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A Cellular Automata Model of Phase Transition in Binary Mixtures 1-gen-2006 Vannozzi, C; Fiorentino, D; D'Amore, M; Rumshitzki, D. S.; Dress, A; Mauri, Roberto
A New Application of the Reciprocity Relations to the Study of Fluid Flow through Fixed Beds 1-gen-1998 Mauri, Roberto
A Non-local Phase Field Model of Bohm’s Quantum Potential 1-gen-2021 Mauri, Roberto
A Simplified Model of Two-Phase Flow in Nozzles 1-gen-1987 Mauri, Roberto; Beretta, G. P.
A study on the effect of flow unsteadiness on the yield of a chemical reaction in a t micro-reactor 1-gen-2021 Mariotti, A.; Antognoli, M.; Galletti, C.; Mauri, R.; Salvetti, M. V.; Brunazzi, E.
Advanced microstructures for electrochemical energy systems: a modelling perspective 1-gen-2019 Bertei, Antonio; Mauri, Roberto; Chueh, Chih-Che
An Overview of Flow Features and Mixing in Micro T and Arrow Mixers 1-gen-2020 Camarri, S.; Mariotti, A.; Galletti, C.; Brunazzi, E.; Mauri, R.; Salvetti, M. V.
Applications of Wiener's Path Integral for the Diffusion of Brownian Particles in Shear Flows 1-gen-1986 Mauri, Roberto; Haber, S.
Balance Equations 1-gen-2013 Mauri, Roberto
Boundary Conditions for Darcy's Flow through Porous Media 1-gen-1983 Haber, S; Mauri, Roberto
Brownian Motion of Continuous Deformable Bodies 1-gen-1996 Haber, S; Mauri, Roberto
Buoyancy-driven detachment of a wall-bound pendant drop: Interface shape at pinchoff and nonequilibrium surface tension 1-gen-2015 Lamorgese, Andrea; Mauri, Roberto
Constitutive Relations 1-gen-2013 Mauri, Roberto
Constitutive relations of thermal and mass diffusion 1-gen-2019 Bertei, A; Lamorgese, A; Mauri, R
Convection-Driven Phase Segregation of Deeply Quenched Liquid Mixtures 1-gen-2003 Mauri, Roberto; Califano, F; Calvi, E; Gupta, R; Shinnar, R.
Critical conditions for the buoyancy-driven detachment of a wall-bound pendant drop 1-gen-2016 Lamorgese, Andrea; Mauri, Roberto
Diffuse Interface (D.I.) Model for Multiphase Flows 1-gen-2012 Lamorgese, Andrea; Molin, Dafne; Mauri, Roberto
Diffuse interface simulations of phase separation of sheared binary mixtures using a finite volume solver 1-gen-2016 Mauri, Roberto; Di Vitantonio, Giuseppe; Galletti, Chiara; Lamorgese, Andrea
Diffuse-Interface Modeling of Liquid-Vapor Phase Separation in a van der Waals Fluid 1-gen-2009 Lamorgese, Andrea; Mauri, Roberto
Diffuse-interface modeling of liquid-vapor phase separation in a van der Waals fluid 1-gen-2009 Lamorgese, Andrea; Mauri, Roberto