and Hamilton; P. M., and Hammerich; J. P., and Han; Q., and Han; X., and Hancock; T. H., and Hansen; E. B., and Hansmann-Menzemer; S., and Harnew; N., and Harrison; T., and Hasse; C., and Hatch; M., and He; J., and Hecker; M., and Heijhoff; K., and Heinicke; K., and Hennequin; A. M., and Hennessy; K., and Henry; L., and Heuel; J., and Hicheur; A., and Hill; D., and Hilton; M., and Hollitt; S. E., and Hou; R., and Hou; Y., and Hu; J., and Hu; J., and Hu; W., and Hu; X., and Huang; W., and Huang; X., and Hulsbergen; W., and Hunter; R. J., and Hushchyn; M., and Hutchcroft; D., and Hynds; D., and Ibis; P., and Idzik; M., and Ilin; D., and Ilten; P., and Inglessi; A., and Ishteev; A., and Ivshin; K., and Jacobsson; R., and Jage; H., and Jakobsen; S., and Jans; E., and Jashal; B. K., and Jawahery; A., and Jevtic; V., and Jiang; F., and John; M., and Johnson; D., and Jones; C. R., and Jones; T. P., and Jost; B., and Jurik; N., and Kalavan Kadavath; S. H., and Kandybei; S., and Kang; Y., and Karacson; M., and Karpov; M., and Keizer; F., and Keller; D. M., and Kenzie; M., and Ketel; T., and Khanji; B., and Kharisova; A., and Kholodenko; S., and Kirn; T., and Kirsebom; V. S., and Kitouni; O., and Klaver; S., and Kleijne; N., and Klimaszewski; K., and Kmiec; M. R., and Koliiev; S., and Kondybayeva; A., and Konoplyannikov; A., and Kopciewicz; P., and Kopecna; R., and Koppenburg; P., and Korolev; M., and Kostiuk; I., and Kot; O., and Kotriakhova; S., and Kravchenko; P., and Kravchuk; L., and Krawczyk; R. D., and Kreps; M., and Kress; F., and Kretzschmar; S., and Krokovny; P., and Krupa; W., and Krzemien; W., and Kucharczyk; M., and Kudryavtsev; V., and Kuindersma; H. S., and Kunde; G. J., and Kvaratskheliya; T., and Lacarrere; D., and Lafferty; G., and Lai; A., and Lampis; A., and Lancierini; D., and Lane; J. J., and Lane; R., and Lanfranchi; G., and Langenbruch; C., and Langer; J., and Lantwin; O., and Latham; T., and Lazzari; F., and Le Gac; R., and Lee; S. H., and Lefèvre; R., and Leflat; A., and Legotin; S., and Leroy; O., and Lesiak; T., and Leverington; B., and Li; H., and Li; P., and Li; S., and Li; Y., and Li; Z., and Liang; X., and Lin; T., and Lindner; R., and Lisovskyi; V., and Litvinov; R., and Liu; G., and Liu; H., and Liu; Q., and Liu; S., and Lobo Salvia; A., and Loi; A., and Lomba Castro; J., and Longstaff; I., and Lopes; J. H., and Lopez Solino; S., and Lovell; G. H., and Lu; Y., and Lucarelli; C., and Lucchesi; D., and Luchuk; S., and Lucio Martinez; M., and Lukashenko; V., and Luo; Y., and Lupato; A., and Luppi; E., and Lupton; O., and Lusiani; A., and Lyu; X., and Ma; L., and Ma; R., and Maccolini; S., and Machefert; F., and Maciuc; F., and Macko; V., and Mackowiak; P., and Maddrell-Mander; S., and Madejczyk; O., and Madhan Mohan; L. R., and Maev; O., and Maevskiy; A., and Maisuzenko; D., and Majewski; M. W., and Malczewski; J. J., and Malde; S., and Malecki; B., and Malinin; A., and Maltsev; T., and Malygina; H., and Manca; G., and Mancinelli; G., and Manuzzi; D., and Marangotto; D., and Maratas; J., and Marchand; J. F., and Marconi; U., and Mariani; S., and Marin Benito; C., and Marinangeli; M., and Marks; J., and Marshall; A. M., and Marshall; P. J., and Martelli; G., and Martellotti; G., and Martinazzoli; L., and Martinelli; M., and Martinez Santos; D., and Martinz Vidal; F., and Massafferri; A., and Materok; M., and Matev; R., and Mathad; A., and Matiunin; V., and Matteuzzi; C., and Mattioli; K. R., and Mauri; A., and Maurice; E., and Mauricio; J., and Mazurek; M., and McCann; M., and Mcconnell; L., and Mcgrath; T. H., and Mchugh; N. T., and McNab; A., and McNulty; R., and Mead; J. V., and Meadows; B., and Meier; G., and Meinert; N., and Melnychuk; D., and Meloni; S., and Merk; M., and Merli; A., and Meyer Garcia; L., and Mikhasenko; M., and Milanes; D. A., and Millard; E., and Milovanovic; M., and Minard; M. -N., and Minotti; A., and Minzoni; L., and Mitchell; S. E., and Mitreska; B., and Mitzel; D. S., and Mödden; A., and Mohammed; R. A., and Moise; R. D., and Mokhnenko; S., and Mombächer; T., and Monroy; I. A., and Monteil; S., and Morandin; M., and Morello; G., and Morello; M. J., and Moron; J., and Morris; A. B., and Morris; A. G., and Mountain; R., and Mu; H., and Muheim; F., and Mulder; M., and Müller; D., and Müller; K., and Murphy; C. H., and Murray; D., and Muzzetto; P., and Naik; P., and Nakada; T., and Nandakumar; R., and Nanut; T., and Nasteva; I., and Needham; M., and Neri; I., and Neri; N., and Neubert; S., and Neufeld; N., and Newcombe; R., and Niel; E. M., and Nieswand; S., and Nikitin; N., and Nolte; N. S., and Normand; C., and Nunez; C., and Oblakowska-Mucha; A., and Obraztsov; V., and Oeser; T., and O’Hanlon; D. P., and Okamura; S., and Oldeman; R., and Oliva; F., and Olivares; M. E., and Onderwater; C. J. G., and O’neil; R. H., and Otalora Goicochea; J. M., and Ovsiannikova; T., and Owen; P., and Oyanguren; A., and Padeken; K. O., and Pagare; B., and Pais; P. R., and Pajero; T., and Palano; A., and Palutan; M., and Pan; Y., and Panshin; G., and Papanestis; A., and Pappagallo; M., and Pappalardo; L. L., and Pappenheimer; C., and Parker; W., and Parkes; C., and Passalacqua; B., and Passaleva; G., and Pastore; A., and Patel; M., and Patrignani; C., and Pawley; C. J., and Pearce; A., and Pellegrino; A., and Altarelli; M. P., and Perazzini; S., and Pereima; D., and Periero Castro; A., and Perret; P., and Petric; M., and Petridis; K., and Petrolini; A., and Petrov; A., and Petrucci; S., and Petruzzo; M., and Pham; T. T. H., and Pica; L., and Piccini; M., and Pietrzyk; B., and Pietrzyk; G., and Pili; M., and Pinci; D., and Pisani; F., and Pizzichemi; M., and Resmi; P. K., and Placinta; V., and Plews; J., and Plo Casasus; M., and Polci; F., and Poli Lener; M., and Poliakova; M., and Poluektov; A., and Polukhina; N., and Polyakov; I., and Polycarpo; E., and Ponce; S., and Popov; D., and Popov; S., and Poslavskii; S., and Prasanth; K., and Promberger; L., and Prouve; C., and Pugatch; V., and Puill; V., and Pullen; Punzi, G.; Qi, ; H., and Qian; W., and Qin; J., and Qin; N., and Quagliani; R., and Quintana; B., and Raab; N. V., and Rabadan Trejo; R. I., and Rachwal; B., and Rademacker; J. H., and Rama; M., and Ramos Pernas; M., and Rangel; M. S., and Ratnikov; F., and Raven; G., and Reboud; M., and Redi; F., and Reiss; F., and Remon Alepuz; C., and Ren; Z., and Renaudin; V., and Ribatti; R., and Ricciardi; S., and Rinnert; K., and Robbe; P., and Robertson; G., and Rodrigues; A. B., and Rodrigues; E., and Rodriguez Lopez; J. A., and Rodriguez Rodriguez; E. R. R., and Rollings; A., and Roloff; P., and Romanovskiy; V., and Romero Lamas; M., and Romero Vidal; A., and Roth; J. D., and Rotondo; M., and Rudolph; M. S., and Ruf; T., and Fernandez; R. A. R., and Ruiz Vidal; J., and Ryzhikov; A., and Ryzka; J., and Saborido Silva; J. J., and Sagidova; N., and Sahoo; N., and Saitta; B., and Salomoni; M., and Sanchez Gras; C., and Santacesaria; R., and Santamarina Rios; C., and Santimaria; M., and Santovetti; E., and Saranin; D., and Sarpis; G., and Sarpis; M., and Sarti; A., and Satriano; C., and Satta; A., and Saur; M., and Savrina; D., and Sazak; H., and Scantlebury Smead; L. G., and Scarabotto; A., and Schael; S., and Scherl; S., and Schiller; M., and Schindler; H., and Schmelling; M., and Schmidt; B., and Schmitt; S., and Schneider; O., and Schopper; A., and Schubiger; M., and Schulte; S., and Schune; M. H., and Schwemmer; R., and Sciascia; B., and Sellam; S., and Semennikov; A., and Senghi Soares; M., and Sergi; A., and Serra; N., and Sestini; L., and Seuthe; A., and Shang; Y., and Shangase; D. M., and Shapkin; M., and Shchemerov; I., and Shchutska; L., and Shears; T., and Shekhtman; L., and Shen; Z., and Shevchenko; V., and Shields; E. B., and Shimizu; Y., and Shmanin; E., and Shupperd; J. D., and Siddi; B. G., and Silva Coutinho; R., and Simi; G., and Simone; S., and Skidmore; N., and Skwarnicki; T., and Slater; M. W., and Slazyk; I., and Smallwood; J. C., and Smeaton; J. G., and Smetkina; A., and Smith; E., and Smith; M., and Snoch; A., and Soares; M., and Soares Lavra; L., and Sokoloff; M. D., and Soler; F. J. P., and Solovev; A., and Solovyev; I., and Souza De Almeida; F. L., and Souza De Paula; B., and Spaan; B., and Spadaro Norella; E., and Spradlin; P., and Stagni; F., and Stahl; M., and Stahl; S., and Stanislaus; S., and Steinkamp; O., and Stenyakin; O., and Stevens; H., and Stone; S., and Straticiuc; M., and Strekalina; D., and Suljik; F., and Sun; J., and Sun; L., and Sun; Y., and Svihra; P., and Swallow; P. N., and Swientek; K., and Szabelski; A., and Szumlak; T., and Szymanski; M., and Taneja; S., and Tanner; A. R., and Tat; M. D., and Terentev; A., and Teubert; F., and Thomas; E., and Thompson; D. J. D., and Thomson; K. A., and Tisserand; V., and T’Jampens; S., and Tobin; M., and Tomassetti; L., and Tong; X., and Torres Machado; D., and Tou; D. Y., and Trifonova; E., and Trippl; C., and Tuci; G., and Tully; A., and Tuning; N., and Ukleja; A., and Unverzagt; D. J., and Ursov; E., and Usachov; A., and Ustyuzhanin; A., and Uwer; U., and Vagner; A., and Vagnoni; V., and Valassi; A., and Valenti; G., and Vallus Canudas; N., and van Beuzekom; M., and Van Dijk; M., and van Herwijnen; E., and Van Hulse; C. B., and van Veghel; M., and Vazquez Gomez; R., and Vazquez Regueiro; P., and Vázquez Sierra; C., and Vecchi; S., and Velthuis; J. J., and Veltri; M., and Venkateswaran; A., and Veronesi; M., and Vesterinen; M., and Vieira; D., and Vieites Diaz; M., and Viemann; H., and Vilasis-Cardona; X., and Vilella Figueras; E., and Villa; A., and Vincent; P., and Volle; F. C., and Bruch; D. V., and Vorobyev; A., and Vorobyev; V., and Voropaev; N., and Vos; K., and Waldi; R., and Walsh; J., and Wang; C., and Wang; J., and Wang; J., and Wang; J., and Wang; J., and Wang; M., and Wang; R., and Wang; Y., and Wang; Z., and Wang; Z., and Wang; Z., and Ward; J. A., and Watson; N. K., and Weber; S. G., and Websdale; D., and Weisser; C., and Westhenry; B. D. C., and White; D. J., and Whitehead; M., and Wiederhold; A. R., and Wiedner; D., and Wilkinson; G., and Wilkinson; M., and Williams; I., and Williams; M., and Williams; M. R. J., and Wilson; F. F., and Wislicki; W., and Witek; M., and Witola; L., and Wormser; G., and Wotton; S. A., and Wu; H., and Wyllie; K., and Xiang; Z., and Xiao; D., and Xie; Y., and Xu; A., and Xu; J., and Xu; L., and Xu; M., and Xu; Q., and Xu; Z., and Xu; Z., and Yang; D., and Yang; S., and Yang; Y., and Yang; Z., and Yang; Z., and Yao; Y., and Yeomans; L. E., and Yin; H., and Yu; J., and Yuan; X., and Yushchenko; O., and Zaffaroni; E., and Zavertyaev; M., and Zdybal; M., and Zenaiev; O., and Zeng; M., and Zhang; D., and Zhang; L., and Zhang; S., and Zhang; S., and Zhang; Y., and Zhang; Y., and Zharkova; A., and Zhelezov; A., and Zheng; Y., and Zhou; T., and Zhou; X., and Zhou; Y., and Zhovkovska; V., and Zhu; X., and Zhu; X., and Zhu; Z., and Zhukov; V., and Zonneveld; J. B., and Zou; Q., and Zucchelli; S., and Zuliani; D., and Zunica; G., and LHCb Collaboration
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