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10th IFAC International Symposium on Dynamics and Control of Process Systems (2013) 1-gen-2014 Henson, M. A.; Pannocchia, Gabriele; Gudi, R.; Patwardhan, S. C.
A Candidate to Replace PID Control: SISO Constrained LQ control 1-gen-2005 Pannocchia, Gabriele; Laachi, N; Rawlings, Jb
A Computational Framework for Environment-Aware Robotic Manipulation Planning 1-gen-2018 Gabiccini, Marco; Artoni, Alessio; Pannocchia, Gabriele; Gillis, J.
A continuous flow reactor for the flexible production of different formulations: CFD‐aided design 1-gen-2022 Bacci di Capaci, Riccardo; Bellagotti, Filippo; Pannocchia, Gabriele; Brunazzi, Elisabetta; Galletti, Chiara
A critical comparison of linear and nonlinear property estimators in inferential control 1-gen-2004 Pannocchia, Gabriele; Leoni, P.; Brambilla, Alessandro
A Disturbance Estimation Approach for Online Model-based Redesign of Experiments in the Presence of Systematic Errors 1-gen-2011 Galvanin, F; Barolo, M; Pannocchia, Gabriele; Bezzo, F.
A fast, easily tuned, SISO, model predictive controller 1-gen-2004 Pannocchia, Gabriele; Laachi, N; Rawlings, Jb
A Model Predictive Control Strategy Toward Optimal Structured Treatment Interruptions in Anti-HIV Therapy 1-gen-2010 Pannocchia, Gabriele; Laurino, M; Landi, Alberto
A Modifier-Adaptation Strategy towards Offset-Free Economic MPC 1-gen-2017 Vaccari, Marco; Pannocchia, Gabriele
A multipurpose, easy-to-use Model Predictive Control design and simulation code 1-gen-2016 Vaccari, Marco; Pannocchia, Gabriele
A multivariable approach for control system optimization of IGCC with CCS in DECARBit project 1-gen-2012 Bardi, A; Pannocchia, Gabriele
A new formulation of Economic Model Predictive Control without terminal constraint 1-gen-2021 Alamir, Mazen; Pannocchia, Gabriele
A New Performance Evaluation Strategy for Decentralized Multivariable PID Control Systems 1-gen-2007 Pannocchia, Gabriele; Scali, Claudio
A parsimonious algorithm for the solution of continuous-time constrained LQR problems with guaranteed convergence 1-gen-2013 Pannocchia, Gabriele; Mayne, D. Q.; Rawlings, J. B.; Mancuso, G. M.
A Partial Enumeration Strategy for Fast Large-scale Linear Model Predictive Control 1-gen-2006 Pannocchia, Gabriele; Rawlings, Jb; Wright, Sj
A performance monitoring algorithm for sustained optimal operation with economic MPC 1-gen-2019 Vaccari, M.; Pannocchia, G.
A Prediction Error Based Method for Performance Monitoring of Model Predictive Controllers 1-gen-2006 Pannocchia, Gabriele; Scaturchio, G; Brambilla, Alessandro
A Prediction Error-Based Method for the Performance Monitoring of Model Predictive Controllers 1-gen-2009 Pannocchia, Gabriele; Scaturchio, G; Brambilla, Alessandro
A Predictor Form PARSIMonious Algorithm for Closed-loop Subspace Identification 1-gen-2010 Pannocchia, Gabriele; Calosi, M.
A rigorous simulation model of geothermal power plants for emission control 1-gen-2020 Vaccari, M.; Pannocchia, G.; Tognotti, L.; Paci, M.; Bonciani, R.