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Menopause, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and Obesity In corso di stampa Giannini, A.; Caretto, M.; Genazzani, A. R.; Simoncini, T.
Counseling in menopausal women: How to address the benefits and risks of menopause hormone therapy. A FIGO position paper 1-gen-2024 Genazzani, Andrea R.; Divakar, Hema; Khadilkar, Suvarna S.; Monteleone, Patrizia; Evangelisti, Bernadette; Galal, Ahmed F.; Priego, Paola I. R.; Simoncini, Tommaso; Giannini, Andrea; Goba, Gelila; Benedetto, Chiara
Hormonal and natural contraceptives: a review on efficacy and risks of different methods for an informed choice 1-gen-2023 Genazzani, Andrea R.; Fidecicchi, Tiziana; Arduini, Domenico; Giannini, Andrea; Simoncini, Tommaso
Mood disorders and hormonal status across women's life: a narrative review 1-gen-2022 Antonelli, Alice; Giannini, Andrea; Chedraui, Peter; Monteleone, Patrizia; Caretto, Marta; Genazzani, Alessandro D; Mannella, Paolo; Simoncini, Tommaso; Genazzani, Andrea R
Expanding the clinical and genetic spectrum of pathogenic variants in STIM1 1-gen-2021 Ticci, C.; Cassandrini, D.; Rubegni, A.; Riva, B.; Vattemi, G.; Mata, S.; Ricci, G.; Baldacci, J.; Guglielmi, V.; Di Muzio, A.; Malandrini, A.; Tonin, P.; Siciliano, G.; Federico, A.; Genazzani, A. A.; Santorelli, F. M.; Merlini, L.
Hormone therapy in the postmenopausal years: Considering benefits and risks in clinical practice 1-gen-2021 Genazzani, A. R.; Monteleone, P.; Giannini, A.; Simoncini, T.
Neuroendocrine Changes during Menopausal Transition 1-gen-2021 Giannini, Andrea; Caretto, Marta; Genazzani, Andrea R.; Simoncini, Tommaso
Pharmacotherapeutic options for the treatment of menopausal symptoms 1-gen-2021 Genazzani, A. R.; Monteleone, P.; Giannini, A.; Simoncini, T.
Purified and specific cytoplasmic pollen extract: a non-hormonal alternative for the treatment of menopausal symptoms 1-gen-2020 Genazzani, A.; Panay, N.; Simoncini, T.; Depypere, H.; Mueck, A.; Egarter, C.; Biglia, N.; Fait, T.; Birkhaeuser, M.; Skouby, S. O.; Brincat, M.; Goldstein, S.; Ruan, X.; Celis-Gonzales, C.; Palacios, S.
Cranberry, D-mannose and anti-inflammatory agents prevent lower urinary tract symptoms in women undergoing prolapse surgery 1-gen-2019 Russo, E.; Montt Guevara, M.; Giannini, A.; Mannella, P.; Palla, G.; Caretto, M.; Pancetti, F.; Genazzani, A. D.; Simoncini, T.
Oral dehydroepiandrosterone restores β-endorphin response to OGTT in early and late postmenopause 1-gen-2019 Giannini, A.; Genazzani, A. D.; Napolitano, A.; Caretto, M.; Stomati, M.; Simoncini, T.; Genazzani, A. R.
Dehydroepiandrosterone and Cardiovascular Disease 1-gen-2018 Mannella, P.; Simoncini, T.; Caretto, M.; Genazzani, A. R.
Optimizing quality of life through sex steroids by their effects on neurotransmitters 1-gen-2018 Giannini, A; Caretto, M; Genazzani, A R; Simoncini, T
Premature Ovarian Failure in Adolescence and Young Adults: From Diagnosis to Therapy and Follow-up for Fertility Preservation 1-gen-2017 Giannini, A.; Genazzani, A. R.; Simoncini, T
The Long-Term Cardiovascular Risks Associated with Amenorrhea 1-gen-2017 Simoncini, T.; Giannini, A.; Genazzani, A. R.
Polymorphisms of the FTO and MTHFR genes and vascular, inflammatory and metabolic marker levels in postmenopausal women 1-gen-2016 Chedraui, P.; Pérez-López, F. R.; Escobar, G. S.; Espinoza-Caicedo, J. A.; MONTT GUEVARA, MARIA MAGDALENA; Genazzani, A. R.; Simoncini, T.
The Long-Term Risks of Premature Ovarian Insufficiency 1-gen-2016 Genazzani, A. R.; Simoncini, T.
Circulating leptin, resistin, adiponectin, visfatin, adipsin and ghrelin levels and insulin resistance in postmenopausal women with and without the metabolic syndrome. 1-gen-2014 P., Chedraui; F. R., Pérez López; G. S., Escobar; Palla, Giulia; M., Montt Guevara; E., Cecchi; Genazzani, Andrea; Simoncini, Tommaso
Effect of estetrol administration on brain and serum allopregnanolone in intact and ovariectomized rats 1-gen-2014 Pluchino, N; Santoro, A. N.; Casarosa, Elena; Giannini, Andrea; Genazzani, Andrea; Russo, Marinella; Russo, Natalia; Petignat, P.; Genazzani, A. R.
Evaluation of the presence and severity of menopausal symptoms among postmenopausal women screened for the metabolic syndrome. 1-gen-2014 P., Chedraui; F. R., Pérez López; L., Hidalgo; D., Villacreses; A., Domínguez; G. S., Escobar; Genazzani, Andrea; Simoncini, Tommaso