The charge and magnetic form factors, FC and FM, respectively, of He3 are extracted in the kinematic range 25 fm-2<Q2<61 fm-2 from elastic electron scattering by detecting He3 recoil nuclei and scattered electrons in coincidence with the two High Resolution Spectrometers of the Hall A Facility at Jefferson Lab. The measurements find evidence for the existence of a second diffraction minimum for the magnetic form factor at Q2=49.3 fm-2 and for the charge form factor at Q2=62.0 fm-2. Both minima are predicted to exist in the Q2 range accessible by this Jefferson Lab experiment. The data are in qualitative agreement with theoretical calculations based on realistic interactions and accurate methods to solve the three-body nuclear problem.

JLab Measurements of the He 3 Form Factors at Large Momentum Transfers

Marcucci, L. E.;


The charge and magnetic form factors, FC and FM, respectively, of He3 are extracted in the kinematic range 25 fm-2
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