Measurement of the W(+)W(-) Cross Section in root s=7 TeV pp Collisions with ATLAS RID F-6345-2010 RID E-5642-2011 RID G-8816-2011 RID F-2602-2010 RID F-7696-2011 RID C-5889-2009 RID G-5156-2010 RID E-6530-2011 RID G-6305-2011 RID F-7543-2011 RID B-2261-2010 RID F-3085-2011 RID B-6634-2009 RID G-1279-2010 RID B-4633-2010 RID G-1087-2011 RID A-3097-2011 RID F-1014-2011 RID B-6717-2011 RID A-6640-2010 RID C-9883-2009